Bashing The Tea Party

I am not surprised that Democrats bash the Tea Party. Tea Partiers are republicans so disdain from Democrats is normal. What Democrats do are attempts at censorship. The truth is terrifying when it is not on your side. I don’t cut anybody any slack but nothing the Democrats are saying is even true.
In the beginning, mainstream Republicans courted the Tea Party. Now mainstream Republicans are Terrified of them. The day Rick Perry announced, establishment Republicans were out in force trying to take him out early.
The true fear here is not of the Tea Party. The fear is that public opinion is becoming unmanageable. Hence, there are new efforts by both sides to paint a negative picture of the Tea Party and to censor them.
People who rise to power are different. Power is their reason for living. Controlling others is what makes their lives worthwhile. These people will give up love, money and their very souls before giving up power. No effort will be spared in preventing their constituencies from becoming independent minded.
It is ironic. I have criticized the Tea Party for being too easily led.
Curbside Jimmy’s Hobo Experience

Does Curbside Jimmy get a grant from the government to ride the rails?

Hobo Experience

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