Eyes On September

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How could there be so many signs of an impending recession and bear market with stock prices still flirting towards making new highs? That question is hard to answer if it is assumed that mom and pop along with the hedge funds and other normal investors and traders are driving the market up. “How about this bubble?”, you might ask. “Who are these guys, buying stock when the economy is on the verge of falling off a cliff?” To see it this way, all we have to do is figure we have all the information available and there is nothing going on in the world that we don’t see or understand. Continue reading

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Personality Characteristics Economics and Politics

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One of the forgotten goals of economics or political science is to predict ahead of time what leaders and others are likely to do given certain situations. An important question always, is what type of person is likely to become a president or congressman? Debate continues as to how much of a personality characteristic is inborn and how much of it is learned. My personal view is that people are born with strong propensities to behave one way or another. Continue reading

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Socialist or Fascist Your Choice

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Fantasy Free Economics provides one sentence explanations. Socialism is using government to take from others by begging. Fascism is using government to take from others by belligerence. Understand that both systems use force to control the population. Individuals who identify with socialism are begging government to sustain them. Those who identify with fascism use the belligerence of government to rig markets and guarantee a positive outcome to their efforts in business or employment. Continue reading

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How to Understand the Trump Presidency

July 26 2018

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Work is a second choice to living off of others. That little truth is rejected by mainstream economics dogma. So many of these little truths are ignored in mainstream economics, that the discipline itself is completely handicapped.

So, what is the main role government plays in our lives? It provides a formal mechanism for using all resources available in attempting and succeeding at living off the efforts of others. So, who actually ends up living off the efforts of others? Continue reading

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Bailouts Have Already Started

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Forty plus years of central economic planning guarantee a severe economic depression. Stimulus is only a word. No genuine stimulus occurs. Stimulus is a euphemism for lobbyist inspired government spending. Fancy explanations will emerge but what I just wrote is the root cause of the coming depression. Tampering with the economy, especially the financial markets guarantees an economic collapse. This is the least popular explanation so it will be replaced with countless volumes of fancy explanations. That happens when the truth is unappealing. Continue reading

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Trump Will Make Make You Pay For It

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So, Trump is going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. The president is absolutely extraordinary at getting people to pay for things. What you may not be clear on is that Trump is going to make you pay for everything in the end, including the wall between the United States and Mexico.

How will he make you pay? First he will manipulate you into needing his approval. Then you will believe anything he says. He will make you feel like a patriot for promoting your own poverty. Continue reading

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Honesty In Government Is Not Possible

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I am going to give a concise explanation why it is misguided to expect honesty in government.

Human Beings have a deep seeded need and propensity of to look up to and respect the leadership of their country. Early on in human evolution this characteristic surely facilitated survival of the species. Continue reading

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Take This Rally Very Seriously

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Back on December 27, 2018 I published the article in red text. Don’t Dismiss This Rally  You may remember that at that time the initial short squeeze was largely dismissed as a bear market rally. I saw it differently and I was right. I was right, not because I am smart but because I don’t believe lies. That is the fantasy free advantage. Continue reading

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I Do Not Believe Lies

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I don’t believe lies. That is not automatically a good thing. It does put me at a distinct advantage at this particular time in history as an economist, political analyst and teacher of natural law.

Lie is a general term . There are many kinds of lies. The kind I am concerned with are beliefs and notions that are just not true but in fact are almost universally believed. These kinds of lies are very detrimental to the lives of everyone, because belief in them guarantees corruption in government, and are a direct cause of the economic difficulties the average person is experiencing or is about to experience. Continue reading

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Dying For HealthCare

Download PDF Version                                    Originally posted Apr 17, 2019

Americans have opted to remove all remaining vestiges of the free market system from their health care system. Do not be too quick to applaud them for that decision. The only health care system in the world that is worse than healthcare provided in classic socialist countries and democratic socialist countries, is the system that has been created here in our non-democratic socialist economy.

Taking an industry out of the free market realm and replacing it with a system of collective non economic decisions changes the incentives of all who are part of the healthcare system. That is because governments are not capable of making economic decisions. A child with a dollar in a candy store makes economic decisions. The child gets as much candy as is possible to buy for a dollar. Only the candy with the highest utility to the child gets purchased. The child cannot buy all he wants. But, out of self interest must economize. Continue reading

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