Importing Bigots

signBigotry is less prevalent in the USA than in practically any country in the world. I say practically any other country but I don’t know of one. Bigotry is a way of life in the Mid East. So, when we open our borders to immigrants from Syria and other countries in that area, we are importing bigots. I hope that is what we want and expect because that is what we are getting.

Anyone who says that Islam is a religion of peace does not know know any Muslims personally. Professing peacefulness and being peaceful are two different things. Over a period of about 12 years when I drove a taxi for a living, I knew over 100 Muslims on a first name basis. I talked religion, politics, business, morality and everything else with them. Several are lifelong friends. I played music with them and was taught how to play the nay which is a type of flute that is popular in Iran. Iranians, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians and all of the others are some of the kindest people on earth. Muslims are the first to stop and help anyone whose car is broken down. They are also highly intelligent. But, the vast majority of them believe in Sharia law.  Those who plan on staying in the United States have every intention of turning the country into a theocracy. Perhaps as many as 10% were elated at the 911 attacks and had minor celebrations. Don’t misunderstand, they do not hate Americans. They just don’t believe in our form of government.

We can open our borders to all who want to come if that is our wish. Just remember that our reasons for doing so are based of fantasies we have about human nature. Don’t misunderstand. No more than 10% of new arrivals will have any interest in committing acts of terror but that is a lot. The new people coming here take religion very seriously and a significant percent have no problem at all with violence being used to obtain political goals. Most of them are bigoted against Christians and Jews. This is fine if it is what Americans want. Life will change over here more to the liking of Mid East arrivals. The more “compassionate” among us will be the first to complain when they are disappointed with the outcome. Self preservation does not come automatically and we are putting ourselves at a serious disadvantage. Political correctness has a price and it is high.

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Stock Market and Russian Plane Shot Down by Turkey

bbg plane_0There is only one guarantee. Central banks including our Federal Reserve will buy like mad men to stabilize world markets. The news of the incident will be minimized and marginalized by the U. S. media.  Will the intervention work? It probably will, but eventually this type of intervention will start drawing in more supply and the efforts will be futile.

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Huge Geek Opportunity

search-engine-workFew folks are old enough to remember the pleasure of using a search engines. Back in the mid and late nineties a person could type something like (medical doctor, Kansas City) and get a return private web pages of local offices. Mountains of small, useful, homegrown web pages were easy to find.  Completely unique information was available.

The demand for this type of services is astronomical. What passes for search engines today are actually human herding mechanisms and opinion management systems. It is impossible on google, bing or any of the others to find anything at all unique or really something that is not being mass marketed.

A real search engine would filter out google results and replace them with information people are actually looking for.

A genuine search engine would go a long way towards bringing on a resurgence in individual web page use.

I am in the early stages of starting a search engine as just described. If some genuine geek decides to do the same thing, I will abandon my project immediately.


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Human Nature

0c2603be987a76bc7d7e6620227b-is-human-nature-good-yes-or-evil-noIs human nature good or evil? For the purpose of studying economics it doesn’t matter. All we need to do is observe behavior without putting a value on it in terms of good or bad. How can we expect people to behave in the economic arena? To find this out we have to observe them and what we see will be correct. Living things are self serving and this allows them to survive. Human beings are no exception.

Public policy ends up being based on the way we would like others to behave and ignores the fact that each person will be self serving no matter what. Another way to look at this is that each individual sees himself as special but expects those in the public eye to act selflessly. It doesn’t work that way. It never has and never will.  Why do so many laws work to the determent to the individual? Obama Care is a good example because the lobbyists who wrote the bill were self serving just as they should be expected to be.

Those who are grounded in religion should not be offended at this approach. Economics is the study of secular world behavior.  Profits, messiahs and avatars offer an alternative.

From Mark 12:17

“”Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him.””

This statement is too often taken to serve as a justification for taxing citizens in a a country until they cannot see. What it really means is that the spiritual world is completely non-attached to the secular world. Economics studies behavior as it occurs in the secular world and within the laws of dominance and subservience.

Religion offers an escape form the system. Personally I have accepted the offer but that doesn’t change the nature of the secular world.



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Truth in the News Media

FILE_BREAKING_NEWSIs the news media a good source of information? What are your chances of hearing or reading the truth on radio, television, print or news sites? It is safe to say that information is hard to be proved to be dishonest. That doesn’t mean you are dealing with honesty. The facts can check out and a person can still be severely misled. Anything that makes it to the national press is agenda driven so you are not likely to find something you need to know. Censorship in American news is much more effective than what was done during the cold war in communist countries. The populations in these countries knew they were being lied to. Americans mostly believe what they hear.

Given the way news organizations are funded it would actually be a surprise if they were honest. Those of us who understand natural law and use it in our lives know the problem. News organizations are paid by charging money to people who wish to lie on the air, news site or in print. This is what advertising is. It is a form of celebrated lying. Famous people are paid enormous amounts of money to endorse products and lie about them in ads. Talk show hosts lie constantly on behalf of their sponsors.  Of course they claim to be super selective as far as representing advertisers is concerned and that is a lie also.

Most lying in advertising is completely legal. How is that? Lying is only prosecuted if words are used.  The norm is to tell every lie that can be thought of, just don’t use words. Convey the same message with images and other tools and the advertiser is home free.  It is all lies because the truth is fixed. A good ad from an advertiser’s point of view is best filled with as many lies as possible.

So, is the news media honest? There is no reason to think they would be. I am not suggesting any new laws, shutting them down or having the government give the news. That would be even worse. People who want to know things have to do their own research.

But, it is too much to expect people who are paid to tell lies to be honest with their audience. What makes it to the news is what in no way interferes with an organization’s agenda. Usually government and the media work together these days so you get on the news, information that is far more manipulative than what the Soviet Union put out during the cold war. What is relevant but completely left out is a complete story in itself.

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Stock Market Post Paris Attacks

downloadJust for the record, I am expecting massive central bank support for all world markets. This has become the standard with respect to world events which might shake the financial markets. The markets would not be nearly as high as they are without central bank intervention. On Monday no effort will be spared. I am looking for a down market on Monday to start. As usual, the sequence will be a cushioned decline early followed by stabilization. As the day grinds on look for a slow steady climb from early lows followed by a burst of optimism going into the close. That is the pattern for sure down days. I don’t look for anything different tomorrow.

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Paris Attacks and Reptilian Brains

ReptilianBrainOne of the absurdities of modern life is the widespread belief at home and around the world is that self government is functioning in any way in the United States. Citizens do not have access the kind of  information that is necessary for a nation of people to govern themselves. All news is devoted to managing the opinions of the population and both the House and Senate horde information so as not to put themselves in positions where they might be held accountable. Not one American in a thousand knows any Mid East history prior to 9/11.  Very few Americans have anything other than a superficial understanding of their own history.  Instead of mistrusting government on the advice of- our founding fathers, from day one Americans are taught to trust government entirely. Is it any surprise that we are experiencing the very things our ancestors warned about?

Humans actually have two brains. One does higher level thinking while the more primitive brain does things automatically in keeping with instinct and what has already been accepted as factual. This more primal brain is often referred to as the reptilian brain.  Political correctness is handled as fact by the reptilian brain, which does not know the difference between fact and fiction. Reasoning in the larger thinking brain is bypassed. According to what the collective reptilian brains accept as fact, all refugees are entering Europe and the United States because they are freedom loving and seeking a better life. The truth is not that pleasant nor that simple.  Never mind that freedom in the “free world”  is not as common as universally believed. All one need do to figure this out is to try and use some of the freedoms we supposedly have.

Mid Easterners are entering the west for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons for coming is to kill us.  Political correctness dictates that we do not consider this as a possibility.  American reptilian brains are doing what is automatically deemed the right thing to do. That is accept them all with loving arms.  Since Americans have no knowledge of Mid East history, they are confounded as to why others in the world would hate us. Whether we agree with their reasons or not, to our detractors, their reasons are more than valid. It is hard for folks over there to love us when, at our hands, they have suffered more casualties than our nation had during WWII. Our initiatives to give them the kind of government we profess to be fond of but don’t have ourselves has left Iraq in shambles and rendered the rest of the area completely unstable.  Given my knowledge of Mid Eastern history, I don’t see it reasonable to expect them to love us.  Regardless of what we have done to them we still have to protect ourselves. Understanding our own transgressions is necessary to understand the tenacity they display in trying to rid the area of western influence. We have hurt them very badly.  Events which are only a footnote in our own history books are as relevant to them as WWII is us.

What does it take, to get Americans to rethink notions reptilian brains act on as facts? Stress and suffering activate the thinking part of the brain. Soon we may start questioning how our society treats religion with respect to law. Perhaps some will notice that the Supreme Court functions as a political body even though it is defined otherwise. People might start to remember that the Supreme Court only decides constitutional issues as a matter of custom. It has no natural authority. The writers of the constitution gave us no process for determining the constitutionality of laws.  The U.S. Constitution was not written as something legal scholars would have to interpret. With regard to religion, it only says congress “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the practice thereof.”  It doesn’t say we have to offer our throats to members of a religious group. Also, it doesn’t say we can’t hold members of a religion accountable for what is done in the name of a whole group.  Regardless of how wrong we have been in the past, we still have to mount a defense against our enemies.

Given the way we have chosen to allow our government to operate, stress and suffering are now unavoidable. All is not lost. With the suffering will come a new awareness and Americans will start using their entire brains for a while.  Other than what happens as an accident or at random,  the cause of suffering is rooted in stupidity. It is out of suffering that solutions emerge because the larger brain is activated and the reptilian brain is given a new set of “truths” to act upon.

Sweet Suzie’s Kool-Aid is a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy. Sweet Suzie’ Kool-Aid

Find all Curbside Jimmy Tunes at: Curbside Jimmy’s Free mp3 Download Page


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Republican Debates Points to Remember

inuydexAre you aware that a president cannot create Jobs? Congress cannot create jobs either. Central planning takes food right out of peoples mouths.

Americans understand these things intellectually but time after time vote for candidate based on magical powers candidates are presumed to have.  Childlike notions about what government is capable of doing get us all in trouble time and time again.

Just as damaging is the childlike notion that candidates run for office out of out of anything other than self interest. While you might naively expect a candidate to serve you, you are more likely to serve the candidate. The candidates will represent whoever makes it worth their while. Your role as a voter is simply to put them in office with as little obligation to you as possible on the part of the politician.

Remember that only sociopaths win elections and that truth has no utility in politics.

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Lies News Media and Ben Carson

news-mediaAs regular readers may know, I don’t support Ben Carson.

His recent current trouble with the media and accusations of telling lies serve as an opportunity to strengthen a point I continuously make.  So the news media is trying to take out Republican candidates. Is this a surprise? It could only be a surprise if the term “news media” is taken literately. “News media” is a euphemistic term as it is used today.

When the “news media” is studied in keeping with how it functions rather than how it is defined, there is a different picture. What is called media today is actually an opinion management service. Relevant news is always left out of daily reports. Currently the media is dealing with whether or not Ben Carson is always telling the truth while not reporting on genuine trouble at home and all around the globe. Is this by accident? Of course not. Opinion management is the primary activity of organizations which are called news media. Looking at it like this, there should not be any surprise that Ben Carson is under attack. The news media, functions as an opinion management service and actually prevents people from being informed. Informed people are a threat to the media, government and the current corporate structure. Real news is something a person has to uncover on his own. I do it constantly and most real news is not reported or even covered up.

My opposition to Ben Carson is based on his naive understanding of economic issues and corporatist leanings. The fair tax is always a red flag.



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Bull Market Over?

bull_06_by_wolverine041269-d65c31cIs the bull market over? To answer that question we first have to acknowledge why the market has been so strong to begin with.

You will only read this hear. Earned money is all that can ever be truly invested. Unearned money is created for the purpose of manipulating the behavior of those who work and earn.

The bull market has been created and managed with unearned money that has been created for exactly that purpose.  The stock market can be up in response to strong economic activity or the stock market can be artificially elevated with that hopes the overall economy will follow. The stock market is up but the economy has not responded. Who really thought that it would? Instead mountains of income has been transferred from the bottom to the top. As the process continues the economy has been destroyed.

The stock market can collapse when the rank and file wake up to what has happened. I see that process occurring but only in small ways. A wake up can occur very rapidly once it starts.

Or, the central planning initiatives will cause so much damage in the overall economy that even non gap earnings won’t be able to hide the carnage. I see that happening also. Look at oil. There is no way to make the oil situation look positive.

We are close. Every effort is being made to keep the market moving higher. Never underestimate these efforts.  Are corporations backing off of buy backs? Not so much. They will when buybacks stop providing pay days for corporate officers.

Citizens can possibly discover the relationship between central bank initiatives and the misery they are experiencing in trying to make a living. So far I don’t see any evidence people are smartening up.

These are some things to watch.


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