No Conservatives in the Fight

congressIn the united states, there is no significant number of conservatives, although a multitude describe themselves that way. I have spent about ten days asking a question of war hawks, all conservative Republicans. The question is as follows. Which of our leaders do you trust to confront Iran and prevent them from getting the bomb? So far I haven’t gotten one answer.

None the less, these folks favor more military intervention in the mid east. What makes them liberals in the truest since of the word is that they totally trust government to launch military campaigns, even when all meaningful information is kept from them. This is blind trust in government and it is just as destructive as  the blind trust acknowledged liberals have in government. This is not the only way in which “Conservatives” contribute towards making government larger. Almost all are pro-business, which always turns out to be a subsidy of some kind.

What makes a person a liberal is trust in government to do things. “Conservatives” trust government in all things other than providing welfare to the poor and other social programs. End the social programs and “conservatives” will still look to government to assist with the goals and projects, they favor.

Folks who think clearly see these two groups as what they actually are, liberals. Real conservatives are rare.

Just Another Day at the Whorehouse, By Curbside Jimmy

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The Reality Gaps

Wile_E_Coyote-Dont_Look_DownEconomics is very simple. There is a way to make sure any economy performs as well as possible and that income is distributed as fairly as can possibly be achieved. To bring this about, all that is necessary is to is to use price to ration every thing people buy and sell. Then government needs to insure a level playing field and function the way of a baseball umpire. Take no position concerning the outcome of the game, just enforce the rules. Our current constitution allows government to be used to rig markets and transfer wealth and income. This would have to be changed.

Then there would have to be a way to enforce the provisions of our constitution. The Supreme Court does that, you say. That is completely by tradition. The Supreme court makes political decisions because its members are political appointees. No such authority is given the Supreme Court in the constitution. History shows the Supreme Court renders decisions in line with the political atmosphere at the time. When owning slaves was popular, slavery was legal. When Americans wanted to have abortions, abortion was made legal. When leadership wanted to put Japanese Americans in concentration camps, the constitutionality question was ignored.

When goods and services are rationed by price alone, that is what is called a free market system. So, if free markets are so good why is the concept not used? When an economic downturn occurs the damage being done along with the suffering is totally visible. The good being done by the price system is invisible. No one can see how resources are being re-allocated more efficiently. So everybody panics and a quick fix by government is opted for instead. Free markets take faith that they will work, The faith is lacking.

More importantly thought citizens are instinctively wired to believe government is the best way to fix anything. Possibly this was true early in the evolution process. Now it is excess baggage that hurts rather than help. It must be remember that less than 200 years ago people could own one another. Prior to this owning people was just part of life, not unusual at all. For most of history more people were owned than not owned. So, for most of history if a person wanted or needed something he asked his master. Leaders were not elected, they were just there and they were worshiped.

Nature has left us in a huge reality gap. Instinct trumps intellect and people instinctively believe government has powers it doesn’t have and never has had. With respect to the economy, there is no way people would keep looking to government to fix the economy over and over for all these years if it wasn’t instinctive to do it that way. In all of these years, in all of the countries in the world not one success has been recorded when a country, through government, has tried to fix or improve it’s economy. No species is dumb enough to punish itself over and over again unless it is due to an instinct that is left over from a prior era.

Here is The Grazin’s is good, another timely Curbside Jimmy tune, just right for this article.


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Truth in Politics

truth1There isn’t any unless it is accidental. There is a reason why it works out this way. The objective is to get elected. Politics is also the most ruthless activity on the face of the earth. The truth has no variance so a truth teller can use no variation in trying to get a point across. If candidate A tells the truth and gets a decent response. (In actual practice the truth will get a candidate booed off the stage.) To sound a little better, Candidate B, will change the truth just a little so the voters will like his version a little better. At that point it it is no longer the truth. It is a type of arbitrage.

Why do people believe politicians? In the mind of a listener, what constitutes the truth? Tell the listener what he wants to hear, and to the listener that will be the truth. It will be a counterfeit truth so no brownie points are made with God. It won’t be the truth but the listener will accept it as the truth.

Every successful politician knows how to create a mood where people will believe what they are told. An old staple in lye telling technique is to convince your victim that you like him and hold him in high regard. People are many times more likely to believe what they are told if it is told by someone who they believe likes them. Notice that every political speech starts with the politician telling the audience what wonderful people they are.

Telling the truth contributes nothing towards a positive outcome to a campaign so politicians stay away from it.

In politics, all words have the same value. All sentences have the same value. The politician uses the combination that best accomplishes his goal.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s song A Lie Will Get You By.

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Ted Cruz

3815e96b0c037d0d710f6a706700b9b4Ted Cruz is announcing a bid for the presidency. From day one, the Republican National Committee will be trying to take him down. How hard that will be to do depends upon how popular he is in the beginning. If his popularity is much higher than that of Jeb Bush, the Republican National Committee might not be able to get rid of him.

Here is what Common Sense Economics knows about Ted Cruz.

1.) He is a sociopath.
2.) He is an accomplished liar.
3.) He is completely ruthless.
4.) He has little understanding of the financial markets.
5.) He is a military hawk.

Were he not a sociopath, an accomplished liar and completely ruthless, he could never have been elected to the Senate. Texans won’t vote for a candidate that tells the truth and politics is so competitive that only a sociopath can get elected to high office.

We know from his speeches that he is clueless about economic issues. So far he has been pretty much a military hawk.

This doesn’t sound so good but in terms of potential, but he is way out ahead of the pack. For a Republican candidate, Cruz is the choice of Common Sense Economics. Cruz does not seem to be offended at all with the fascist approach that is currently crippling the country.

However, most of the other candidates have helped create the fascist system we are currently suffering under, Jeb Bush especially. Cruz could possibly change and favor a free market system. Probably Cruz’s strongest characteristic is that the rest of the Republican Party hates him.

Just remember, there is no such thing as a good president. Any president will spend as much as is possible, and all since Calvin Coolidge have. Presidents run for office for their own benefit and it is wrong to expect one to work on behalf of voters unless there is constant pressure from citizens.

The plan Cruz has of abolishing the IRS is not as good as it sounds. The fair tax has a fine name but there is more to a good tax code than fairness. One thing is for certain. As long as the current lawmakers are in place, there is no way for the vast majority of Americans to benefit from a change in the tax code. That will help only the 1% who are responsible for pushing Congress to pass laws. No elitist in his right mind is going to lobby for something to help the poor and middle class.

Here is Curbside Jimmy Tune, Just Another Day at the Whorehouse. Its all about day to day life in the USA

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Understanding Human Behavior

670px-Improve-Your-Child's-Behavior-Step-1How did Common Sense Economics discover that most of human behavior is based on instinct and not intellect? It all starts by understanding that intellectual reasoning would never produce the kind of results we get in government and and macro economics. Then we notice that humanity is always described in the most flattering way possible. Certainly it is an instinct common to all animals to exalt their own species. Animals live lives of dominance and subservience and human beings are no exception. Out of necessity, self interest is part of every human activity.

It is not so much that Common Sense Economics made a discovery. These are observations anyone can make. Man acting out of intellect would never create the situation we are in today. Man acting as an animal driven by instinct would would generate the exact situation that is in place today.

The secular world, as it is called in metaphysical circles, is nothing more than animals surviving the way animals are hard-wired to survive. It is through the spiritual nature that good will, mercy and concern for others is experienced. There is a clear choice to be made although it is seldom made consciously. Study politics and macro economics the same way a herd of horses is analysed and all that goes on in the world makes perfect sense.

Peace can be found spiritually but it seldom is. The secular world has a counterfeit version of peace that is based on defining the person and everything in life with euphemisms. A human is defined as a splendid entity, just short of being divine. All people are assumed to be upright and of the highest character unless demonstrated to be otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty is the secular world’s golden rule. Peace is a matter of managing one’s self esteem.

As comforting as euphemisms are, it is a big mistake to apply them to ones country and one’s leaders. Self interest is what motivates all people in their secular lives. Almost any highly educated sociologist, economist, anthropologist, political scientist, or even a truck driver could make these observations and explain them more elegantly. Most of knowing is dependent on the willingness to observe.

Jesus explained that “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” He was teaching special listeners who already knew the nature of truth. The truth may set you free but you will probably be offended upon first hearing it. Most people cannot make themselves entertain ideas like this.

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Danger to Americans

danger-housingStudents of history already know the greatest danger a population faces is from the consequences of its own country’s immoral activities.

All human beings are completely capable of thinking and acting independently, but by default they adopt group opinions and rarely entertain original thoughts. This is all part of mankind’s instinctive group behavior. People instinctively worship their leaders and view their government as righteous.

Government solutions are solutions of choice even if it is to the citizens’ detriment. People are hardwired to be dependent on government.

Although citizens are technically responsible for what government does, under no circumstances will they ever exercise any authority. Instinctively citizens are subservient to people they elect to office. Since 1776, it has always been that way.

The United States started out as a republic with a free market economy. Every year since 1776, the role of the individual has diminished. Today citizens have no authority over government policy at all, but insist they do. All governments over the years have shared one overriding characteristic. Each has served as a platform from which the politically powerful can make servants out of the general population. The United States has followed the same path as all of the others.images1

The danger is that citizens have become more servile over time, but describe themselves differently.

Since the democracy experiment first began a number of behaviors have emerged that were not anticipated. It turns out that people behave instinctively in groups and this renders them incapable of governing themselves.

The free market has been replaced by socialism and fascism. In general, Republicans are Fascists and Democrats are Socialists. Members of both parties promote both systems. Individual party members worship their leaders and trust them when they say they support small government or social justice. The rank and file are like cows on a dairy farm. They are kept well nourished and comfortable as long as they are profitable to the farmer. Change that and it’s off to the dog food factory.

In recent years, the Republican approach of fascist rigged markets has wrought havoc on the living standards and income of regular folks. The fascist efforts are still accelerating. Even though Americans don’t mind, fascist economies become highly unstable over time. The pursuit of profits under this system has no limit. War is a legitimate tool. Economic depressions are a given.

We understand now that central banks are buying equities directly, mostly in the form of exchange traded funds. The figures from the Bank of Japan are being published. No records from the U.S. central bank are available.

Under capitalism, citizens own the factors of production. When central banks buy stocks, the countries become owners. Early in the 1900s the communists took over an already failed Russia and made it even worse. They killed countless numbers of their own people. Germany used the democratic process to name Adolph Hitler as dictator. Germans loved him, died for him and worshipped him. His worshippers perished in war while he killed Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, retarded and others for the “good of Germany”.

Americans have adopted Hitler’s economic system, even though they insist the U.S. is a free market system. We have a population of Fascism deniers. Will that change when the economy collapses?

When Times Got Really Weird is a prophetic Curbside Jimmy tune that all should hear and share.

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Financial Markets

What I have noticed lately is a change in the way the market is manipulated. Up until about six weeks ago, central banks were making use of privateer firms to assist them in elevating asset prices. The privateer firms are gone now.

Central banks are participating directly now.  Clearly academics are in charge. At least the privateer firms managed to leave an ebb and flow feel to the market. Now that central banks are buying directly the moves are abrupt and sharp. Academics don’t trade so few would expect anyone to notice something like this.

If the privateers are leaving it is because they are unable to make a profit even with the Fed’s help.  We could be very close to a catastrophic event.

Just Another Day at the Whorehouse is a Curbside Jimmy tune that is just right for present times.



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Battle Lines Drawn Borrowers Vs. Non-Borrowers

debt Today’s potential military adventures are between countries with a lot of debt and the few not heavily borrowed. The united states has debt that is over 200% of gross domestic product. Russia has debt of about 13% of its gross domestic product. Another way to explain this is that countries which have supplied mountains of stimulus to their economies to the countries not on board with the program.

China is heavy in debt but there is no talk of fighting China.

The following link is to an article with a map that is color coded according to how much debt each country has relative to its gross domestic product.

Normally countries with a lot of debt, inflate themselves out of it. War is always a catalyst for inflation.

Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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No Patriots Needed

polls_patriot_with_flag_5056_783861_answer_1_xlargePatriotism is perhaps history’s leading cause of death. The great kings in the Old Testament sent countless patriots to their deaths.

The Japanese and Germans who died in World War II were patriots as were Americans, British, Russians and all others. Casualties were staggering.

Almost no wars are fought for righteous reasons, although the claim is always made.

History shows that what was considered honorable initially is often proven otherwise. Had the United States not engaged Spain in war for fraudulent reasons, the U.S. role in both world wars would be highly subdued.

What each country needs are a few citizens who relentlessly hold their own country accountable. Patriots end up enabling bad policy and brutality.

Remember the means is what determines outcomes in terms of good, bad and neutral.

Hard Times Coming, a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy

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Managing the Poor

usa-00560Isn’t it odd? The poor get so much from the government but they never ask for anything. When the poor get upset it is usually because of unequal treatment under the law.

There is great risk to to powers in place in letting the poor get uncomfortable. Since all people bargain away freedom for comfort, the poor are likely to sell out cheap. Talk show hosts who exploit the echo chambers attribute all success in life to character and personal effort. It is true these things are essential in order to excel at anything. But, the poor are on average well below the elite in terms of intelligence and other natural skills. An hour of effort by a poor person generates fewer results than the same hour provides for a rich person.

Democrats have built a reputation for caring about the poor and taking their concerns to heart. They do nothing for them but just the thought buys their loyalty.

The poor are a huge potential threat to the operators of our rigged market economy. As long as the poor are comfortable, there is no concern. Let them get cold or hungry in a big way and they might take to the streets and get violent. There are many more poor than rich. The imbalance in numbers, to the rich is worrisome.

Programs for the poor were constructed originally as a way of creating a loyal constituency for politicians who pretend to be concerned about them. Care has always been taken to insure that the rich benefit as much from these programs as the ones for which they are intended.

When there is talk of closing the food stamp program, all of the complaints come from corporate farms and food processors. The poor would find other ways to get buy.

Now that our free market system has been scrapped in favor of a rigged marked system, the rich must lobby congress for economic benefits in order to compete. To become a billionaire, it takes herding skills for sure but the aspiring billionaire most also be adept at using government to guarantee his profits. Government is good for forcing others to buy, rigging markets and capturing customers.

Like the Highway and the Sea

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