Jimmy Hoffa’s “Sons Of Bitches” Speach

When I heard Jimmy Hoffa’s “Son Of Bitches” speech I am left with the feeling that if you like the mob, you’ll like the union. Hoff lends legitimacy to the stereo type of union leaders being a bunch of thugs.

Unions are not in decline because of people who do not like unions. Unions no longer serve an economic purpose. Workers normally lose more than they gain by joining unions. Union people expect that businesses are going to be motivated by anything other than self interest. They seem to think they are dealing with social service organizations. Thoughts like those are simply fantasy. Really, unions have destroyed themselves.

Student Loan Moan

I can’t stand it. I mean when college students can’t get jobs because their degrees have no market value. Watch this video. You’ll love it.

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2 Responses to Jimmy Hoffa’s “Sons Of Bitches” Speach

  1. Proud to be Union says:

    The only thing people lose when they join a union is the threat of being taken advantage of by greedy,self seving companies.These company owners/stockholders could care less about their workers having healthcare or a decent wage.All they care about is how much money goes into their pocket.They hire illegal aliens who will work for less than nothing because they pay no taxes and take the money back to their third world countries and live like kings.If you were a true patriot you would support Unions 100%.With all the hate and bigotry spewing from the mouths of Teabaggers and Republicans maybe it’s times for us Democrats to get tough right back in your face.Go Hoffa!! Tell it like it is even if the losers like you don’t want to hear it.Get your facts straight buddy.

    • James Quillian says:

      Unions have no survival skills. Union labor is not competitive. Disliking the motives of employers does nothing toward changing the economic realities unions face. I have never known a case where a Teabagger or Republican has acted out of hate or bigotry. Please give details.

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