Understanding the Polls

bbIt doesn’t take Trump saying so. Anyone who looks can see the the coordination between the planet’s elite, Clinton campaign, news media and organized crime, in managing the outcome of the election.

What about the polling organizations? There is no reason to think the poling organizations would be left out of the elect Clinton at any cost consortium. What risk are these poling organizations taking with respect to their reputations? The answer is, almost no risk at all. The polls which show Clinton ahead by 7+ points are using their influence to try and swing the election.  If the rigging of the election fails, the polls will be moved to favor Trump as the election date nears.  The appearance will be that the gap closes naturally.

Some citizens still believe candidates run for office with the intention of serving voters. All parties in an election, do what they do for personal gain. The groups which favor a Clinton presidency are stacking odds of economic success in their favor by using political power,

If the point comes where it appears Clinton will lose, this consortium will break up and there will be a bit of political chaos for a while.  Power will not be transferred gently.



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How the Rich Got Lazy

 No one gets lazy without a lot of help. The poor are often accused of being lazy. It is often said that programs to help the poor rob them of initiative. It is said, the more government gives to the poor, the lazier they get.

What happens to the rich when, they get lots and lots of government benefits including artificially manufactured wealth and all the money they want to borrow for less than the rate of inflation? What happens when Federal Reserve policy is used for nothing other than to drive up stock prices for the benefit of the richest people on the planet while driving corporate profit margins much higher than they would be in a free market?

I think you guessed right. The rich get extremely lazy. They stop innovating. Their entrepreneurial skills get rusty. They keep their hands out so as to get more and more from the tax payers. The government giving to the rich does certain types of damage that does not occur when giving to the poor.

When the rich are on the dole, corporate profits suffer and the poor get laid off or fired. When the poor are lazy, the same effect does not occur. The poor don’t innovate and come up with new business ideas. They just wallow among themselves and the damage doesn’t spread.

When the rich discover that all they have do do is wait for the Federal Reserve to drive up the prices of their assets what follows.? It is a lot easier for a corporation to buy its own stock and create artificially high earnings. Who needs new and better products to sell if government pays for not innovating?

The Federal Reserve is starting to make noises about buying equities outright. They already do so through surrogates. They may be buying equities now, even if they are forbidden by law from doing so. Laws at the top are no longer enforced and no one outside of the Federal Reserve really knows what they are doing. It is a secret integrity free agency.

One way to make absolutely sure the economy never recovers is for central banks to buy stocks. Many foreign central banks, like Japan already do. The Swiss do. These programs guarantee economic failure for all industrialized nations.  Do not wait for the global economy to turn around anytime soon. Citizens around the world are mostly clueless as to what is going on and have no idea how much wealth and income is being taken from them. For Americans, the rich are their role models and are beyond criticism in the eyes of citizens.

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Trump Can Never Win a Debate

bTrump cannot win a debate. In Monday’s debate, Trump could have said and done a few things differently but it would not have mattered.

Imagine a basketball game where one of the teams meets with the referees the day before the game and decides how the game is going to turn out before it is even played. That is the situation Trump faces before a debate.  To make things even harder, the news media already has stories and scenarios ready for the next day to explain just how bad Trump did.

The debates are between a politician and an indicted felon. Hilary Clinton is above the law. People don’t mind. That is human nature. This is  a principle that goes all the way back to King David and before. Trump is not yet above the law. That puts him at a serious disadvantage. Any crime Trump had ever committed would be spotlighted. Non crimes will be called crimes.  Hillary Clinton owns the FBI and has absolutely nothing to worry about legally or morally.

Trump supporters need to be pleased that he did just well enough. Now one in the world, under the same circumstances, would have done any better. If you like Trump, cross your fingers that they don’t get a chance to kill him before the election. They will if they get a chance.

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Climbing Mooch Mountain

 What do Americans want out of government? Ask that question and you will be inundated with the  all kinds of lofty answers. Answers will include, “We the people………justice, honor, liberty for all, fairness, racial equality………………………….on and on and on……” Out of instinct, all people exalt their species, exalt themselves, exalt their country, exalt the school they graduated from. People, in their own minds define themselves as some kind of minor league divinity with intrinsic value anointed by God, doers of good things, filled with honor………and so on.

In my fantasy free approach to economics I study the behavior of the human animal, the same way I would study any group of animals.  No particular person or institution is held in awe. The rich, poor, president, attorney general, congressmen, senators get no more respect than any of the other animals. Each animal is guided by self interest. Each animal has certain personality, characteristics and a different level of education and intelligence.

The one thing all of the animals have in common is that they are guided by self interest. A unique aspect of fantasy free economics is that work is acknowledged as a second choice. All animals will work but only after they are convinced they cannot live off the efforts of others. From the work as a second choice principle, all kinds of efforts and initiatives are undertaken to benefit from the labor of others.  Not all of this is bad. The business owner benefits from the efforts of employees who are paid fairly for their time. Stealing outright is not good. There are all kinds of variations.

The most effective way to live off of others is to start climbing Mooch Mountain, which is what government is, after basic function like protection are taken care of. All who approach government do so for the same reason, personal gain. Government is a means to an end. Government provides legal way to steal money.

The poor are usually pointed to as the countries mooches. They get some benefits. Oddly they never asked for anything. Clearly programs for the poor benefit others besides the poor because the poor have no political power.

Who actually lives at the top of Mooch Mountain? It is the wealthy who have the intelligence, money and power to get what they want from  government. The poor and middle class believe in the prospect of getting something from government. A few do but taken as a whole government is a net loss to all but the rich and highly educated.

To reduce the size of government it is necessary to take benefits away from the people who determine the flow of self serving legislation and policy. If small government worked in favor of the rich, government agencies would start closing tomorrow. Laws would be repealed. Compounding the problem is the fact that almost all Americans think government is growing because of what people at the bottom of the income ladder are demanding.



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Conspiracies, Hillary Clinton, her Dishonest Supporters and Fools

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally to promote early voting ahead of Super Tuesday at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016 in Pine Bluff, Ark. (AP Photo/Gareth Patterson)

Over the years there have been a small number of conspiracy theories that have never panned out. Some conspiracy theories come and go.

Only a few of us experience unique individual thoughts. We make up about three percent of the population. We notice things. We read a lot and don’t necessarily accept all that we encounter at face value. We are the source of new ideas. This is an approach to life that non thinkers are unfamiliar with. We are what Hillary Clinton and her supporters deem conspiracy theorists.

Normal human behavior is to trade freedom for comfort and deflect any new idea which conflicts with a person’s comfort zone. Virtually everyone who extrapolates something that is less than obvious out of someone’s behavior or spoken words, is quickly described as a conspiracy theorist. For the stupid and ignorant any idea they haven’t already heard from an authority figure is going to be described as conspiracy theory. To the stupid and unaware, all there is is what they have already heard or seen. These are the rank and file Hillary supporters. I might add that they are extremely dishonest, not only with you but with themselves. Thinking is dangerous and it leads to change. Their response is to call anyone with an unsettling observation a conspiracy theorist. Doing this is a lot easier for a dishonest lazy person than to launch an investigation and come up with a solid counter argument.

Do not mince your words out of fear of being called a conspiracy theorist, kook or any other unfriendly term a stupid ignorant person decides to throw at you.

The level of unique independent thought is actually not constant. Without stress or meaningful suffering the mind has a way of turning to mush. When stupidity becomes normal, suffering is right around the corner. Suffering is difficult but it does activate the thinking process. Stupidity is in fact the normal state of mind in the United States. When the suffering starts, more thinking will be initiated. What are deemed conspiracy theories today will suddenly become amazing insight. Of course some suspicions will always turn out not to be supported by facts as they unfold. Those of us who think, know that in advance.







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Pig Races, Hog Calling Contests, Presidential Politics

bbA political event like a presidential campaign can be easily explained with some analogies.

Pigs don’t leave the trough as long as the farmer keeps throwing in slop. Corporations and the politically powerful do not leave the trough in Washington as long as they are allowed to lobby, pass pills and force citizens buy their products and services.

A world champion hog caller and winner of countless hog calling contests  explains why she always wins. “You have to have appeal in your voice as well as power. You have to convince the pigs you have got something for them”best

The politicians in the race need to have appeal as well as power in their voices when they talk to voters. They have to convince the voters they have something for them.

When pigs run in races, the reward that is offered is one Oreo cookie placed in a trough at the end of the track. Only one pig gets the cookie but all the pigs compete as if each one had a realistic chance to eat the cookie.ballot_box_3192711b

Voters are like the pigs in a pig race. They vote for candidates thinking there will be some personal benefit for each of them.  Representation is like the one cookie. Voters all think they have a chance of getting representation from one of the candidates. For most, no representation is forthcoming.

In the end the pigs get used for purposes that suit the farmer. Citizens end up getting used by the politicians who get their votes.

In an election incentives parallel the incentives pigs have in going to the trough, getting called by a farmer, serving the farmer’s interests in the end and getting nothing for their time. Most eventually get butchered.b



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National Day of Sanctimony 9/11

090916I was driving a taxi on September 11, 2001. After the attack we all might as well have gone home. There was no business to be done. I was talking with my Iranian friends who were concerned that the wrong people would be blamed. To the Americans no Mideastern name was particularly meaningful. The Iranians knew immediately, by the names, that the attackers were Saudis. Their concern was that Iran might be wrongly blamed.

There were people with lots of money who knew the attacks were going to take place. Back in 2001 stock prices were mostly determined by supply and demand. It was common for stock prices to move somewhat in one direction or another prior to news or an event. If people had inside information, they made use of it. The action in the stock market a number of days before the attack indicates that some people with large holdings sold before the attacks occurred. There is a possibility this was all coincidence, but not much of a possibility. Volume was also somewhat elevated prior to the attacks.

For most Americans, Mideast history started on September 11, 2001. It is kind of like the universe beginning with the big bang. A few might ask what happened just prior to the big bang. To most, everything started with the big bang. To most Americans, 9/11 was simply an unprovoked attack and that is the day on which Mideast history begins. True understanding is gained by knowing the history of U.S. involvement in Mideastern affairs.

Clearly a lot was going on beforehand with respect to 9/11. Some important and wealthy people knew ahead of time, not necessarily Americans, but possibly some.

The United States responded by attacking Afghanistan where known terrorists were spending their days. Chances are, in upper levels of our own government, the true source of the attacks was known and Afghanistan was attacked because we had to strike somebody.

9/11 has become a day of opportunity for Americans to be sanctimonious and engage in righteous indignation. It is a good day for virtue signaling and recreational grief. Some use it as an opportunity to make political statements like not standing for the anthem. And that creates an opportunity for others to shake their fingers at them, with righteous indignation for sure.

Terrorism is likely to end only after the United States and other countries allow the countries of the Mideast to govern themselves and control their own resources. True, we can’t allow others to fly planes into our skyscrapers. We can go after the architects of the attacks first and those who carry them out second.

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Do Any Lives Matter?

bBeing fantasy free, this is how I answer the question.

First we can see that lives matter to immediate family and a few others. Just by observing we can see that certain people are fond of one another.

On a larger scale, things are not that obvious. To get started, we have to try and answer a basic question. What is life? Even the most brilliant minds are not close to answering that question. There are lot of platitudes and assumptions offered but the basic question, to date has no answer.

We don’t know what life is. If we don’t know what life is, there is no definitive way to say that the life of any one person or the lives of all of us together matter. World wide it is estimated that 151,600 people die per day. How many of those lives matter?

Does your life matter? I am sure it matters to your mother but I am not sure it matters to very many other people. The only thing I can say for certain is that your life matters to others if you find a way to make it matter.

Chances that your life matters to strangers in government are not very good.

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The Famous Hillary Clinton Cough

bSo what is up with Hillary Clinton’s health.  This is the kind of cough that comes from using crack cocaine. Human nature does not allow the great unwashed to entertain such things.  Thinking without the handicap of fantasies and euphemisms is a way of reasoning without the restrictions human nature imposes on the mind.

The Clintons have a long history of using illegal drugs especially cocaine. Very little is ever said about the issue, because it is also human nature to impose no behavioral standards at all on leaders. Leaders are above the law and ordinary citizens are fine with having it that way.

In political campaigns we deal in the present moment. Some will say things like, “You can’t say that, you have no proof.” In the present moment with respect to who is doing what, and why, no facts or available. Those who think have to rely on probabilities and possibilities.

My best estimate is that Hillary Clinton is smoking crack and that is the reason she coughs. Medical reasons for coughing carry no particular negative stigma. The cough has to be caused by something she doesn’t want people to know.

Smoking crack is not something that would bother her hard core supporters. The elite could care less what she does so long as she carries their water and lets them the use government to rig markets and extract dollars out of the overall population.

Independent voters might prefer that she not be a drug act. And that could be enough to cost her the election.


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Stock Market Through October

bbbDon’t click on these headlines. They are images and just for display. September through Mid-October is the logical time for the market to crash. Will it crash? Everything under the sun is being done to hold it up. Headlines like the ones displayed here are not what they seem. They are designed to draw in short sellers to squeeze so as to help push the market up. The financial news, regardless of where it originates, does not report much genuine news. The financial news is an opinion management service and promotes faith in the financial markets. The only time a lot of bearish articles show up, is when there is a planned boost to equity prices. The more traders who short are expecting a decline, the easier it is for manipulators to drive it higher.

Who is buying stocks? The public is buying only a little and hedge funds are not buying much. Certain central banks are buying heavily. There is no way to tell exactly what the Federal Reserve is doing, but be assured, it is buying through surrogates if not outright. Friends of the Fed are creating artificial demand through the derivatives markets. These are large institutions which get advance information and other benefits from the Federal Reserve for helping make each day green. There are corporate buybacks. This is a type of corporate cannibalism that generates higher earnings and stock prices in the short run but that will eventually break the companies.  The Federal Reserve assures the corporations that they have their backs and that their buys will be profitable.

Think of this as a chain that will be broken. We don’t know what link will fail but when one does, the whole system will collapse.

Central Banks + Friends of the Fed + Corporate Buybacks + Short Sellers Getting Squeezed=Higher Stock Prices

The central banks will not fail. You as a citizen can only invest what you can earn and borrow. Central banks have no worry about taking losses. They get all the free trading money imaginable free, with just a click of the mouse.

Friends of the Fed are organized crime. They will participate as long as the Federal Reserve’s guarantees allow them to make a profit. They are the ones who squeeze short sellers. All of their trades are short term, sometimes just seconds apart. Friends of the Fed are the most likely link in the chain to break. When the Federal Reserve can no longer guarantee them risk free trades, they will disappear into oblivion.

Some corporations are already backing off of buyback programs. Many corporations have losing positions in their own stock already. The eventual losses will be devastating. Corporate officers love buybacks because they allow them to get paid the largest amount of money in the shortest period of time.  If the stock of their companies tank, corporate officers have little concern. Their cake has already been made and all they have already eaten it. Corporate buybacks could evaporate very quickly.

Short sellers amaze me. So many still trade is if they were in a genuine trading environment. They are shrinking in number because so many have gone broke.

There are two ways the market can crash this fall and they are both long shots. An enormous amount of stock could come on the market from unanticipated sources. A war or an assassination could trigger something like this.  Members of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee could suddenly be overcome by guilt and confess as to what they have been doing and what the outcome will be. Definitely don’t count on that.  The other way is for one of the links to come undone. Friends of the Fed are not doing as well as they were. I know nothing of their exact profit and loss situation. They will cut and run sooner or later. I have no way to tell.

Central banks are not going to give up controlling stock prices. My expectation is that they will be successful in keeping the market up through October. It is getting harder to do. My portfolio consists of cash and just a few small positions in bear etfs. I am a good trader but I know my limitations.  Like everyone else who trades I would have to trade against the government based on what I expect the government to do. Even expecting the market to move higher through October I won’t go long. The chances of a huge one day washout are simply too great.

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