Common Ground, Voters and Candidates

kumbaya2There is enormous common ground between Democratic and Republican voters.

The biggest common ground between voters of all parties is the belief than government can magically solve problems. Probably the second most prevalent attribute is that 100% of voters will deny that belief. After denying that they believe in the magical powers of government, masses talk endlessly about presidents and congress creating jobs. All believe that government needs to make efforts toward insuring economic growth while government has no way to do such a thing. As silly as the notion is, Americans believe they have national health care with Obama Care. Obama Care is a bill that guaranties insurance companies a huge cut of all health care expenditures.

Democrats and Republicans both engage in political correctness. Politically correct speech is a way of making belief in certain lies mandatory if one wants to live comfortably in today’s society.300x458xkumbaya.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fnHd83oV2N Democrats will not allow others to speak negatively about women, gays, and leaders from the civil rights movement. Republicans will not allow others to think of soldiers as anything other than heroes. Nothing derogatory about Christianity is allowed.

The most important thing in a constituents life is his personal comfort. The second most important thing is entertainment. Republican and Democrat voters are much more alike than any admit.

Neither side has any interest in self government. Both sides seek messiahs instead of reining in government and managing those they put in office. These kinds of irresponsible people should not expect any improvement in the country’s situation. Given the stupidity and ineptness of voters, there is no chance of any good coming out of the 2016 elections.imagages

The vast ocean of cannon fodder that makes up the American population suffers from an exaggerated level of perceived self importance. Politicians and others will use the self importance as a tool for exploiting them, as they always do. Out of self interest comes a deluded notion that they have some control over government. They have none. The vote as a tool for governing has been neutralized by controlling public opinion which is easily managed.

What do all of the politicians have in common. Each one is a sociopath because only this type of personality has a chance to win the world’s greatest popularity contest. Politics is far more competitive than professional sports. Presidential politics is the worlds most ruthless activity. Each candidate is running as way of furthering his own self interest while dumb voters see each one as selfless and running out of love for the country.

Every candidate is either a professional corporatist or controlled by big money. Notice that all of the ones who present themselves as conservatives are pushing the flat tax. The very few voters who are aware, know that the flat tax is another gift to the rich. As a rule thumb, it is maladaptive to support a change in the tax code that is not preceded by a decrease in spending. Changes in the tax code are a way of making folks comfortable with outrageous spending levels.

The incomes of the worlds riches people are completely dependent on high levels of government spending. The flat tax guarantees the rich that government won’t shrink in size and shifts a lot of their burden off onto the poor and middle class.

Expect hardships to continue and get worse. There is not much chance the public will smarten up in just over a year. A person can make preparations. A person who has assets in anything but cash or hard assets is asking for trouble.

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