Baltimore Riots

20150427_balt5Let me remind folks to expect more riots. Why? Laws are not being enforced at the top, especially in the financial sector. In a fascist system criminals get a pass if it is perceived that prosecuting them would be bad for the economy. Elitists benefit by extracting wealth and income out of everyone else. They are arrogant enough to assume no one notices their dishonesty.

People actually do notice even if they can’t put a finger precisely on the problem. Intuitively they know something is wrong even if they don’t know exactly what it is.

As long as folks are comfortable, dishonesty at the top is someone else’s problem. I will guarantee that blacks in Baltimore have more problems than being unfairly targeted by the police. When people get uncomfortable, they are prone to striking at government, and rioting.

There will be more riots even if issues between blacks and police are resolved. Trickle down economics is a cute term but it doesn’t have any real meaning. Trickle down crime is a very real thing because regular people take their cues from the people at the top. Crime is contagious.

Right now we are seeing civil unrest on the part of the seriously economically disadvantaged. In a fascist system the first lives to be destroyed are the ones at the bottom rung of the economic ladder. In just a little time the system starts to destroy the rung one step higher. Suffering starts at the bottom and then moves higher and higher until the economy is destroyed.

The issues between blacks and police goes all the way back to the civil war. Why are they picking 2015 to riot? I have already given you the answer to that question.00_logo_1

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