Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients Scott Walker

Never was it suggested that the prime recipients of the TARP bill if 2008 be tested for drug use. Are the beneficiaries of the ethanol program drug tested? How about the beneficiaries of the Fed’s zero interest rate policy? What about all of the corporations which have elevated profit margins due to governmental efforts to prevent deflation? What is government other than a place to get what you want and have others pay for it? Certainly government is given all sorts of lofty definitions. But how does it actually function? What makes more sense expecting government to do what it is designed to do or looking at what it really does? I choose to look at what government actually does.

What is a conservative? Is Scott Walker a conservative? He claims to be. I ask you, what laws is he trying to repeal? What government agencies is he trying to close? Scott Walker is a Republican who practices Republicanism. What is Republicanism? Republicanism is the practice of virtue signaling by engaging in conservative rhetoric while methodically being a liberal. Do all Republicans practice Republicanism? I have not found any who do anything else.

So what are the objectives in drug testing food stamp recipients. Is it designed to rein in the corporations which benefit from the food stamp program out of proportion to the poor? Drug testing food stamp recipients in Wisconsin has one primary benefit. That benefit goes to Governor Scott Walker because it builds the perception that he is a conservative, which he is not. Governor walker is a Republican. Republicans have not so much as even promoted one conservative thing since Calvin Coolidge  refused to expand the federal government prior to the Great Depression.

However it is of critical important that Republican politicians maintain the image of being about to do something of a conservative nature. 100% of the bills on which congress votes are on the floor for a single purpose. That is to transfer wealth and income from the poor and middle class to the politically powerful elite.

So Scott Walker is going to drug test Food Stamp recipients. If a food stamper so much as smokes a joint, it is off of the program for you. Never mind that the amount of cocaine snorted on Wall Streets in one day probably amounts to more drug use than all of the drugs all of the food stampers consume in an entire year.

So, how do we turn this country around? We make sure the food stampers are not using drugs. That is Republicanism. Rank and file Republicans are thrilled. Why wouldn’t they be? They practice Republicanism also. The average Republican constituent says to himself,”It is about time somebody did something about the food stampers bleeding the life out of the country.” They all feel like a good sound conservatives. There are no conservatives. Not one among them will ever do anything that really matters with respect moving back towards a free market economy. Is Scott Walker a conservative? You will have to convince me that he is. I don’t see any evidence.


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Crime and Government

It is a whole lot safer to get new laws passed than to break existing laws on the books. How do I know crime and government merge over time? There is nothing to prevent that from happening. It is an opportunity that is too big to pass up.

Place a piece of white bread on a plate in a moist place and what happens? Mold will grow. Mold grows because all of the conditions are in place to guarantee that outcome. There is a reason why banks lock their vaults.

People can either use intellect or rely on instinctive behavior. Instinctive behavior is the path of least resistance. Make a general population comfortable and actual thinking disappears almost entirely.  By instinct people trust government to a point that is unrealistic. Government is instinctively viewed as a benevolent parent.

Criminals use intellect to game others who relate to government instinctively. Stimulus by government is basically theft. Ordinary people cannot see that. To the masses, the Federal Reserve is a higher authority operating with superior knowledge and insight. What the Federal Reserve really does is maintain high profit margins and create wealth out of thin air for those with enough money and power to guarantee these results. It is instinctive to see government institutions as having superior powers and good intentions. In reality, just the opposite is true. Theft by way of stimulus is only one way government facilitates crime.

Getting elected to office is one way of living above the law. All lobbying efforts are for buying results by overriding the free market system with respect to ideas in addition to rigging markets for goods and services.

Crime takes over government because it can. Money and power do buy the right to live above the law. Why now or certain high level people being called to task for illegal behavior? There is one reason people who are used to living above the law are ever brought to justice. What they are doing will put peers who are also living above the law, at a disadvantage. That is the only reason why people like Harvey Weinstein and others are suddenly being identified as bad actors. One thing a criminal can’t do is put his peers in danger. With that one caveat government is the best place for criminals to go to to practice their craft.

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The Way Government Works

What citizens assume government is doing and what government actually does are not the same. The most common use of government is that it serves as a place where people go to get what they want and have others pay for it. At any moment, activities within the halls of any government virtually all activity is devoted to that one activity. In totalitarian governments the question of who gets what is not open to open debate.  Still there are constant efforts to get next to  and suck up to a dictator or king. In democratic based systems there are constant efforts from all directions to try and live off the efforts of others.

Citizens, especially in the United States, treat government like a fair minded benevolent parent. President’s and elected representatives are imagined to be working tirelessly to promote their constituent’s principles.

It is not surprising that folks have this distorted image in their minds of what government really does. All through school, the benevolence of government is never questioned. In school, cooperation is presented as normal. Children work in groups. Competition is discouraged. All adults are defined as there to help them.

In practice, all persons who approach government out of self interest. Those elected and the voters are all motivated by self interest. Your senator or congress is there to get what he can for himself. Your president is not there to help you. Your president is there to help himself. Legislation is not passed for the benefit of the country. Legislation is passed for the benefit of those who have the money and power to influence elected officials.

An economic crisis is coming. What ordinary people do as a result will be critical. Unless people very quickly understand what government is used for, we are likely to come out worse off than ever after the crisis runs its course. It is a huge handicap to enter a period of severe stress and have people acting on the basis that government is benevolent and has magical powers. The reality gap we face is huge.

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Financial Markets and the Fed

It would be hard to purposely wreak the level of harm on the United States as has Federal Reserve. I seem to be alone in recognizing monetary policy as a political agenda. It didn’t start with the financial crisis. The financial crisis was caused by the relentless goosing of asset values for years prior to 2008. Ostensibly Federal Reserve policy is a tireless effort to improve the financial wellbeing of all citizens. It is troubling that all but a few believe that. Now the president is trying to pass the stimulus baton to the arena of fiscal policy. Who would have guessed?

So, QE is finished and everyone is waiting for a reckoning. The reckoning may come. I have written many times that the reckoning will occur for sure when the country, government and economy are destroyed. The reckoning could also occur if the political scene turns against the Fed and there is a general understanding that stimulus is theft. There is not much chance of that happening.

There is not a doubt in my mind that the stock market is ready to drop big time. I have even taken some small bearish positions, bearish ETFs. I am still at least 90% cash. I am also certain that if it does start to tank, all of the central banks in the world will stop at nothing to crank it back up.

Lets suppose a serious decline begins. What is responsible for any good economic numbers? It is the unending asset enhancement initiative. If asset prices start to drop without permission form the folks at the top, a national emergency will be announced. The Federal Reserve will accept the responsibility of buying stock outright with both hands to “save the world.” Congress may also authorize them to do so. Will Americans believe it is a right and necessary policy? All of them who are long stock in their IRAs and through their pension funds will buy into it automatically.

So, just because it is time to unwind QE all around the world, don’t thing the various governments around the world will stop tampering with the financial markets. Do they have any tools left? They can come up with new ones.

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Pelosi Wants Conyers to Resign?

Pelosi wants Conyers to resign. what does that imply? That implies Conyers is guilty of many other things that have not yet been exposed. It also means that in the process of implicating Conyers of one thing, all sorts of corruption will be discovered. Perhaps harming revelations  would apply to Nancy Pelosi specifically. It is not normal for one democrat to ask a colleague to resign. That means any effort to investigate Conyers will expose corruption through tout the entire party and possibly all of congress.

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What is Missing From the Tax Legislation?

Do American citizens have any idea what government costs? Hopefully not, would be the answer from both the president and congress, if they were being honest. If no one knows what government costs, who is going to object to an increase in spending? Who cares as long as their taxes don’t go up?

To be good, any form of taxation should go up when spending rises  and go down when spending decreases. There are no taxes that do that. The income tax does just the opposite.

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Worshiping False Idols

Natural law has preeminence over any principle derived out of human intellect.  This presents a problem for mainstream economists. The best sources of natural law are largely off limits to to academics. The ideal sources of natural law are found in ancient writings. The very best sources for Americans are the Old and New Testaments. Natural law is modeled in the stories contained in both books. When modern day activities parallel the stories in these books, it is easily noticed that there are common outcomes. Persons of antiquity thought very deeply and constantly looked for meaning. Now that knowledge has largely been reduced to letters, deep thinking is not that commonplace. People and institutions are observed according to how they are defined and not how they function. Packaged ideas are the norm. People and institutions are seen in terms of how we would like them to be and not according to the way they really are.

In democracy based governments citizens do not behave as modern thinkers insist they do. In these types of systems ordinary people are charged with controlling their various governments. What actually happens when leaders and representatives are elected? Citizens relinquish control and give it to those they have elected. The assumption is made that the motives of elected officials are pure as driven snow. This is complete fantasy. The practice of worship is not restricted to giving respect to and acknowledging a deity.  Humans are far more likely to worship each other than a supreme being. Leaders and representatives are worshiped as if they are in charge of providing essence to the population.  In the ancient writings this is called worshiping false idols.  Believing or not believing in God is a personal issue. One thing is certain. No living thing on earth is divine. The folly of worshiping false idols is constantly demonstrated throughout ancient writings.

Still mankind is prone to seek essence from higher powers. Higher powers are assumed to be possessed by all who govern whether elected or appointed. There may be no harm in denying the existence of a supreme being. There is great harm in deeming various individuals and institutions as being substitutes for a supreme being. Natural law guarantees that great harm will follow the practice of worshiping false idols. I will paraphrase the words of a very insightful person, Roy Masters. “Wherever you place your faith, there you unwittingly surrender your soul.”

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Income Taxes Who Should Pay The Most?

What do lobbyists do? They lobby in order to increase government spending. Lobbyists are hired by the richest people in the world. You might ask, “why would the rich want the government to spend more money? Are not the rich the ones who pay for all of it?  For sure rich people don’t do things that don’t make sense. If they did, how would they wouldn’t have gotten rich?”

Is there any possibility the rich make money on the way government spends money? What if the rich profited from all of the new government spending their lobbyists generated? Maybe they do? Certainly they have the money and power convince congress to cut spending if that would work out best for them. The rich could make government small if they wanted it that way.

I ask you. What makes more sense than levying the highest taxes on the only folks who benefit from the growth of government.? Suppose the cost of government, to the rich, got so high that they they would come out ahead hiring lobbyists to try and get government to cut spending?


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Bitcoin Decoding The Phenomenon

First let me say that I am not a bitcoin guy. I do not have a bitcoin position. I am not even sure what the value it is said to have is based upon. Understanding the bitcoin phenomenon doesn’t require any knowledge with respect to the device itself.

When government policy removes the necessary attributes of money from its currency, people will seek out a medium that has those necessary attributes. If it wasn’t bitcoin it would be something else. Bitcoin may or may not be the be all and end all of a currency but it is clear that all of the world’s currencies are in the process of being destroyed. People will take a chance on something else rather than hold a countries legal currency, as chances increase that holding the official currency will impoverish them. That is where the demand is coming from.

Besides, it is increasing in value. In todays economic climate, rising prices don’t even need a reason for going higher. Stocks go up for no reason at all, so why not bitcoin? Bitcoin is not only new currency we will see. Smart people are not going to go down the drain with their country’s currency if there is a way to avoid it.

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Fear of Failure

Is there no fear of failure in our leaders and institutions? What would happen if the media tried to manipulate public opinion and the public didn’t believe them? What would happen if the public discovered that Federal Reserve policy never had a chance of stimulating the economy and was really a political agenda to transfer wealth? What would happen if congress tried its best to pass the deep state agenda and the public would not allow it? What would happened if the public learned the difference between healthcare and health insurance? What if the public realized that all healthcare legislation in consideration has been written by lobbyists and the only goal is to guarantee that a high percent of GDP goes to the healthcare industry? What would happened if Americans realized we have been fighting wars for profit and not wars for freedom? What would happen if every one realized they were serving the government and only thought the government was serving them?

Why is there no fear of failure among leaders and institution? Perhaps it is because none of this has ever failed.

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