Blow off Top?

The media is full of stories identifying the current market action as a blow off top. Is there any possibility that it is not?

Pundits everywhere are still explaining the situation in terms of what is likely to happen in a free market. Comments and articles are everywhere. Multitudes of smart people with enormous knowledge of stock market history are treating the blow off scenario as a foregone conclusion.

All of these smart people are coming up with explanations based on their observations of a God like anointed species. Being fantasy free, I am studying an aggregation of animals savagely using any means available to get what they want. The species I study is real. The one they study is completely imaginary.

What do we know based on studying the behavior of brilliant savages? There is a consortium with enormous wealth and political power purposefully elevating stock prices? Why would there be such a consortium? Using government as a means of increasing the value of everything a person owns is a great way to make money. Using political power to drive up stock prices might be the fastest and most seamless way to make huge risk free profits the world has ever known. How do I know this is the case? That is what fantasy free is all about. With no fantasies or euphemisms, what appears true has an almost 100% of actually being true. As rewarding as fantasies and euphemisms are they are prisms through reality is seen. Anyone with 50 years trading experience can see that natural forces would never generate the market results we have been seeing for a number of decades. I don’t know who is part of the consortium or who knows who is evolved. It is there and there is no point in pretending otherwise.

So, this is not really a bubble. This is the achievement of a long standing political goal. Chances are that the political system will have to collapse before or after the economy fails completely before the asset enhancement initiative will be discontinued.

An ordinary American sees government as an institution devoted to administering justice. Government is a place to go to get what you want out of others. That is all government does. Economists and pundits just can’t deal with what government really is so you get analysis based on erroneous and imaginary ideas.

Do not doubt that there is a powerful consortium driving up stock prices for their sole benefit. Americans loudly object to socialism but more wealth and income is transfered by using government here than the world has ever seen in a nation. Classic socialism prevents wealth from ever accumulating. In our top down system wealth transfer goes to the top. Total wealth ends up being destroyed just the same in the end.

Clearly the consortium owns the world’s central banks. Before equity prices collapse efforts will be finish to socializing the equity markets by having the central banks just buy up supply that would otherwise collapse the market.

Without a consortium managing stock prices, all of todays pundits calling this a bubble, would just sit back and watch their predictions come true. Since this is a political creation and not an actual market, there are many more possible outcomes than what we would experience if excited investors had driven the market this high. The top that will occur will be much more complex than a top based on natural market forces.

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