Banning Abortion the Republican Way

To understand the difficulty in banning abortion one must first realize that there are in fact no genuine conservatives in the political arena.  The posture of being conservative is for appearance and being accepted by members of the group. The people think of themselves as conservatives provided there are no actual conservative things that take place. Evangelical Christians are no more righteous than atheists.  Conservative is all about self esteem and being perceived as being on the right side.

All Republican presidential candidates are pro-life but that is only as long as abortion remains an issue only. For conservatives a law banning abortions would serve only as a social statement. Not one in a million would have any interest enforcing the a law that bans abortion. A pro life conservative uses the  issue only as a way to declare “I am a good person.” Banning abortions would require punishing offenders. Is a $5.00 fine too much punishment? How about just a good finger wagging?

Donald Trump has no understanding of the true incentives that govern human behavior. If he did he would never suggest punishing women for terminating pregnancies. The conservatives he is trying to impress only want to be on the right side of the issue for self esteem purposes. Is there a way to ban abortion and keep it punishment free for women?

Conservatives are fine with the conservative identity. They disappear when it is time to do an actual conservative thing. Notice that Republicans never mention the fact that Trump has suggested closing government agencies starting with the Department of Education. Genuine conservatives would move to the Trump camp like a tsunami upon the very suggestion of closing a government agency. There simply are no conservative Republicans.


Just Another Day at the Whorehouse is a timely Curbside Jimmy Tune.

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