Crime and Government

Download PDF Version                                                              December 7, 2017

It is a whole lot safer to get new laws passed than to break existing laws on the books. How do I know crime and government merge over time? There is nothing to prevent that from happening. It is an opportunity that is too big to pass up.

Place a piece of white bread on a plate in a moist place and what happens? Mold will grow. Mold grows because all of the conditions are in place to guarantee that outcome. There is a reason why banks lock their vaults.

People can either use intellect or rely on instinctive behavior. Instinctive behavior is the path of least resistance. Make a general population comfortable and actual thinking disappears almost entirely.  By instinct people trust government to a point that is unrealistic. Government is instinctively viewed as a benevolent parent.

Criminals use intellect to game others who relate to government instinctively. Stimulus by government is basically theft. Stimulus is a euphemism for lobbyist inspired government spending.  Ordinary people cannot see that. To the masses, the Federal Reserve is a higher authority operating with superior knowledge and insight. What the Federal Reserve really does is maintain high profit margins and create wealth out of thin air for those with enough money and power to guarantee these results. It is instinctive to see government institutions as having superior powers and good intentions. In reality, just the opposite is true. Theft by way of stimulus is only one way government facilitates crime.

Getting elected to office is one way of living above the law. All lobbying efforts are for buying results by overriding the free market system with respect to ideas in addition to rigging markets for goods and services.

Crime takes over government because it can. Money and power do buy the right to live above the law. Why are certain high level people  called to task for illegal behavior? There is one reason people who are used to living above the law are ever brought to justice. Will what they are doing put peers who are also living above the law, at a disadvantage? That is the only reason why people like Harvey Weinstein and others are suddenly being identified as bad actors. One thing a criminal can’t do is put his peers in danger. With that one caveat government is the best place for criminals to go to to practice their craft.Download PDF Version

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