World Class Virtue Signaling

Virtue signaling parties are part of life for American conservatives. Where are these virtue signaling parties? Turn on the Rush Limbaugh Show and then Sean Hannity. Don’t stop the listen to all of them. Virtue signaling has become a genuine gold mine.

So, why not change the country? Why not repeal laws and close government agencies? There is no way to do conservative things. The very folks who virtue signal the most are the ones who benefit most from big government. The optimum position to occupy in the the United States is to personally be unbounded by any limitations the free market imposes but to have everyone else controlled by price competition and other aspects of a free market system. Virtue signaling allows right wingers who want free market restrictions on all others but not themselves to feel good about themselves.

Well before the stock market crashed in 1929 Calvin Coolidge blocked attempts to increase the role of the Federal Government in the economy. That was the last time a president of the United States did an actual conservative thing.  Today the conservative movement consists of multitudes of citizens talking conservative rhetoric and presenting themselves as living life the right way and having the values the country needs. Ostensibly, when everyone’s mind is “right”, the free market will miraculously return, freedom will abound and “America Will Be Great Again.”

So when a new president takes over or the composition of congress changes what does that mean for the country? Usually it means a different group will have access to government to be used as a tool to extract benefits out of the overall population.

When laws are being repealed and government agencies are being closed, that will be a sign conservatives are in charge of the country. Will that happen? It will not happen in our lifetimes.

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The Brain and the Political Process

Politics is the art of getting people to act without thinking. Mankind’s reptilian brain or “inner lizard” facilitates that task. Truth is not used in politics. Once a notion is registered as the truth with a person’s reptilian brain it is treated as the truth. Lets call these reptilian truths. Once the reptilian brain accepts a notion as true it is treated as such usually for a lifetime. What are some reptilian truths? Here are just a few, but reptilian truths are the root of all political interaction and discourse.

The United States military fights for freedom. Every person needs a college education. Ronald Reagan was a conservative. Mankind is a freedom seeking species. Government is benevolent. Patriotism is a virtue. Politicians run for office because of a desire to serve. Presidents cause economic growth………..The list could get real long but none of these things are true. These kinds of notions are examples of reptilian truths. Reptilian truths determine how people vote.  Some may have been true at one time but none are true today.  Reptilian truths don’t change. A new generation may function in line with more reality based reptilian truths but once established, that is the way it is. Time can change a reptilian truth as new generations take over running the world. For at least forty years the reptilian truth that Roosevelt ended the Great Depression was accepted. Younger generations eventually came along and examined the facts.

The reptilian brain is concerned with survival. In aggregations of people, the reptilian brain takes over so that within a tribe or herd the thinking on big issues is standardized. There would be no peace otherwise. Suppose that in today’s world folks rejected the reptilian truth that the United States military fights for freedom. The country would be in unbelievable turmoil every time a president launched a missile attack on a foreign country.

When the United State was being established, the founding fathers had no idea how the political arena would end up operating. To have a well functioning democracy based system, at least a few citizens have to think with the larger part of their brain. That is not happening. When reptilian brains are all that is used in decision making the process is not much different than the system used by genuine reptiles. Reptiles can’t think. Humans can think but don’t.

A good politician is one who has a well developed intuition with respect to activating the reptilian brains of constituents. Thinking is discouraged. Information is horded. Opinions are managed. Citizens are in fact in charge of government as long as the criteria for reaching decisions is all reptilian truths.


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Strikes in Syria an Explanation

It is easy to forget and most never realize that what happens at the top is for the benefit of those at top, some moving into the top and all of those who contribute money to make the top possible. The top can be a great place to be if power and money are at the heart of ones purpose for living.

So there is a strike in Syria and everyone at the top is satisfied with the outcome. The Syrians are satisfied because they claim to have shot down most of the missiles. The Russians moved their boats and get to call Trump Hitler. So what does Trump get? Will the deep state show him some love? No chance of that but Trump gets to show he is nobody to mess with. This is all after Trump has indicated that we are getting out of Syria and no more fighting other country’s wars. Probably there is a plan for the stock market to rally big time on Monday as the final result.

An attack like this one must benefit first and foremost to the group which pays unfathomable dollars to make the top possible. As long as these folks are working together, there is not much chance the leaders they finance will go along with a shooting war that might cut into their astronomical profits.

The attacks on Syria serve as a face saving mechanism for Trump, Putin and Assad. The deal was brokered over the weeks leading up to the attack. What about the people who actually did get killed? There are always a few. Does anyone care? Why would anyone care? The dead people were just ordinary folks, except they live a long ways away.

Complex explanations are never necessary. Complex explanations of these things evolve because the genuine explanation is not appealing.

In the minds of American voters, there is something special about the people that do these things. Their reasons are assumed to be sophisticated. Don’t be fooled. All that is necessary is to know the motivations of world leaders which are always self interest. World leaders have a very unlikely set of personality characteristics that make them successful at manipulating people and getting what they want. When these things happen, all who are involved are acting out of self interest.

Look for the United States to abandon efforts in Syria. Look for the Russian/Syrian pipeline to be the one that is built. There may be a deal in the works so that both pipelines will function. From here it looks like the outcome of the Syrian situation is now settled.


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A Fantasy Based Economy

Karl Marx gets little respect but he was the first economist to describe the business cycle. Karl Marx never explained why the business cycle exists for only one reason. He didn’t know. I do know and I am going to give the explanation right here and now.  I am fantasy free. That does not mean fantasy is bad. It only means it is a handicap based on what I am doing now.

Broad economic movements are based on a fantasy. As the fantasy is pursued economic growth takes off. The more exciting the fantasy the more robust the growth. Since robust economic growth is based on fantasy, the system always unravels. That is the business cycle. Things are great until a society runs up against a wall of reality.

This is a pattern that repeats over and over again. One great fantasy in economics is the notion that one group of people is intrinsically superior to others. This was the reasoning of ancient Romans. During the thirties, NAZIs in Germany fantasized that they were of a super race. With that reasoning Germany became an amazing economic power in just a few years. During the forties they encountered a wall of reality that demonstrated how wrong they were.

All fantasies are not that sinister. During the seventies, the United States faced a serious bottleneck in productivity. The country was in a serious recession. As the information technology era ushered in, the productivity of labor began increasing. That was genuine and organic. All sorts of fantasies were born on top of genuine opportunities. The internet changed lives and cut costs of doing business.  It was wonderful but in time the fantasy of all that eventually would be far exceeded what is reasonable possible.

This is the business cycle. The end of a fantasy driven expansion is not the end of the world. Free markets handle fantasy and the business cycle just fine, except there are no free markets in the world today. There is not one major economy that is more free now than when the current expansion started. All genuine economic growth is private and organic. Based on today’s situation, the kinds of periods of robust economic growth we have always known will have trouble getting started.

Prosperity comes from chasing dreams. The dreams can be real and worthwhile. Even when dreams are reachable, it is human nature to pile new dreams on older ones until all dreams become unreachable. That is the nature of the business cycle.



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Why Paul Ryan is Quitting

Paul Ryan’s job in congress is to promote the interests of Wall Street. That is where his campaign contributions come from. He is a representative but representation is transferable. The constituents in his district got outbid years ago.

What do we know about power? Power is never relinquished voluntarily. So for Paul Ryan, the personal costs of staying in office far outweigh the enormous benefits of having power. Those who finance Paul Ryan expect results. The consequences of letting those folks down are extremely severe. No politician has power greater than the contributors who finance him. So, he is resigning because there is no longer a way to guarantee Wall Street, corporate insiders and others ever increasing stock prices. There are many other promises made that can no longer be kept.

Escaping blame is another incentive for hitting the bricks. The writing is on the wall. Right now hardly anyone is looking at the wall, but there will be there soon. The political brain blames whoever is present at the moment. Paul Ryan needs to be out of sight and out of mind for his own good,

What do we know about Paul Ryan? We know he is a sociopath. How do we know? Only a sociopaths have the manipulative skills it takes to get elected to congress. Anyone with a congressional seat is extremely intelligent. Paul Ryan will weasel his way into some good deal somewhere so sympathy for him is not called for.

So, what does Paul Ryan’s quitting mean? Others will be quitting also. Disappointing donors is not acceptable. Quitting and going away is the least risky means of giving up on promises.

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How to Save Facebook ….Amazon…etc…..

Can Facebook be saved? Yes it can be but that is not as important a goal as saving the people who own Facebook stock. Who owns Facebook? Who is on board for a free ride? Chances are it is someone you know and perhaps you your ownself. (bad grammer added for clarification, still no profanity) Countless Americans have Facebook stock in their IRAs. Who owns Amazon? The same people who own Facebook. So, will all of these well meaning Americans be saved? Some of them will be saved but their salvation will be incidental. It is o.k. that you don’t lose money and even make some. But, you have no political power.

Who absolutely must be saved. So, Mark Zuckerberg testifies before congress. Will the truth come out? Word is that almost everyone in congress owns a boat load of tech stocks and Facebook is their major holding. Certainly Facebook and all of the others have contributed to each lawmaker’s campaigns. The Swiss National bank owns many tons of Facebook and other tech stocks. Does our Federal Reserve system own Facebook? There is no way to tell. Facebook is owned by countless other central banks. Facebook is truly an anointed corporation.

So, with facebook on the verge of suffering the same fate as its predecessor Myspace, something absolutely must be done.

So, how will the United States government save Facebook? It will be no problem at all. You will pay for it and will get nothing in return for what it costs you. There are countless ways to Americanize a corporation. Nationalization and regulation is one way. Pay all the important people in terms of the stock’s value at the time and the make it like a public utility. It may even be suggested that all Americans must join.

Don’t forget that this is an emergency. What do Americans do in an emergency? They huddle together like scared baby chickens and do exactly what they are told to do. There will be rewards. You will be called a patriot and get assurance that the country couldn’t function without your participation. That should make you feel better. Chances are you will not even be aware anything has happened. You will notice later that your standard of living continues to fall. But, you will never make the connection that you have been fleeced. That is the nature of being a herd animal with high esteem.

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Saving the Stock Market Again

Anyone can do this. All it takes is a fantasy free look. What happens next is as close to obvious as it ever will be when the genuine motivations of people are observed. Look at the world through the prism of fantasy and you are a resource. Take a fantasy free look and you are in control of your own thoughts and actions.

Here is what to expect with respect to the stock market and certain popular stocks.

Just by looking we know the system of sponsoring corporate buybacks, letting friends of the Fed break the law, not enforcing accounting laws and providing obscenely cheap money is coming to an end. There is trouble in paradise. For the same system to provide ever rising stock prices, all billionaires must be on the same page. They are not anymore.

Short squeezes are still working but not as well and must be accompanied by outright buying by central banks. Look for central banks to continue buying, mostly in important stocks they already own. That won’t be enough. At some point a market decline will not be easily controlled.

A number of trial balloons will be launched to see how the public will respond to central banks simply buying stocks outright to “save the world”. The public won’t object and of course no one who has money at risk will object. The public is still not aware of what central bank policy hurts them. The public won’t care.

There will be a strong push to nationalized large tech companies and other efforts will be made  to protect investors who have positions in these stocks. Probably an effort will be made to have the government buy facebook for an outrageous sum. How else can the results of so many misguided stock purchases be protected. Monumental efforts will be made to transfer as many stock losses to the tax payers as is possible. This is what TARP accomplished in 2008. It will happen again.

The crisis in 2008 began as real estate investors passed losses back to lenders rather than take the losses themselves. Mom and Pop started defaulting much later. In the next crisis, that will happen again. This time losses will need to be transferred on all kinds of assets. The public won’t mind. They don’t know any better.

All of this is knowable just by understanding human nature. Fantasy hides human nature so what to expect next is not something very many people will figure out.

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The Beginnings of Language

Spoken and written language are the two most common forms of communications. Although it is often assumed that with respect to communication that is all there is. Formal language is only one form of communication.

Human beings communicate in many different ways and formal language was the last to develop. Other types are ongoing but usually not within a persons awareness.  Research shows that lower animals broadcast and receive mental images. Human beings do the same thing but have lost so much of that ability, that the impressions are very faint and usually explained away as anxiety or something else. Regardless, as a person walks about he broadcasts his state of mind to the world and to all he encounters, What is charisma? Charismatic people broadcast an image that appeals to a lot of different people. What is karma? Karma may very well cause the reaction by others due to the state of mind being broadcast. Someone who is lonely broadcasts a lonely state of mind and ends up being avoided as a result. Positive thinking gets good results, because that is the state of mind being broadcasts.

If nature has provided such an efficient way to communicate, why would spoken and then written language develop? Don’t forget that our existence is a game of dominance and subservience. There are peaceful corners of the world where people live and interact but on average life is completely brutal. Humanity today is more civilized than at any time in history. There was a time many thousand years ago when there was no peace. Everything was taken by force.

When caveman A planned on attacking and robbing caveman B and transmitted that image, caveman A put himself in danger. Caveman B would carryout a preemptive strike. Over time communicating with mental images waned and verbal language became more sophisticated. In modern times, communicating with mental images is so subtle, all but a few deny that it occurs. But, it does.

As mental transmitting decreased, the lie as a tool for survival was born. Without the need to lie for purposes of survival language would have never developed.

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Trump’s Good Poll Numbers

What do we know about polls? We know that modern polls are used to form public opinion, and are not actually designed to give accurate information. When there is an upcoming election, polling organizations report really good numbers for candidates they support early on. The plan is that the polls themselves will help move voters in the direction they favor.

Chances are that Donald Trumps new 50% approval rating is the lowest possible number that could be reported.

Trump is apposed by all groups and parties which benefit by perpetuating the status quo. That includes corporate America and really about everybody who is paid by the government. Entertainment is against Trump. Anyone who benefits from the world remaining exactly the way it is will go out of their way to prevent that situation from changing.

But, why are Trump’s numbers improving? The answer is that he is starting to appear stronger than his detractors. That could even be totally the result of the lack of leadership and ineptness of his critics and detractors. For whatever reason Trump is looking more powerful than others.

What do we know about herd behavior? Animals line up and follow behind the most powerful member of the aggregation. Thinking is not used in voting, This is why presidents who appease always lose support. Despite all of the fancy words and explanations, people are more inclined to support a president who conducts business exactly the way Trump does.

Please understand. I am not a Trump supporter. I don’t support  presidents. All presidents are dangerous. Any world leader is dangerous. Where do despots come from? They come from the pool of world leaders. Do we know which ones will turn into despots? No way, otherwise potential candidates would never make it to the office they hold.

We do know that all world leaders are sociopaths. The competition for their jobs is so great that only a sociopath has the personality characteristics to enable them to win at that high level.


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The Means Determines The End, Facebook

Most of life’s activities are based on the Marxist notion that the end justifies the means. That is not the way it works. In natural law the wrong means guarantees a negative outcome. So, the end that Marxists have taught is worth any means necessary, is not really achievable unless there is a moral means of getting there.

The world is discovering that in building its business, facebook has lied and cheated more than they have done anything else. So are facebook’s glory days over? Natural law says they are.

No one knows why natural law works. But, it works flawlessly.

A nation which uses the “end justifies the means” philosophy is guaranteed to lose ground. Our wars for profit all over the globe will eventually impact the entire United States population very negatively.

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