Accidents Can Happen

imagesVJ3Q2JK7The way evolution works is that some accidents are better than others. When an accident occurs in the biology of a species and it results in a greater ability to survive, it evolves into a new genetic standard. It works the same way with individual and group behaviors.

Notions of democracy had already taken root in England when colonies were established in America. Every time freedom increased, so did economic prosperity. It was the nature of the new land that independent living became a necessity among settlers. Self government evolved naturally. Self government worked better than serving a king but it hasn’t worked perfectly.

Behavior in groups is instinctive. While governments began operating in line with democratic principals, citizens were still mentally comfortable in serving a king. Instinctive behavior can be over-ridden but people are completely uncomfortable in doing it that way. People are willing to elect representatives but they relate to them as if they were kings or queens.  While constituents are charged with controlling government, mentally they are looking for the kindest master.

In 2016, it is extremely important to know what to expect from voters. Intriguing ideas will flourish but votes will be cast in keeping with¬† instinctive beliefs which are more powerful than beliefs established by intellect. All people will deny making instinctive decisions. All will claim to be thinking individually but they won’t be.

Instinctively, government is seen as having magical powers. According to instinctive reasoning government can fulfill any fantasy. Voters will believe anything they are promised. Instinctive beliefs still determine the outcome of elections.

Despite centuries of failures and not one success in over 50,000 years, voters will trust government to intervene in the economy. Voters will believe that wars are fought to insure their freedom when there is no evidence that this is the case. The worse the economy gets, the more citizens will trust government to fix it. Of course, embracing free market principles would cause improvements by leaps and bounds. But, instinct guides citizens to put government in charge of the economy. This is sad but that is the way it works.

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