Are You Out Mooched?

Governments form for the loftiest reasons. Who would feel safe without a government with armed forces? Without government who would guarantee rights of citizens and administer justice? Questions like these are taken into consideration when governments are formed and organized.

After a government begins, these noble considerations give way to the instinctive propensity of predictors to attempt to live off the efforts of others. Governments based on democratic principles, give all who live there a platform off of which they can mooch off of everyone else. The propensity to mooch is so strong that very few people will work before exhausting every opportunity to live of the efforts of others. Close to 100% will deny having any interest in mooching and will proclaim that it is others who do that. But they will and do mooch regardless.

In the republic today there are three identifiable camps. There are right wing socialists, left wing socialists and others with no political power. All groups want to mooch but only the politically powerful have the means to do so. Even folks with no political power refuse to give up perceived mooching opportunities in favor of a free market society. This all makes it hard to keep free market principles in place. The propensity to mooch is instinctive and part of nature. The process is so ingrained that attempting to mooch feels as normal as putting a coat on when it gets cold.

Left wing socialists make no apologies for who they are and what they want. Right wing socialists are the conservatives. Oddly right wing socialists do the preponderance of mooching in the United States today. This is largely done by equating pro business with pro free market as a way to get away with it.

Have you ever asked why the rich never lobby for smaller government? The reason is that their wealth comes from passing laws that enable and promote mooching at their level. As government grows, the rich get richer off the process.

Notice how conservatives spend their time. Where pro-life is concerned, they work tirelessly to restrict abortions and make them illegal. They are very successful in this regard. Conservative work hard in the name of second amendment rights. The have many success at preserving their rights and establishing new ones such as open carry.

Conservatives profess to be in favor of free markets but do absolutely nothing to get laws that destroy free markets repealed. Why do conservatives have no initiatives with respect to establishing free markets? Conservatives do most of the mooching in the country today. To go with free markets each conservative would have to give up his own personal mooch.

Who would benefit from a free market? The poor and middle class would benefit first because income opportunities would expand. The extremely wealthy would be hurt very badly because a great deal if their prosperity comes from mooching. In the end the vast majority benefit from a free market system.



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