Anti Trump Protestors

indexdfI write constantly about the stupidity of American voters.  Stupidity is only maladaptive behavior. Ignorance is a completely different issue. Stupidity is hard to pinpoint because it has more to do with preferring fantasy over truth. Stupidity can be harmless for long periods of time.

Protestors are calling Trump a fascist. They could at least look the term up in the dictionary. They are afraid Trump will lead the country towards being a fascist state. Have none of them noticed that 100% of the bills congress votes on are designed to rig one market or another. It would be hard for the U.S. to become more of a fascist state than it already is. The biggest constant in a fascist economy is that corporations run the government for their own benefit.

Trump’s biggest detractors are the RNC and the Billionaires who have hijacked congress and give orders to the Federal Reserve and the president.

Protestors are trying to save democracy by attempting to prevent Trump from using its principles. Calling Trump a fascist only makes sense to the masses who don’t know what the word means. These things happen because we teach our kids an abridged version of history and then pass them when they fail to understand that.

About the wall, the ignorant don’t seem to understand that we actually have a law on the books with respect to immigration. I wonder what other laws we should simply not enforce?

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