Politics is all Cheating

No lies were told, it was only honest cheating

No lies were told, it was all honest cheating


Bernie Sanders knew he was being cheated. He expected it so he isn’t surprised or disappointed. Cheating of this kind is so common, that no one inside the party thinks of it as a serious issue.

Blame somebody and go on. The Russians are available for that. Imagine going to court and a judge saying “Your crime is fine. We need to punish the party who brought it to our attention.”

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“Let your word be your bond.” P.T. Barnum

Americans love accusing others of plagiarism and shaking their finger. In my mind, the words must have some kind of special meaning. I am not sure anything taken out of a minor league political speech written by someone other than the person who delivers the speech can ever qualify as genuine plagiarism.

There is no telling who first said things like”let your word be your bond”……….followed by the standard verbiage that follows. This stuff shows up in countless political speeches as well as in numerous graduation speeches.

I trace that generic speech speak back to P.T. Barnum. It is part of his autobiography as well as another biography that is almost identical.

For words that are spoken over and over throughout history, to give credit it would be impossible to find where the words actually originated.  I walked outside today and said, “it sure is hot today, but that is Texas. To whom should I give credit?

 Hard Times Coming by Curbside Jimmy

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Stock Market Heads Up & Crash Alert

Carl Ichan, a friend of Donald Trump’s

I am looking for a stock market stunt to take place next week as the Democratic convention gets started. I have written many times that the mob (friends of the Fed) will cut and run when the Federal Reserve can no longer guarantee their profits. What is also possible is that the Friends of the Fed  will suddenly switch sides and usher in a stock market decline that will be profitable for them.

I am noticing that the  beginnings of relationships among enablers of manipulation are beginning to degrade.  Roger Ailes is on his way out at Fox News. The British are opting out of the European Union.  Just the mention of Goldman Sachs brings boos at the Republican Convention.  Mark. K. Johnson of HSBC has been arrested. These may seem like small things but all kinds of friendships and relationships are necessary to manipulate asset prices. When these associations start getting frayed, individuals start going into the survival mode.  A large enough break in the ranks will crash the market.

There are no patriots in the mob. My conjecture is that a second elitist camp is starting to emerge and there will be conflict with the old one. The mob will be aligned with the side that has the advantage.  There is a strong incentive to crash the market during the Democratic convention. That would make everything going on at the Democratic  convention  look nebulous and unsophisticated.  The value of this to the Trump campaign is obvious.

To get the market to crash all that is necessary is to withdraw support and cooperation. Without these things, the market would have collapsed a long time ago. Do no rule out a Trump statement to get a crash started. Probably the most amazing thing about Trump’s success in that he is often telling the truth. The truth, to my knowledge, has never been used in politics by a candidate who has won. If Trump says the stock market is rigged and to watch out below, he is telling the truth.  With respect to the elite, Trump is part of it but he belongs to a different club or a faction that is not currently in power. This is also true of his friend Carl Ichan.

Just Another Day at the Whorehouse by Curbside Jimmy


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Forecast Republican Convention

Free-pressNo matter what happens, when all is said and done, the Republican National Convention will be said by the media to have been a low point for Donald Trump.  The media will take the approach of questioning how can his campaign go forward after such a horrible convention. Numerous speakers will appear at the podium. Each speech will be analysed, searched and combed through to find any less than perfect issue or statement. Certainly with all the words spoken, some mistakes and mis-statements will be made. The next day, the mishaps will become the issue. Anything with substance will be squelched and overshadowed by initiatives to smear. This will be the case on each day until the convention is over.




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The Disarming of Americans

Confiscated-GunsAmericans are terrified of losing their right to bear arms. The founding fathers did not go into great detail in describing gun rights. At the time of the American Revolution, guns were such a big part of life, the right to own a gun was not much different than the right to own a pair of shoes. There was danger everywhere and shooting animals for meat was more common than buying meat in a market. Plus, the founding fathers did not trust government.

Americans still have guns. Even the the simplest guns are more effective than the finest available during the American Revolution. Americans will keep their guns. Chances are that even assault rifles will remain legal.

Unfortunately guns are not the most effective tools for surviving in the modern world. The brain is actually the only indispensable tool mankind has in the struggle for survival. While keeping their guns, Americans have been completely disarmed mentally.

Millions of Americans will stand their ground when faced with a concrete physical threat and in the next breath surrender to political correctness. Today’s threats to freedom are intellectual. Americans are at a serious disadvantage because they are actually worse than uneducated.  The typical American education is based on misinformation, myths and fantasies.  In all schools building self esteem is a higher priority than gaining academic knowledge.  A graduate with super high self esteem and a super low level of intellect is a huge danger to the future of the country. That is virtually all we have today.

While a great number of Americans worry endlessly about having to give up guns, they have already lost their greatest weapon, their brain.

Euphemism Mountain a Timely Curbside Jimmy Tune

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Stock Market Post Nice and Post Dallas

imagesI have said in other posts that the time will come when economies around the world have sustained so much damage that central bank buying won’t be able to hold the stock market up. I don’t have a way to tell when that time will be. It may be Monday. Shorting is still extremely dangerous, Your broker wants to run your stop and the friends of the Fed want to squeeze you. Both are likely to get what they want.

On Monday expect, as always, the central banks to stop at nothing to prevent a decline. There are two forces that account for what little economic growth the economy has experienced. One is the incredibly tenacious stubborn stupidity of the American public. The other is the spending the rich do given the enormous welfare benefits they are paid by virtue of government’s ongoing asset enhancement initiatives. Political power is shifting. Foreign markets are not close to new highs.

All of this is extremely damaging to the long term viability of the economy. The market can decline if enough stock hits the market on any given day. This is not likely because investors are trained to make a wait and see, somebody will save me decision.  Chances are that the Friends of the Fed will soon cut and run because profit opportunities are drying up. There are a number of things the mob does not do. One is take financial risks the other is to look after themselves and no one else. If the Federal Reserve can no longer take care of the mob, the mob will no longer have any reason to look after the Fed. They are not patriots. When the mob cuts and runs, the market will crash, no matter what.

The following are links to previous market posts. These may be helpful in providing some background.

Stock Market Coming Week

Stock Market Post Brexit Vote

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A High IQ Does Not Mean Not Stupid

justice-ruth-bader-ginsburgHere are some of Ginsburg’s remarks that caused the controversy. Notice that in all of her comments there is not one fact. I take that back, she did say that there is nothing in the constitution that days the president stops being president in his last year. O.k. that is a fact but it does nothing in terms of supporting an argument. The rest of this is about what I would get out of a high school student. This is a lady who is so impressed with herself that she expects to be deemed right, just by virtue of opening her mouth.

If we treat people like little Gods, they are likely to take us seriously.  Smart people are the easiest for me to debate because they are likely to be intellectually lazy.

“I can’t imagine what this place (the Supreme Court) would be — I can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president. For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.” Ruth Ginsburg

“Trump is a faker,” she vented in chambers on Monday, “He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head. … He really has an ego. … How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? The press seems to be very gentle with him on that.” Ruth Ginsburg

“That’s their job. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.” Ruth Ginsburg

“Think what would have happened had Justice Scalia remained with us,”  Ruth Ginsburg

“I’d love to see Citizens United overruled,”  Ruth Ginsburg

Every now and then a person’s true nature comes out. Each Supreme Court Justice is only an ambitious individual who wants more than anything else to shape the world according to his wishes. Ginsburg is not different than the others. She just lost control and let everyone know who she really is.

Just Another Day at the Whorehouse by Curbside Jimmy


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Ruth Ginsberg Judge & Political Activist

 What a great opportunity to explain again the difference in how institutions are defined and ho they operate. Ruth Ginsburg is a judge by definition and the Supreme Court is defined as a non political entity.

The supreme court consists of the most politically aggressive judges in the United States. Supreme court justices are not directly elected but they are politicians nonetheless.  The Supreme Court is what it is by definition but the Supreme Court justices are politicians who wear robes. They gain their appointments because they are the most likely candidates to carry out the political agendas of the president. There is nothing neutral or unbiased about any of the Supreme Court Justices.

The Supreme Court functions as a rolling constitutional convention, distorting the constitution according to their own political agendas. At least Ruth Ginsburg has become honest in her old age and is being honest about the function she actually serves.

The Supreme Court has no constitutional authority to decide the constitutionality of laws. This is a social convention that has pretty much destroyed the constitution.   Fantasize that these nine folks are God like entities but they operate with the same level of self interest as any other person.

Of all of the ideas on which the United States was founded, only the jury system  functions anywhere close to its expectation. The only way the U.S. Constitution will ever be of use to ordinary citizens is with a jury system whereby all laws would have to pass a constitutionality test, by a jury, before becoming active.

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The Economy Government and the Mob

moneyrefHow do I know organized crime has taken over government? The past present and future have different characteristics when used for analysis.  The only way to correctly assess the present is to understand incentives. Assume that incentives that are in place are being followed.

All we have to do to know the United States is run by criminals is recognize a the natural incentive crime has to take over institutions and extract money out of the folks who are members of the institution.  Ask anyone these questions.

1.) Would the mob had a way take over the government if it had a way to do it?

2.)  If number 1 is yes, is there any counter incentive to keep them from doing so?

The answer to 1 is yes and the answer to two is no. The democratic process is open to everyone including criminals.  Any mobster can run for office or contribute to another candidate who work on the mobs behalf in return for financial support. After being elected or buying candidates, drawing in others to participate gets easier.

What evidence do we have that the mob is present. No one in government will ever announce being affiliated with the mob. We detect the presence of the mob by making observations and researching how the mob does business. Extracting money out of aggregations of people without offering any utility is a classic mob business. During the 50s, 60s, and 70s the mob did very well infiltrating unions and skimming off money from them.  Most bills that are past are of that nature and 100% are devoted to rigging markets and getting other taxpayer business. The affordable care act is a money skimming bill as is the ethanol mandate.  Countless other bills are of the same nature. Any time a bill needs to be passed so quickly that the public doesn’t have time to figure out what it is, is an organized crime initiative. Any bailout is a bailout of the mob.

Not everyone hates the mob. Many owe their income and lifestyle to what the mob does. In the United Sates, most who consider themselves rich would be worse off in the short run if the mob ceased its activities. It is very hard to convince others that what is good for them is bad for others and needs to be stopped. The mob gets to use the U.S. military to open up and protect markets. That is a lot more effective than the old style hit squads.

It does matter who gets elected president but it matters a lot less than citizens not understanding what is causing the problems in the country. As it is, any person or group who has enough political power, can take over government and use it as a tool to exploit everyone else. This is a core issue. As long as the government can be used this way, life in the United States is going to continue to get worse.



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Fewer Guns Bigger Riots


The Germans are teaching Americans how to riot.  Over 3500 are participating in a riots in Germany. What sweat people the Germans are. They burns cars, and do other damage but they don’t shoot anybody.  The German police use tear gas.

Riots like this don’t get reported in the U.S. The media doesn’t want to upset our humble dumplings over here. The German boys and girls are no less violent than Americans. Violence in Germany has a long history. Perhaps they are just getting started. They will probably start getting creative.  It is hard to get guns and bullets over there but they will think of something. 20160711_riots2

Fascism has a bad effect on the little people. The ranks of little people keep getting larger because political power becomes more and more concentrated before the country collapses. I don’t know what income group the rioters belong to but whatever group is just above them is next. 20160711_riots1

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