Net Neutrality Winners and Losers

net neutrality graphicsbankWho are the losers and winners? All legislation before congress is for the purpose of rigging a market. Republicans pretend not to see and democrats believe this is the proper role of government. Every other issue in the U.S. pales that of the purposeful dismantling of the free market.

Any benefit from a bill like this goes only to the folks who wrote the bill. All bills are written by lobbyists. Has anyone noticed ordinary citizens petitioning their own congressmen to write and pass a net neutrality bill for their benefit? That would be standard procedure in a democracy or a republic.

That can’t be right, some might say, since we do in fact live in a republic. Right? The United States is defined as a Republic but if functions as something else.

The public loses every time a bill is passed. The reason bills are passed is to give the writers of the bill and economic advantage over everyone else. This is all our government does.

That can’t be? Show me an example.

No one benefits other than the parties who lobbied to have the bill passed. It is impossible for it to be otherwise.

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Rigged Market Economy

bush_fascismThe transition has been made in the U.S. from a free market economy to a rigged market economy.

The following is a decent definition of a free market economy.
“DEFINITION of ‘Free Market’
A market economy based on supply and demand with little or no government control. A completely free market is an idealized form of a market economy where buyers and sellers are allowed to transact freely (i.e. buy/sell/trade) based on a mutual agreement on price without state intervention in the form of taxes, subsidies or regulation.”
In the beginning, the U.S. economy was largely free in nature. In a new land with little structure, a free market system developed naturally. The free market concept worked so well, the founding fathers saw fit to separate from England rather than accept government interference. From day one in the new country anyone who could used government as a means of living off the efforts of others. But, the opportunities to do so were minimal. As the country grew and became more complex this changed. Corporations became very powerful and increasingly pressured congress to rig markets. From the 1980s on government policy killed off the free market system.
Adam Smith, father of free market thought, addressed the problem in his classic, Wealth Of Nations.
“Civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all.”
? Adam Smith
“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”
? Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations
Today, for the most part, government decides what citizens purchase and what they pay. Health care is a good example. It is the largest segment of the economy. Government policy dictates that patients pay an insurance company first. The physician is paid by the insurance company. The insurance company plays a role in determining treatment and what medicine is prescribed.
For the most part citizens are happy with the lower living standards of a rigged market system because they are relieved of the stress of making decisions. They are happy to pay more in return for the illusion of being taken care of. They have no choice so they might as well be happy. Government frequently decides what they buy and they don’t mind.
History’s most famous rigged market system was Germany under Hitler just prior to World War II. One of the seldom mentioned attributes of a free market is peace. As a country moves away from free markets, the chances of war accelerate greatly.
Karl Marx is often noted as history’s most destructive economist. In years to come he will probably be supplanted by the names of Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulsen and Janet Yellen. These are the economists who with the authority given them put the last nails in the coffin of the American free market system.

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In the Presence of Evil

index1One who is evil is incapable of distinguishing between the truth and a lie. The difference doesn’t matter because what is said or written is a tool. Truth is not even a consideration.

When an evil one testifies before congress, there is evil on both sides of the microphone. When the truth is told, no one present recognizes it as such. Congress is the place to go to get what one wants and get it on the backs of the public. Americans have all kinds of lofty notions about democracy but in practice it is it is cruel and ruthless.

With kings and dictators, participation in government is completely restricted. In a democracy or republic, in theory the public participates. Also, everyone has a chance to be a ruler. All governments provide a way for a privileged few to rise above the law and live off the efforts of ordinary citizens. Democracy is completely vicious because everyone is allowed to compete for elected offices. The competition is so steep, that truth and goodness are discarded early in the process.

All through life Americans are taught to trust government and that democracy is a gentle system where all end up happy. So, they are unsuspecting when asked to support the personal goals and aspirations of their their leaders. The needs of voters are not even a consideration in the minds of those who end up getting elected. Government to the evil is a means to an end as are the citizens.

Are all in congress evil? There is not guarantee that they are but it is a good bet. Those who are not evil are so few in number that they make no difference.

With government, the best liar wins. There are no better liars than those who make no distinction between truth and lies.

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Republicans and Democrats, The Difference

imagesThe difference is, Democrats know they are liberals. Republicans harangue constantly about Democrat’s spending while supporting the dismantling our free market system. The process of replacing free markets with rigged markets started with Ronald Reagan. The George W. Bush administration made the process irreversible.

The country could survive every misguided program for the poor but not the loss of the free market system, which is totally responsible for our high standard of living.  Liberal spending causes damage but a rigged market system destroys our ability to survive.

Today all bills are written as a way to capture customers for elitists and promote their economic goals.

Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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Remembering Malcolm X

indexHad Malcolm X lived, he would have emerged as one of American greatest leaders. He had the rare characteristic of changing beliefs and opinions after gaining information and experience. He was assassinated fifty years ago today. Early in his career, he was deemed a radical. By the time he was killed, he was not radical, liberal or conservative. Malcolm X had become right minded.

All who have not done so should read the Auto Biography of Malcolm X.  With his death America lost a man who might very well have become America’s greatest leader. Rarely does a leader emerge who is fearless and bent on doing the right thing. Being truthful can be dangers. Being truthful cost Malcolm X his life.

Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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Newest Liberals

On-The-Air-All-Talk-RadioDuring the past forty years new information has emerged as to how and why government grows without bounds. In the early days of conservative talk radio hosts contrasted liberals and conservatives. Liberals were those who believed in government programs and sought social justice through politics. Conservatives believed in small government and strong national defense.

What 80s and 90s conservatives believed is still valid. However, while still expensive, liberal programs are no longer the principle driving force behind the growth of government.

All governments transfer wealth and income but today’s U.S. Government does nothing else. Today, even wars are fought to expand the bottom lines of the politically powerful.

It turns out that there are no longer any conservative talk show hosts. None are aware that socialism is moving into our system from the top down. Socialism is often thought of as producing a level income distribution. In theory it does but income concentrates at the top even in poor countries.

In the modern world the rich are the driving force behind runaway government spending. Every bill congress sees is part of a business plan. Government growth benefits those who make it grow. Only lots of money can do that.

One need not get a degree to figure this out. Few are paying attention, but all it takes is observation.

Chances are, any given talk show host has only a naive understanding of economics. Certainly that applies to Rush Limbaugh. In the minds of most, being pro business is a conservative stance. Conservative is not being pro anything but relying on free markets is. That takes discipline.

The fact that government has become a tool for elite to generate profits is far more dangerous to the conservative movement than anything the poor are doing. The poor have plenty of shortcomings but they don’t lobby congress. When legislation is passed ostensibly to benefit the poor, the sponsors of the bill end up with a huge economic advantage.

The founding fathers worried that the poor would vote rich people’s money into their pockets. They had a lot of foresight but dangers of democracy turned out to be different than anything they fathomed. The potential is present for the poor to use their great numbers in voting to extract money out of others. That isn’t happening. The founding fathers had no way to know the elite would find ways to control public opinion and neutralize the right to vote.

The seven or so major news outlets have been lost over the years as centers for providing citizens with good honest information. Now conservative talk radio is turning liberal by way of dismissing the most serious threat to our free market system. It is the free market which allows everything else work.

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Free Markets Take Faith


the-state-vs-the-marketThe free market concept is terrifying, so much that even the staunchest conservatives opt for government intervention regularly. Modern day central economic planning is the rich man’s welfare. Any time economic times look uncertain, the rich are lobbying congress to guarantee their businesses, wealth and income. As a result, every passing day free market attributes are diminished or disappear.

During the bailout days of 2008, higher income groups got on board in multitudes so support the president in ushering in and normalizing greater levels of central economic planning. All of the wealthy Americans did not come out so good but it is what they wanted.

It is not completely accurate to say “The rich get richer.” Central planning does funnel money upstairs to the rich and the sums of money transferred get larger. But, the population of rich citizens gets smaller. Some of the rich get a lot richer.

Often central economic planning is called “pro-business.” In a free market, government acts only as a referee.

Fear of free markets is so great, that the public at large looks for and expects economic protection from the government.

Why so much fear? The good is invisible while it is occurring. Such things as people suffering are in plain view.

Hebrews 11.1 says this about faith.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

With respect to economics, the hoped for and conviction part are present. Assurance is missing.

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Killing Explained

140903124055-isis-killer-beheading-video-story-topWho would not be sickened by watching a beheading or someone being burned alive? There is no pleasant way to watch the business of killing in operation. I have not watched any of these videos and will not. There is no need. I know what killing is. I also know when it is the right thing to do.

There is not much chance of the U.S. ever convincing ISIS to put up there knives and gas cans. We can control what we do. At the rate ISIS is going there is not any chance they will ever catch up to the U,S. In numbers of people wrongly killed. They could never get into our league.

When the U.S. kills, the citizens over here don’t mind. Enemies reasoning is actually pretty good. Where are American’s vulnerable? Americans will go to endless ends to increase and protect their self esteem. Enemies know this but they wrongly assume ordinary Americans have control over government. This is an area where ISIS and ordinary Americans agree. Both believe American citizens are in charge of government. Both are wrong censorship and mind control are far more effective than any propaganda that was conducted int the old Soviet Union. Here Americans think they are free when they are not and they believe what comes out of Washington. Citizens are technically in charge but congress hordes information and media has the same incentive to control minds as does government.

How would Americans feel about drone strikes, air strikes and other if our military campaigns were immoral? Would troops be called heroes and patriots if they turned out to be fighting to advance the profitability of American corporations instead? In truth these are immoral campaigns and they have nothing to do with the safety of Americans.

Americans see beheadings and burnings but their eyes are protected from images children being blown into four or five pieces by U.S. bombs. Immoral beginnings produce negative outcomes. It is as simple as that. Nothing good comes out of immoral American military adventures.

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Why Does Government Grow?

73db21441425b7e413a3e692b21042d5Government grows every time a bill is passed. Bills get passed as a way of rewarding Americans with political power. Only a few have enough political power to get what they want out of government. Bills are passed as a way to extract wealth and income out of the general population.

People without political power are important to the political process only in their imaginations. Conservative echo chambers serve the elite because all of the time and energy of conservatives is absorbed with philosophical discourse. Being of extreme importance in their own minds they are lulled into believing they are making a huge contribution by teaching others how to think.

In a democracy based system it is the citizens responsibility to govern themselves. Governing involves work and since work is a second choice for the human species, messiahs are sought instead of delegates.

Politicians are assumed to run for office because they are good people who want to serve. In terms of goodness, politicians are neutral at best. Politicians run for office as a way of making personal use of rank and file citizens, as they bargain for power, influence and money.

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Republicans and Civil Forfeiture

Policing-for-ProfitThe president and the Attorney General are on record as opposing Civil Forfeitures. Efforts are being made to halt the practice. This is a conservative position. Are the Republicans going to mount an opposition?

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