Government For Profit

0bAs government is changing, it is important to remember that government is for profit. All who work in government and all who approach government for benefits do so out of self interest. Any president including Trump will spend as much money as possible. Presidents become more powerful by spending money. A personal need to be powerful is the most common reason a person seeks the office.

Goodwill manifests where freedom and free markets are in operation. More than ever today, citizens are bargaining away their freedom in the quest for comfort and free markets have largely been replaced.  Freedom for the average person is a burden . Freedom takes thought and effort. Both are work and work is avoided if there is an alternative. Many alternatives are available. Comfortable docile people are easy to manage as are their opinions and activities. Political discourse today consists of nothing more than constant virtue signaling. Most highly profitable business are primarily engaged in herding which includes opinion and behavior management. Government is their tool.

The biggest role government plays is to serve as a means for those with political power to make a profit off the general population by rigging the markets they serve in their businesses. The two major political parties operate like huge organized crime families. They are deal making services.

Ordinary voters are duped into believing politicians run for office out of a desire to serve humanity. Nature does not provide an incentive to serve. This role is completely imaginary. A person with a desire to serve others is not likely to be a sociopath. Only sociopaths have the manipulative skills it takes to win an election on the national level. The process of winning a national election is completely brutal. Mother Teresa would never have been elected president.

Do not expect, Trump to be a free market guy. Free markets are good for ordinary people. To anyone who can, it pays to use power to supersede any free market restrictions and let the free market control the activities of everyone else.

For Trump and those who support him, the presidency represents an opportunity for personal gain. The only way average citizens can have a net benefit to a change in government is if a spending cut occurs and government agencies are closed. So far Trump has not put one conservative economic idea on the table. He may not. He probably won’t. We have trade agreements but we don’t have free trade. Almost a year ago, Trump suggested closing the department of education. That would constitute a conservative thing and would be the first from a president since Calvin Coolidge refused to expand the Federal Government prior to the Great Depression.

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How About Them Islamophobes Homophobes and Other Deplorables?

000There are also xenophobes, misogynists, sexists, irredeemables, and regular old racists.   I wonder, are all Islomaphobes also homophobes? Can a person be one class of deplorable without being another? Can these people be cured? Is there any benefit gained from counseling? Some Islamists seem to be homophobes.

These are all important questions. Perhaps all of these wayward folks should be rounded up and quarantined. There could be a weekly roundup. Eventually there would only be nice gentle people out in public.

It is a work in progress for sure. This is the world we live in but it is not the real world.

In the real world, people don’t get along with each other all that well. As previously explained, there is this process called social evolution. Back in the good old day, different races went centuries after centuries without even knowing other races or societies even existed. When there were encounters the two sides were likely to try and kill each other. That is how racism started. Tolerance managed to sneak in as groups finally decided that trading and communicating was preferable to killing and stealing. Racism came first but began diminishing due to social evolution.  The process is not complete.

Homosexuals and straight people deal with one another just fine most of the time. What is called homophobia is not really fear. Straight folks are nauseated by the thought of homosexual practices. That is not a voluntary response. It seems to be biologically based and is reflexive. This makes no sense to homosexuals because they are not nauseated with one another. There is no fear. It is a natural aversion.

Muslims are different than Christians and Jews, religiously, politically and culturally. Much of the Islamic lifestyle is not compatible with that of Christians and Jews.

All people are born into a system that is governed by laws of dominance and subservience. Individuals survive by dominating or submitting to domination. The practice is so much a part of nature, it is normal to lose awareness that it is happening.  Groups people identify with try to dominate other groups they don’t belong to. This is peaceful most of the time but sometimes wars break out. Most dominance and subservience is by tacit agreement.

Unless various groups are free to dislike one another and work out differences no progress is ever made in terms of social evolution. When the words cited at the beginning of this article are used it is actually an attempt to dominate another party. Place a label on a person and he and anything he says are dismissed.  When all groups of people are deemed good and no criticism is allowed, social evolution comes to a halt. Nowadays, a person can hardly speak a rational sentence without being given an unflattering label.

My standard for defining racism is as follows: denying someone rights based on race is racism. It is o.k. to dislike someone based on race. It is not o.k. to deny a person a home in a neighborhood, a job or even a place in line based on race. We can’t deny others the right to have their own criteria with respect to personal preferences, likes and dislikes. If we end up being judged according to who we are and nothing else, that is the person’s privilege. Laws can’t force people to like each other. Laws can be used to insure everyone’s rights are respected.

There are differences in people based on race, religion and countless other areas. Over time differences start to disappear when opposite minded people interact. When it becomes a social convention that everyone in the world must think the same, the positive nature of social evolution stops.

When someone places a label on you for speaking or acting in opposition to their sensibilities, it is to dominate you. Lots of times it is to keep the behavior of the one doing the labeling from being examined in the light of reality. Don’t expect sincerity or good will from someone who calls you names.

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Will Trump Take Office?

0Trump won, right? That does not mean he will take office automatically.  There will be one or more events take place between now and inauguration. The purpose will be to prevent a Trump administration from taking office. Probably an event will be created to facilitate imposing martial law.

How am I so sure? The political system Americans believe to be operating in the United States is only a fantasy. Important issues are decided outside of the formal political system. Events and circumstance are engineered to accommodate the goals and aspirations of  citizens who have the power to dominate others including those who are holding public office.

Citizens lost control of government many years ago but are duped into believing they have authority over those they elect. The events of 2008 have largely been forgotten. Few even remember the TARP bill that  passed that year. The bill was passed over the loud objections of voters. Many representative’s voters were 1000 to 1 against the bailout. The bill was passed anyway just as if the constituents did not even exist. In the minds of the elites, the voters only exist as a nuisance. The response to this event by the rank and file was to forget that it happened. It was a wake up call that almost no one heard. The democratic principles the country is founded on were not functioning. Ordinary people have not suffered enough to care. But the meaning is that citizens have neither the power or the will to control government.

Since 2008 the will of the majority has been overridden repeatedly.

Industries have many different names and functions but the activities that generate profits are those of controlling and managing public opinion. This is human herding. If the herd does not respond to normal stimulation such as propaganda and fear, do not expect the masters to throw in the towel.

If Donald Trump takes office more money than can easily be fathomed will be lost and flushed away. Turning the country back over to citizens is not going to be accomplished without a fight and probably a bloody one.

I am expecting a war to break out. Most likely there will be an attack on U.S. soil.  In any case the event or events will be of the type that justify imposing martial law.


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Fidel Castro

bbWorld leaders are always sociopaths. The job of world leader is not easy to get. The competition to get these jobs is so stiff that only people with pronounced special personality characteristics can obtain them.  The polite term is “political personality.”  Sociopath is a synonym. Psychopath and sociopath are mostly used interchangeably.  Any of these terms would be fine for describing Castro.

When Castro took over in Cuba, he replaced fascist dictator Fulgencio Batista. Under the fascist Batista, the economy went the way fascist economies always go. He was replaced by Castro who offered communism as an alternative. The elite in Cuba all left for the United States and a few other countries. It is hard to say which system was worse. Socialist societies mostly survive poorly. Fascist societies destroy themselves completely.

Under Batista, crime and government merged, just as is the case in the United States today. Organized crime ran Batista’s Cuba just as organized crime runs our system in the United States.

As a killer, Fidel Castro was about average. It is fine to criticize Castro for his crimes against humanity.  Americans take great comfort in shaking fingers at foreign despots. That is fine. They are guilty as charged.

Americans should not be blinded to the United States’ initiated atrocities. It would take many lifetimes for Castro to kill as many people as the United States has in the mideast in the effort to control and monetize their natural resources.

It is a principle of natural law that an action undertaken for an immoral purpose will have a negative outcome. Calling military adventures fights for freedom and other euphemisms doesn’t make them anything other than what they are.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s Hard Times Coming  Hard Times Coming

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Next Hitler?

0Trump is compared to Hitler so often I feel the need to review a little about who Hitler was and how he got into power.

Did Hitler get into power without help from anyone else? Actually without the help and encouragement of German industrialists he would have faded out. Germans who personally benefited from Hitler’s policies loved him. They only stopped loving him when they started to suffer from what he had done.  Hitler invented the public private partnership concept which is at the heart of fascism and a favorite today among politicians. Most German wartime corporations survived the war and are still in operation today. Hitler is dead along with countless other Germans. War is a business and the large industries of all countries who fought, won the war.

If Trump was going to turn  out like Hitler, the elite who hate him, would be his greatest advocates.

Trump, up to this point, has done none of the things Hitler did. On the other hand, the Bush and Obama administrations are actually ahead of Hitler in fascist-type activities. The elite 1% have have been accommodated completely. The poor and middle class have been treated as expendable.  The news media is far more effective in promoting government than was the news in Hitler’s Germany. Laws are enforced selectively. This is classic fascism.

By the end of 1939, Hitler had killed about 200,000 of the Polish. Hitler’s serious killing had not even gotten started.

The United State’s military adventures in the mideast have killed many multiples of the deaths Hitler produced early on.  Why is the United States fighting in the mideast? The unspoken goal is to  control natural resources.

Americans may have unwittingly, prevented a Hitler-like person from becoming president when they turned away Hillary Clinton.

Where do despots come from? They come from the pool of world leaders most of whom are winners of democratic elections.  Aspiring despots do not announce their intentions.  No world leader should ever be trusted. Only Trump knows why he ran for office, but there is no evidence that he is another Hitler. As Trump takes office, the United States is already in the claws of fascism.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s The Grazin’ is Good. The Grazin’ Is Good

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Statute Deniers

00Am I alone in understanding the danger in not enforcing statutes or enforcing them selectively for the purpose of attaining a political agenda? The biggest danger of not enforcing immigration statutes out of political correctness is not that we will have too many people we don’t want. The big danger is that we are normalizing the practice of picking and choosing when a law is enforced and when it is not.

No one should be surprised that citizens in general are starting to violate all laws that conflict with their sensibilities. Others increasingly violate laws because respect for the law has been deemed unnecessary.

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The Aggression of Political Correctness

0I have been explaining how human behavior is guided by the principles of dominance and subservience. Issues of dominance and subservience are settled in every human encounter. Normally the issue is resolved by mutual agreement and in very subtle ways. Frequently it is circumstantial.

Political correctness is always an attempt to dominate. In the modern world, political correctness is often centered around race, religion or gender identification.

Certain religious groups resist the idea of man having evolved to the current state through natural selection. Even creationists do not reject the concept of social evolution. Social norms take hundreds of years to emerge and disappear. The process of social evolution is constant and ongoing. When two aggregations of people are suddenly face to face with one another after hundreds of years of isolation, they are likely to agree on very little.

This is the situation we face with Muslims flooding into the country. Even without violence. there is lots of stress. Muslims want to change the United States to their liking. Christians and Jews who are already here like things as they are. There is natural disagreement. People disagree and will argue for many years to come. Not all political and religious understandings are compatible. Through countless transactions based on dominance and subservience groups with opposing ideas about different issues can eventually live in harmony together. That doesn’t happen very fast. Some groups have opposed one another for many centuries. That is the nature of the mid-east.

The United States, has more religious and racial harmony than any other large country in the world. Drawing in new people with different cultures, social and political values leads to new stresses under the best of circumstances. How are the stresses resolved? By engaging in dominance and subservience behaviors, differences  are eventually resolved.

If you are on the wrong end of political correctness and go along with it, you have been dominated. Your thoughts and beliefs are removed from any discussion. The recent initiatives to make any kind of racial or religious comment off limits are attempts to censor you and give others their way in disagreeing with you.

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Dominance and Subservience Deniers

0000With just a quick glance at the world we live in, we can see that all life is governed by laws of dominance and subservience. Every living thing survives by consuming other living things. The species which consumes the most of all others seems to survive most efficiently. Animals also press lower animals into service. Humans organize other animals into herds and train others like dogs and horses to be helpers and tools. Herding does not stop with other animals. Humans herd one another so as to profit off of the efforts of others.  Up until a few hundred years ago no distinction was made between owning humans and lower animals. For most of history, slavery has been widespread and normal.

Life is brutal and nature is ruthless. Jesus offered a spiritual alternative that some have excepted. Others fantasize that human nature is different than it is. These are the dominance and subservience deniers. The world is hard to cope with so to make the stay more pleasant most redefine everything to reduce stress.

Government is treated as a benevolent institution but it is just the opposite. Government is the go to institution when the goal is to exploit others.  With problems, perceived and real, government is automatically seen as having solutions to all problems. Global warming is deemed by some to be a severe problem, Government is pointed to as the sure solution.

If global warming was turned over to the governments of the world, the world would end much quicker than if the perceived problem was allowed to continue.  Believing governments are benevolent does not make them so. Government is where  folks go to exploit problems for personal benefit. Government working on stopping global warming would come down to countless initiatives to profit from the problem. The problem will become more pronounced because the larger the problem, the larger the profit.

As of late, global warming alarmists have been calling their detractors science deniers. They say global warming is settled science. Anyone who reads knows that is untrue especially since there is no such thing as settled science.

The laws of dominance and subservience are what determine the outcome of political events. It is deniers of dominance and subservience who are pushing the global warming agenda.



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More on Immigration

00The source of immigration is not rooted in  the individual initiatives of those who come here. There is a strong movement in the world to do away with the sovereignty of individual countries. Notice that immigrants are herded towards the countries which have the greatest number of independently minded citizens.  To remove sovereignty from the United States it is helpful to have a huge influx of citizens who share no common cultural values or nationalist feelings with traditional Americans.

The other incentive is to draw in foreigners is simply to pack in low cost labor and replace the spending power of low income Americans who have been fleeced by central economic planning.  Collectively, the poor have a great deal of spending power.

Notice from the chart above, there has been no job growth over the past decade. Poverty is better here than it is in other places but new arrivals are not accepting our surplus jobs because there aren’t any. Open borders are fine in a world where free markets are flourishing.  The world has no free markets so the flow of humans back and forth between nations is determined by political considerations.

The United States has no politicians who are anti-immigrant. There are those who insist the current immigration laws be enforced. Others want us all to close our eyes and just not enforce laws. The benefits of having many new citizens goes to the elite who constantly lobby to draw them in.

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Rising Interest Rates

00I was only about 11 years old when I first heard about the astronomical size of the national debt. That was in the early sixties. The word has always been that with debt, size doesn’t matter. It has always been explained that we owe the money to ourselves and as long as the economy continues to grow, the national debt is not an issue.

For most of United States history, the money supply was not changed suddenly and radically. Today the money supply is increased for the express purpose of transferring wealth from folks at the bottom to folks at the top. Low interest rates are far less than the natural market would ever justify.  The simplest way to get paid the most the fastest is to gain political power and then commission the Federal Reserve to elevate the level of the stock market and other assets. Corporations buy back their own stock with virtually interest free money and that allows corporate insiders to sell their own stock at astronomical prices.

All of this works for awhile,  but in a short time the economy starts to contract because the bottom half of consumers can no longer make enough money to be customers of the elitists in the top half.

For decades foreign central banks and investors in general have purchased U.S. securities with the profits made by selling goods and services to American consumers. Now they have stopped. This puts upward pressure on interest rates independent of efforts by the Federal Reserve to keep them low.

The chart above shows how rapidly foreign central banks and others are dumping U.S. Treasury securities. On paper, the chart is just a line pointing down after it has been rising for many years. As non-threatening as this looks, it is the beginning of a catastrophe. The United States national debt is so large the economy can generate enough profit to pay the interest on the debt only if rates stay far below what they would be in a free market.  If the world continues to sell off Treasury securities, the United States will not be able to pay its bills.

Sometimes a market can be distorted for many decades before market forces impose themselves on the economy. At this very moment, true market forces are starting to impose reality on our financial markets. As I often say, only Wall Street benefits on the way up. What is good for Wall Street doesn’t help main street in the slightest. On the way down, main street suffers severely.

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