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Fantasy Free

By using natural law, I have completely broken the code with respect to Economics, Politics and many other disciplines. So, I am starting an initiative to show others how to do the same.  There is really nothing to it.

Because social media is no longer of help to Fantasy Free Economics and other not main stream sites, I am beginning to post videos on my own server In addition to YouTube. We almost certain to be banned on YouTube in the near future.  The video below is the first of our new video effort. Neither Steve  nor I are at all media savvy although Steve is much better at it than I am. We are doing it anyway because our message is so powerful.



This actually takes no brains. Natural law is the is a great equalizer in that it renders all of us of average intelligence more adept at understanding and explaining economic and political phenomenon than all of the highly esteemed intellectuals scattered across the globe.

Step 1 is to understand a certain gift that nature gives all beings with brains a survival tool. It. is rooted in in their DNA. Any animal has the inborn ability to instantly the discern threats and opportunities  it encounters in going about the day. Horses and dogs have fears of loud noises. Both seek safety when a loud noise is heard. If either horses or dogs are exposed to loud noises, from birth, their natural fear dissipates..

Human beings have the same kind of survival tool. Only a few dogs and horses  are taught to  overcome their rational fear of loud noises. Virtually all human beings are taught to believe lies. Lies rapidly replace their natural sensibilities  and the gift nature gives us becomes useless.

Step 2 is to begin recognizing what is almost universally believed with respect to things that are not real or true in any sense.  False beliefs are comforting so folks are naturally prone to believe them.

What false beliefs are common in politics and economics?

One is the notion that some other system besides dominance and subservience regulates life on earth.  Another is that leaders in government function based on anything other than self interest.  Self interest is the only incentive that is present as folks interact with strangers in aggregations of people. The incentive to serve is imagined into existence but there is no such incentive present in nature. Among family and friends there is an incentive to serve and lives at the local level can be filled with love and kindness. It doesn’t work that way with government and other large groups.

Another crazy notion is that self interest disappears when a citizen becomes a public servant.  That is routinely accepted . But, moving from the private to the public sector does not change a person’s DNA. All who work for government are there out of self interest. Self interest of people who work in government in any capacity is just as pronounced as with people in the private sector.. So, do we get more fairness when we move an activity from the private sector to a government institution?  In the public sector self interest works as a disincentive to efficiency. In the private sector self interest is a source of efficiency.

The universe so so brutal, since humans have such sentient brains, replacing this the awful truth becomes the standard thinking mode.

None of this is of my liking. To me, the Garden of Eden is highly appealing but it isn’t the system we are living under, But, we have to live in the system we have. In the aggregate people think and behave differently than they do in large groups.

I don’t expect anyone to automatically adopt these teachings. What I suggest is to keep these things in mind when thinking about economic and political issues at first. It will be easy to see that there really is no such thing as an incentive to serve. Remember that you have a natural ability to access opportunities and dangers in the present moment, provided sufficient false beliefs are disposed of. Take a close look at each “necessary” government agency. Then ask, what problems each of the agencies have improved upon during their times of existence? Do these things regularly, even as an experiment. Do that for a while and you will catch on. Nothing that happens in the world will ever be a surprise again.


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Sound The Trumpet

By Steve Quillian

A need has arisen and there’s a lot to say, a lot to pass on and we’re running out of time.

“Tell your sons about it, and let your sons tell their sons, and their sons the next generation.”    Joel 1:3

You Are drunk on social media, high with their stories and the fog is thick in your mind.  You waste away in your easy chair, staring into electric screens, taken with artificiality, stories, make believe.  As the electricity charges the batteries in your devices, you plug in, literally. Continue reading

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Running Against The Clock

Running Out The Clock PDF Version

Last year I published  How to Take Over the World in the Modern Era. which explains the root cause of what we face as a nation today. Given the situation today, the elite of the world are running against the clock. Serious critical thinking begins when people start suffering. As it is today, only those with little income and political power are suffering and they have started thinking.

The 100 or so richest people in the world  collectively have more power within themselves than all of the governments in the world.  Is there any reason why they wouldn’t coordinate their efforts at this point in history so as to further consolidate money and  power at the top of the economy? Adam Smith wrote that those types of plans were pervasive and normal. Economists elude to Adam Smith constantly but other than that, they pay him no mind.

Adam Smith

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Adam Smith

If more than the poor and middle class begin to suffer economically, for the elite, their greatest opportunity will be lost. To prevent that from happening, the stock market must not fall or worse crash. The economic hardships must climb the income/wealth latter at a slow enough pace to allow them to accomplish their goals before the entire system falls apart.

These folks control the essence of all elected leaders so they receive the representation their constituents would otherwise.

Notice the almost hysterical efforts to censor the truth. Can they unite the country behind them before the system collapses? When the majority start suffering, the majority will also begin thinking.

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Patriots On Facebook

There are no patriots on Facebook. Calling oneself a patriot a does not make a person a patriot. Neither does publicly showcasing the highest level of patriotic philosophy and opinions. How much sense does it make to adopt the posture of being a patriot while continuing to support an entity that is denying you the right of free speech?

Is there a such thing is a patriot who makes no sacrifice for his country. Does supporting the troops make you a patriot? No,  but it may demonstrate that you recognize a patriot when you see one. The troops may be manipulated into fighting  for the purpose of controlling the world resources on behalf of the world’s 100 or so richest people.  Troops don’t get to decide who or when they fight. Any individual soldier may feel he is doing an honorable thing. It is the soldier who is the patriot. He is making the sacrifice.

If we can send our troops all over the world asking them to die delivering what is deemed in our national interest, is it really too much to expect masses of Americans to close their Facebook accounts?  What patriot would aggressively support his oppressors?

The phenomenon of Big Tech agenda driven censorship is not going to disappear unless Americans leave social media platforms. Keeping a Facebook page up is the best possible tool for volunteering for slavery.  Facebook will discontinue censorship only when its costs of continuing is a greater cost than the benefits. Staying on Facebook guarantees that that will never happen.



Without freedom of speech all of value is lost.

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Kill Or Be Killed

Download PDF Version

Either ordinary citizens kill the largest big tech companies or the big tech firms will kill what is left of democratic principles and free markets. How is it possible to kill a corporation? Only consumers can do that.

It is not hard to notice that the business models of these companies call for censoring the truth. Truth is not is good for business. What their profits depend on are the symbiotic relationships they have with government, the pharmaceutical industry and others as well as their users who function herds they manage. The institutions with symbiotic relationships insure their profits by molding a homogenized, compliant, docile and cooperative population. Continue reading

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Time To Speak Up For Yourself

The facts are the facts.  I learned as a pulpit minister that how a person spins those facts naturally causes division.  The Bible says what it says, yet we have Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals.  I was involved in a group known as the church of Christ and we put our spin on the text like everyone else and formed ourselves into a group.  There was often heated debate about what to do with the exact same facts that the other groups had access to, not to mention debates among our own people.  There are divisions within churches of Christ that would probably surprise outsiders.  There are conservative churches of Christ, liberal churches of Christ, institutional, one cuppers and more (what the heck is a one cupper?).  Even with the divisions within our ranks, we were a united front against the likes of those Baptists, Methodists, Catholics and Pentecostals.


Along the way I’d heard about the idea of presuppositions – what a person supposes to be true beforehand. Continue reading

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Fight To Think For Yourself

I’m not a pulpit minister anymore, but was for a time, and boy was that a roller coaster.  Anyway, that’s what I thought I was supposed to be.  I went to school to learn the Bible, partly because of a run in with a guy named Brian K., a fine fellow who’d have given you the shirt off his back.  He said something about the book of Genesis that didn’t set well with me and I stumbled all over the place trying to defend my position – and to no avail.  But it wasn’t because I wasn’t right, or he wasn’t right or anything like that.  There was something going on that most people never see.

It’s hard to forget what it’s like to enter an arena where certain things are assumed at the core of a discussion, but have no idea what those assumptions are.  Most people enter discussions this way and it’s a free for all. Continue reading

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The Five Branches Of Government

The Five Branches Of Government PDF Version

The U.S. government consists of 3 formal branches of government as noted in the U.S. constitution but two others that are never recognized.

By definition we do indeed have three branches of government. Legislative, Executive and Judicial.  The Fantasy Free Approach considers institutions in terms of how they function and not according to how each is defined. Continue reading

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Scheme of Things Covid and Economics Distribution of Income and Suffering

Scheme of Things Covid and Economics Distribution of income and Suffering PDF Version

Who is Suffering and Not Suffering?

The graph below illustrates how suffering is distributed throughout the population.

The balance of political power is concentrated at the top of the income ladder. At the very top, enormous profits are being made at the level of billionaire and Americans who directly serve the upper class. The living standards of those who work for government have not changed. This is also the case with respect to all whose essence comes from receiving a government check of another kind.  So, who is suffering? That is a group that is not in the loop in terms of political power and benefits.

Do Economists Understand Markets? Continue reading

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Who Will Unite The Country?

Who Will Unite The Country? PDF Version

Who will unite the country? Certainly, it won’t be me. Will it be Joe Biden or Donald Trump? God forbid that any president unites the country. Should a country be united? A united country is fine as long as the population unites itself independently of a leader urging folks to unite behind him. If citizens are generally of a similar mind that is fine. When a politician seeks to unite the population behind him, ordinary citizens are being ask to fall on a sword for their country. Follow a national leader and you are following the equivalent of a Judas Goat.

Lets look at some examples of situati0ns where a leader has united a country.

The first that comes to mind is Venezuela. Hugo Chavez United Venezuela. How did that turn out? You decide. Continue reading

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