Cowering Down to the Censors

In a herd setting, the herd is managed most easily when everyone thinks the same thing and certain rhetoric is deemed the right thing to say. Within a herd there are always factions struggling to elevate themselves and diminish others. Each faction develops right things to say and think. There is always a contest to squeeze resources and benefits out of the group as a whole.

In this type of setting government censorship is not needed although it is being implemented in some countries.

Roseanne Barr is the latest to be censored. And like all others, she profusely apologized, and basically cowered down. Folks who live off of the grace of the herd are easily made to back down. Their essence comes from what people think of them.  I have no idea what she tweeted. Eventually I will see it. It doesn’t really matter what she said. Anything that is a threat to a herds group think logic gets censored.

Anyone who is concerned with the survival of the country must realize that the danger from mainstreaming the practice of censorship is much greater than any damage resulting from hearing or reading something that opposes a groups assumed right way to think and speak.

Another World Saving Tune by Curbside Jimmy

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