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By using natural law, I have completely broken the code with respect to Economics, Politics and many other disciplines. So, I am starting an initiative to show others how to do the same.  There is really nothing to it.

Because social media is no longer of help to Fantasy Free Economics and other not main stream sites, I am beginning to post videos on my own server In addition to YouTube. We almost certain to be banned on YouTube in the near future.  The video below is the first of our new video effort. Neither Steve  nor I are at all media savvy although Steve is much better at it than I am. We are doing it anyway because our message is so powerful.



This actually takes no brains. Natural law is the is a great equalizer in that it renders all of us of average intelligence more adept at understanding and explaining economic and political phenomenon than all of the highly esteemed intellectuals scattered across the globe.

Step 1 is to understand a certain gift that nature gives all beings with brains a survival tool. It. is rooted in in their DNA. Any animal has the inborn ability to instantly the discern threats and opportunities  it encounters in going about the day. Horses and dogs have fears of loud noises. Both seek safety when a loud noise is heard. If either horses or dogs are exposed to loud noises, from birth, their natural fear dissipates..

Human beings have the same kind of survival tool. Only a few dogs and horses  are taught to  overcome their rational fear of loud noises. Virtually all human beings are taught to believe lies. Lies rapidly replace their natural sensibilities  and the gift nature gives us becomes useless.

Step 2 is to begin recognizing what is almost universally believed with respect to things that are not real or true in any sense.  False beliefs are comforting so folks are naturally prone to believe them.

What false beliefs are common in politics and economics?

One is the notion that some other system besides dominance and subservience regulates life on earth.  Another is that leaders in government function based on anything other than self interest.  Self interest is the only incentive that is present as folks interact with strangers in aggregations of people. The incentive to serve is imagined into existence but there is no such incentive present in nature. Among family and friends there is an incentive to serve and lives at the local level can be filled with love and kindness. It doesn’t work that way with government and other large groups.

Another crazy notion is that self interest disappears when a citizen becomes a public servant.  That is routinely accepted . But, moving from the private to the public sector does not change a person’s DNA. All who work for government are there out of self interest. Self interest of people who work in government in any capacity is just as pronounced as with people in the private sector.. So, do we get more fairness when we move an activity from the private sector to a government institution?  In the public sector self interest works as a disincentive to efficiency. In the private sector self interest is a source of efficiency.

The universe so so brutal, since humans have such sentient brains, replacing this the awful truth becomes the standard thinking mode.

None of this is of my liking. To me, the Garden of Eden is highly appealing but it isn’t the system we are living under, But, we have to live in the system we have. In the aggregate people think and behave differently than they do in large groups.

I don’t expect anyone to automatically adopt these teachings. What I suggest is to keep these things in mind when thinking about economic and political issues at first. It will be easy to see that there really is no such thing as an incentive to serve. Remember that you have a natural ability to access opportunities and dangers in the present moment, provided sufficient false beliefs are disposed of. Take a close look at each “necessary” government agency. Then ask, what problems each of the agencies have improved upon during their times of existence? Do these things regularly, even as an experiment. Do that for a while and you will catch on. Nothing that happens in the world will ever be a surprise again.


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James Quillian is an independent scholar,free market economist, teacher of natural law, teacher and originator of the Fantasy Free approach to economics. James Quillian does not believe lies. Contact:
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9 months ago

Thanks for another snip it of sanity. Today’s life is at breakneck speed and will derail, that’s when those who are ready don’t really change.