Bird Brains

bird_brainsFolks are often amused that certain birds fixate on the first moving object they see and then follow it around forever. Human beings do something very similar. Give a bird brained human being a definition of a person or an institution and that sticks for as long as they live regardless of how a person or institution functions.

Everyone needs a high school education, right? Who is getting an education in high school? Is a  diploma evidence of learning? For 85% of students, learning from the 9th through the 12th grade is incidental if they learn anything at all. High school could correctly be defined as a holding bay to keep teenagers off the street until they are old enough to legally take a job.  Google is defined as a search engine. Google does not provide a real search function any longer. It is a parasite that actually prevents people from finding what they want on the internet.

Here is an article describing how Google which is falsely defined as a search engine collects information on children attending schools that are falsely defined as educational institutions.

From Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

Google is Collecting Information on Public School Students – Here’s How

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