I won’t kid you. The situation in the United States is so dire that the country may very well collapse both politically and economically. The population is simply too ignorant to govern themselves. American citizens have repeatedly rejected the free market concept as well as the principles of self government. The temptation to fleece a population this inept is so great that it is hard to blame the opportunists who are exploiting the situation. Fascism is a system where big business partners with government. Wealth and income is transferred form the bottom to the top. The military is used for economics by force. The United States has turned into a fascist system. The system the founding fathers had in mind no longer exists. Controlling Government Calls For Specific Action.  There is nothing to lose by trying to reverse the course. The following are some suggestions. The hardest part of saving the country is returning to the free market mindset. It that is not done, our country and our way of life are finished.

1.) Reform congress. A better system would to pick representatives in the lower house the same way a jury is picked in a court room trial. As it is citizens have no representation at all.l Insist on the delegate model of representation. Citizens determine how a congressman votes. Insist that candidates sign a pledge promising not to vote for a bill that the majority of constituents oppose and not to vote against a bill which the majority of constituents support. While there is time, citizens must insist that lawmakers return to the role of representatives. We still have the power to remove congressmen and senators who represent their party leadership and financial contributors over the objections of their constituents.

2.) Repeal the Full Employment Act of 1978 (also known as the Humphrey Hawkins Act of 1978) The law has never been used as intended rather it serves as a perpetual license to redistribute income and accomplish political agendas. This law requires government to engage in central economic planning.

3.) Levy high taxes on the group which benefits from and causes the growth of government. Taxes are the only known incentive to economize in government. Tax policy should not be used in an attempt to guide the economy. When spending increases, taxes should be increased in line with the expenditures. Government spending will start to decline when citizens feel the connection between what government spends and what they have to pay.

4.) Pass a constitutional amendment giving citizens in congressional districts the right to change their representative’s vote on a bill if the vote is against a strong consensus in his district. Citizens need additional tools to keep bills such as the (bailout, TARP) Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 from being passed over their screaming objections. This could be accomplished by citizens first getting signatures on a petition to have the congressman’s vote changed in a referendum. Citizens can vote at most every two years. Campaign contributions can be made twenty four hours a day everyday of the year. Huge money givers demand and get results for the money they put in politicians war chests. The best salesmen are hired to influence congressmen. Simple voting as a means of controlling government has been neutralized. A constitutional amendment of this kind would help restore the ability of citizens to control government.

5.) Introduce legislation requiring congressmen to channel information back to their districts. Apathy among voters because they have no way of knowing about impending danger. It is much easier for an incumbent to be re-elected if his constituents are in a docile, complacent state of mind. Six large corporations (General Electric Walt Disney News Corp. TimeWarner, ViaCom, CBS) control almost all of the news and average person hears or sees. The media companies are better off when the minds of their viewers are synchronized and fed a steady diet of oversimplified mush. Is it any surprised that the term “health care reform” is suddenly starts being universally used in news copy when reference is made to to the proposed health care law? Could that be anything but a coordinated effort? Of course the public is apathetic. Their personal survival requires that they pay significant attention to their jobs, families and other activities. Why would the public be anything but apathetic when they are constantly being lulled into believing everything is fine and their interests are in good hands.

6.) Introduce legislation limiting the Federal Reserve’s ability to use pro active monetary policy. Asset bubbles are caused when newly created money is channeled into financial assets, sometimes by design. Increases in the money supply need to be in line with the growth rate of the economy.

7.) War Tax: A number of years back, the United States began using an all volunteer army instead of a draft. The result is, citizens are barely aware wars are being fought. A war where thousands die on both sides is not even a minor inconvenience to the average citizen. For something like a war, all citizens need to share in the burden. Typically American wars have less to do with national security and more to do with advancing the agendas of billionaires around the globe. A special paycheck deduction would constantly remind citizens a war is ongoing. Perhaps if there was a visible cost, more interest would emerge in monitoring the activities of government. Americans are charged with the task of self government but this is only by definition. The task needs to be taken seriously.

8.) The Supreme Court is a rolling constitutional convention.  The practice whereby the supreme court decides the constitutionality of laws is only customary. The constitution does not provide a means for making that determination. Supreme Court justices are not the country’s greatest legal minds. They are the best politicians who work in the legal system. We end up with nine political hacks pretending to be unbiased. A better system would be to require laws to tested for constitutionality by a jury of citizens before becoming active as laws.