Obama Goes Conservative


President Barak Obama

Right wing conservatives are all opinion and absolutely nothing else. Nothing is accomplished through government without coercion. So that is not true you say? To you, Common Sense Economics says name one example in the past 50,000 years.

Common Sense Economics is constantly looking for conservative acts by politicians. Rhetoric and opinions don’t count.

During the fall election a handful of potentially conservative Republicans were elected to congress. Republicans hurried to pass important liberal legislation before the new bodies might interrupt their plans after the first of the year.

Please understand, the President is not a conservative. Still, he is the only American politician to try and implement any conservative initiatives. This month there have been three.

Here they are the initiatives

Civil forfeitures: Through the Attorney General, the president is attempting to end the practice of civil forfeitures. Government’s taking assets from citizens without a trial is a huge infringement on constitutional rights.

Cuba: The fastest way to free the Cuban people is to introduce trading opportunities. Free trade always empowers people over a government. Sanctions never work.

Tax the rich: Who should pay the highest taxes? Common Sense Economics knows it should be the group that lobbies for expensive self serving legislation, rigs markets and in general causes government to grow in size.

In addition to raising revenue, incentives and disincentives change every time tax laws change. Government will continue to grow in size until it is too expensive for the rich to use it as a tool.

Tax the rich enough and they will lobby for less government instead.

Using government to exploit an unwitting population is very damaging and will eventually cause the demise of the country.

Don’t misunderstand. The president is a sociopath and his doing conservative things has nothing to do with beliefs. Right now he can get some support by doing some conservative things. Though these things are conservative, none of them that offensive to his liberal supporters. Even if it is for political; expediency, the right thing is the right thing.

Special thanks to the first lady for not covering her head in Saudi Arabia.

The Grazin’ is Good. They love this one in the Ukraine. It is a great Curbside Jimmy tune,


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Economics of Cheating

indexI will put the deflated ball story in proper perspective. Americans are quick to jump on celebrities for cheating, especially those who are a step above the others in terms of personal behavior. Part of our system of herd behavior is for each individual to find a comfortable status point within any group they identify with. Many are trying to climb the social ladder. Some have successfully traded some or all of their freedom for a level of comfort they are satisfied with. When a celebrity they might otherwise envy has a failing that harms his image, herdsters feel elevated.

In general, Americans are not offended by cheating. All of government operates as a system whereby the politically powerful constantly cheat the rank and file out of income and wealth. The Federal Reserve, gives advance information to privateer firms and favored traders. Young men and women enlist as mercenaries to fight on behalf on international corporations, while being told they are fighting for freedom. Healthcare providers routinely over bill Medicare and hustle patients into unnecessary procedures. Cheating is a way of life. None of this bothers Americans. Politicians never tell the truth unless it is an accident. Citizens continue to worship their leaders and re elect them, no matter how much they lie and cheat.

Where sports are concerned, cheating is part of the game. Deflating footballs is cheating but so is committing a foul on purpose to gain an advantage. Sometimes the refs don’t see and often the risk is worth it. Cheating in sports is normally allowed. Teams and players are just penalized if caught. So, perhaps New England deflated balls and is going to get penalized.

Sports teams draw money out of taxpayers and will tell any lie to get government assistance. Teams and players participate in the advertising business. Advertising is actually nothing but celebrated lying. Athletes who do endorsements are agreeing to tell lies for cash. If there is any honesty in the business side of sports, it is less than obvious.

In congress every bill that is passed, is for the purpose of rigging one or more markets. Income is constantly taken form the unsuspecting and transferred to the politically powerful. Truth is never used and for a number of good reasons. Citizens don’t want to hear it and for politicians lies work better.

But, the world demands complete honesty out of the New England Patriots.


Just Another Day at the Whorehouse, is a Great Curbside Jimmy tune.

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Don’t Blame The President

In 238 years, the American People have not once reined in government. Not once have citizens imposed any authority over the leaders they have elected.

There is no such thing as a good president. Any president will spend as much money as he possibly can. All politicians represent those who assist them in obtaining more power. Citizens should not be surprised when a president fails to live up to expectations.

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Conservatives and Stupidity

Conservative is a word Tea Party types, Sean Hannity and other talk show hosts use to describe themselves. In today’s world a conservative identity bolsters the self esteem of those who identify themselves that way. Talk show hosts make a living repeating conservative mantras while encouraging listeners to promote their own poverty. Conservatives and liberals both end up promoting socialism. Liberal rank and file support Democratic candidates who impoverish their supporters. Conservative rank and file support Republican candidates who impoverish their supporters. The rank and file are rewarded with high self esteem but get no political benefits.

Sean Hannity has memorized all of the arguments conservatives are expected to repeat. On the January 19 broadcast, he regurgitated the standard reasons not increasing taxes on the rich. That argument is that the rich already pay too much in taxes and the poor pay from nothing to very little. So, any tax increase on the rich is not going to increase tax revenue.

Hannity is either stupid or dishonest and it doesn’t matter much which it is. His listeners are mostly stupid or perhaps intellectually lazy.

First, the poor pay a huge tax burden. The tax burden of the poor is mostly not visible to the naked eye. Why think when you have memorized the answer you want? With these kind of things, what is actually happening, is never picked up on the radars of the willfully ignorant.

For anyone who is interested in thinking the following is the truth.

The rich, our upper 1% ,have the money and power to make government small, if small government is to their benefit. But, the rich prosper by rigging markets which is more profitable when government is large and growing. Every law that is passed, bolsters the income of the rich and government grows with each law that is passed. If government is to shrink in size it is necessarily to make government super expensive the those who make it grow for their own benefit. If government is expensive enough to the 1%, they will lobby to cut spending and reduce efforts to use government to rig markets. Government will never get smaller as long as the cost of using government as a tool is lower than the profit of using government as a tool. This a case of understanding incentives.

The poor actually pay a staggering tax burden. It just takes a little thought and reasoning to see how this is accomplished. First, FICA is a tax. Saying that it is not because it is flimsily defined as something else is does not change the fact that it is a tax. The portion paid by the employer gets past on to the employee also. Hardly a soul will take the time to understand how rigging markets so as to force the poor to buy products translates into taxation. The clearest example is ethanol being required in gasoline. Ethanol and corn producers write the check for the the taxes paid but consumers pay for the ethanol, which has no utility to society. Any poor person who buys gasoline indirectly pays a corporate tax. Even welfare mothers pay taxes indirectly by virtue of the rich using government to rig markets. Rigged markets are pervasive. The one that involves ethanol is just simple to explain.
Americans only suffer when markets get rigged. In third world countries, their citizens starve when the American 1% use government as a means of running up corn prices.

A few years back it was comical to point to sixties and seventies activist whom after four decades had not change one thought or opinion. That is impossible unless one completely stops thinking and rejects all new information.

In the thirty years since conservative talk radio started the entire political arena has changed. New incentives have emerged. When talk radio was beginning, the practice of central economic planning had not been normalized. Government as a tool was less developed than it is today. Today we have new information.

Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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How Comforting

Citizens around the globe were comforted and encouraged as world leaders joined the anti-terrorist march in France. As it turns out it was a manufactured photo opp. World leaders did not participate at all. The photo below was used to make it appear is if world leaders were part of the rally. They were safe on a side street getting their pictures taken.

Truth has no utility in politics so it isn’t used.


Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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How Government Really Works

According to the constitution, citizens have authority over government. Liberals and conservatives think they are making a contribution by changing someone’s opinion. Lobbyists and criminals of all kinds are happy and free to steal with impunity while citizens indulge in the fantasy of thinking someone is listening. Your representatives are listening. But, they aren’t listening to you.

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Even Cash May Not be Safe

This is a reminder. There is no good place to invest money. Cash is best but cash is not completely safe either. Stocks are a death trap. For the past four years corporations have bought their own shares as a way of reporting record earnings while business has worsened. Corporate buybacks also create giant paydays for insiders who get to exercise stock options at astronomical prices. The elderly and others who need an income from their savings have been herded into high risk situations in order to maintain their lifestyles. Privateer firms or “Friends of the Fed”, get advance information in return for constantly augmenting stock prices by running the stops placed by short sellers and using high frequency trading to sabotage the trades of all other investors.

For those who hold cash, the most positive outcome is a market crash that will create the buying opportunity of a lifetime. The problem with cash is that of actually getting possession of it. The banking system will probably fail. When desperation sets in, authorities may opt to force customers to take stock in a failed bank or brokerage. Buy-ins have been used when some foreign banks have failed. Still, cash is best. It isn’t completely safe. It is only assumed to be.

Americans see themselves as a free people but this is highly uncertain. Technically Americans have lots of rights and freedoms. However, since the beginning in 1776, citizens have not once reined in government or even exercised authority over government. Self government actually has not been tried.

Are Americans free? The only way to find out is for Americans to attempt to use the freedom they claim to have.

Common Sense Economics is 78% cash and 22% short stocks. For the first time in over 12 months short positions have been increased slightly.

Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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Solutions in One Sentence.

Ordinarily, the heart of a problem can be reduced to several sentences, some times one sentence or even one word. This is never done because the short answer would be the truth. The world operates according to laws of dominance and subservience. Each of the world’s seven billion plus human inhabitants is guided by self interest. Vast fortunes are made by working through government to extract the time and resources of the population. Truth stands as a barrier to getting what one wants. If the truth ever sounds good, a lie can make it sound even better. The path of least resistance is to replace the truth with a small lie initially and and increase the size of the lie over time.

An interesting aspect of the truth is that when it is actually spoken no one hears it. No one remembers reading it. The truth is dismissed.

Regardless here it is in one sentence. The world is moving into a severe economic depression because of lack of faith in free markets. This includes Americans who try and promote free markets.

The book of Hebrews gives a good definition of faith. The definition is true whether or not the reader is an atheist, believer or member of a religion that doesn’t use the New Testament.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews_11:1

The U.S. Economy was intended to be largely free market driven. Smart people know that they will come out ahead personally if they can rig their own markets and have all others bound by the principles of supply and demand. When there is a routine downturn in the business cycle leaders and rank and file alike panic and look to the government to “make the economy recover.” Opportunists seize the occasion to to extract money out of the population in the name of stimulation. Resources become very inefficiently allocated over time and the result is a major economic disaster.

Hebrews is dealing with faith in God but the definition applies to truth in general.

Americans have rejected the one thing that can save the country and that is a free market system. So here it is, the cause of all the country’s economic problems, no faith in free markets.

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Jesus on Lies and Euphemisms

Is this Jesus? Certainly not. This is a fantasy based on how Westerners would like for Jesus to have looked. Fantasy is the basis on which organized religion is founded. In order to find the real thing, the fake must be exposed.

Each of the Christian denominations is based on a handful of verses. Of those who attend church, perhaps one out of one hundred have read the entire Bible. Many only know one verse and that is John 3:16. Christianity as it is practiced, is based more on secular fantasies than anything spiritual. Churches have adopted platforms that support the euphemistic notions on which members base their lives.

Common Sense Economics rejects the Atheists position that there is no God. Yes, God exists but very little is known about God. Atheists, not only don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in the question. Only an atheist can believe he exists without being created or caused. So where questions about God are concerned, Common Sense Economics acknowledges its ignorance. Beliefs about God have no proof.

Both the New and Old Testament are filled with models of natural law. Anyone who  seriously studies these these cases will find mountains of anecdotal evidence that the principles hold.

Jesus taught that life in the secular world was based on a system of lies and euphemisms. In that respect, the secular world has not change in over two thousand years. To live and work in the secular world, one must be physically part of it. A person need not believe the lies or base happiness on seeking worldly rewards. Are those the only rewards that can be sought? No rewards offered in the secular world can be kept. Any permanent reward would have to be pursued through faith.

Jesus taught that spiritual rewards are possible and he taught people how to receive them. Preachers routinely skip over John 12:25. Since most church members never read the Bible, they don’t know it is there. Sometime this type of verse is called one of Jesus’ hard sayings. The normal practice is to skip over that verse or refer back to John 3:16 and claim that that is the only verse that matters.

To Common Sense Economics, John 12:25 is not a hard verse at all. Jesus was teaching that lives in the secular world are based on euphemisms and lies. The lies and euphemisms life is based on, stand as obstacles to the truth.

“He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” John 12:25

Is that so? It is a concern when someone says “I choose to believe………..” True belief is never a choice. Euphemisms and lies start with the words “I choose to believe….” Genuine belief comes from awareness and choice is not a part of the transaction.

The anecdotal evidence provided by, the natural law modeled in the scriptures working out to be true, does lend support to idea that there is a spiritual world.

Euphemism Mountain is a Curbside Jimmy Favorite. It is about life as Americans insist it is.

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Conservative and The Constitution

Who has been to a Tea Party us-constitutionmeeting? Conservatives love the constitution. At a typical Tea Party gathering there will normally be at least one Constitution rant. They are all about the same. Its all about the constitution and getting back to its glory days when it was respected. In truth, there never were any of those days. From the very beginning the Constitution was bypassed and ignored every time it has been politically expedient.

The U. S. Constitution has been so seriously flawed that it has never completely served as the law of the land. The biggest flaw is that there is nothing to prevent the legislative process from being used to rig markets. Government being used freely as a tool for personal gain guarantees its eventual failure.

The U. S. Constitution provides no way for adherence to the constitution to be enforced. The Supreme Court is defined as apolitical and completely independent. That is nonsense. The justices are given political appointments. Any Supreme Court decision is a political decision because in practice it functions as a political organization. Describing an institution with words doesn’t guarantee it will work in ways the words say it will function. For all of American history The Supreme Court has passed down political decisions. The exceptions are rare. In other areas, citizens are protected by the jury system and it would take a supreme court jury system for it to function as the law of the land.

Conservatives love the constitution. Wouldn’t it be a great activity at Tea Party events to have a constitution rant contest. The best rant could be given a ribbon or a trophy. I suppose the are a few conservatives who would be happy if government shrunk in size but not many. The average conservative gets so much in government benefits he gets cold feet every time a real conservative candidate enters a race. The higher the income the greater the government benefits. The Tea Party is for enhancement of self esteem. The members would panic if any of their activities started resulting in smaller government.

Corporate welfare creates a huge on society and individuals. When a corporation uses the political process to capture customers the result is an indirect tax on consumers, mostly on those who are poor. The poor are constantly chastised on talk radio for not paying income tax. It takes about three minutes to explain to a rich person how the additional cost ethanol adds to the cost of gas. Unfortunately that is longer than the attention span of conservatives in the United States. The added cost actually is a tax but it doesn’t go to government. It is a tax that congress allows corporations to collect from the poor, truck drivers and even our betters.

An odd thing about the truth is that it goes unnoticed when spoken or written.

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