Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration?

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogIs it a confusing to you that the billionaire class is one hundred percent behind unbounded unlimited immigration? There is a reason. Billionaires are importing customers. You are importing neighbors.

Billionaires will interact with immigrants by selling them goods and services. You will interact with immigrants on the street where customs, outlooks and behaviors will clash.

Fascism is a great economic system for the rich and powerful. Government is used to transfer wealth and income from the poor and middle class to folks at the upper income levels. Fascism hurts the rich in only one way. The poor are a great market for goods and services. They spend all of the money they earn and they spend it on what the billionaire class produces. Fascism so destroys the poor that the billionaire class ends up killing off their natural market. The solution is to import more poor people. They work cheap and spend all they make.

Warren Buffet and Howard Schultz aggressively support immigration for any reason and from any part of the world. Immigration is their cash cow. The public will pay all the costs and they will reap the benefits. Why wouldn’t these folks welcome masses of new people with open arms?

The rich so want to bolster the market they have destroyed that their recommendation is to ignore the statute that is on the books. Their preference is to disregard the law completely and use selective enforcement only when absolutely necessary. Can you imagine a city telling a police force that the speed limit is just a guide and to not bother giving out tickets to tourists who are speeding or to only give tickets to cars with out of state licenses? Ignoring an immigration statute is based on that same type of reasoning.




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When Inner Lizards Disagree.

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogIt would be nice if everything in politics was decided by people using their entire brains. Thought takes a back seat to instinct when people engage in politics or choose leaders. Virtually everything a person says or does is based on notions or prejudices.  The large part of the brain is hardly ever active.

Close to elections, before and after, dialog is of the “it is……..it is not variety. People are only repeating what the inner lizard or political brain accepts as fact or good reasoning. Efforts to change others minds amount to repeating short quips and soundbites that are supposed to suddenly change another person’s mind. Of course, the inner lizard knows nothing about the veracity of what comes out of a person’s mouth. What is accepted as fact by the inner lizard has nothing to do with right or wrong. It is can be something like “Islam is a religion of peace.” or “All Mexicans are coming are here to commit crimes.” or “Presidents create jobs.” or “We need more Federal Reserve stimulus.” These are like recordings made with a tape recorder. The inner lizard organizes them and treats them as facts.

It works this way with highly intelligent individuals just as it does with the intellectually challenged.

The world’s happiest people hardly ever engage with their larger brain. As long as a person is happy and comfortable autopilot works fine.

Is it always this way? No, when an emergency occurs, the big brain comes into play automatically. Remember how dialogs changed following 911? People started thinking. The same thing happened when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Work is a second choice and thinking with the big brain is work. With no reason to worry, the inner lizard handles all of life’s issues. Nothing needs to be studied, it is all there registered as fact whether it is or not.

Economic stimulus only robs from the many to pay the few. It guarantees a grossly inefficient allocation of resources and an eventual economic collapse. Economic stimulus by government has been going on nonstop ever since Ronald Reagan embraced the Full Employment Act of 1978. More stimulus is planned by Donald Trump.  This has been going on for almost forty years. Accounting laws are not being enforced. Corporations report just about whatever earnings they want to. Executive make their profits by sitting while central banks run up the prices of their stocks. Being paid according to productivity is a lost concept.

When the economy and the stock market crash due to the damage form what amounts to outright theft, politics will change completely overnight. People’s big brains will become active for a little while at least. There will be a huge descrepency between what the large brain sees an what the inner lizard has recorded as fact. Things will be very unsettled and even violent during the time the  inner lizards discard old facts and record new ones.

One of the reasons politicians like a happy population that is free from stress is, that kind of a population is extremely easy to manipulate. Happy comfortable people will believe just about anything.

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Government is Your Garden

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogYes, government is your garden but you never pull any weeds. The weeds have grown so high there is no room for fruit, vegetables or flowers. Not only have you failed to pull up weeds, you haven’t even taken a good look at your garden in years.

Donald Trump is now president and he has only pulled up a hand full of weeds. Just that little bit of maintenance has terrified the current resident weed population. Some of the cronies have had the cake knocked right off their plate. As it is, your garden does not even have a fence around it. Anyone in the world can just walk right in and take what is left of your produce.

You say, that you have representatives you have elected to guard against such things but they have done nothing but put fertilizer on the weeds and take as much produce as they can for themselves.

Then here comes good ole’ Donald Trump and he pulls up a few weeds and you think he is a saint. Perhaps he just doesn’t like the crop of weeds that is currently growing and has intentions of planting his own.

You the citizen should be the one pulling up the weeds yourself. A first step is the stop believing all of the lies you love to listen to, then look around and see what is going on. When you stop indulging in mindless fantasy, you will see the danger and you will be motivated to pull up the weeds yourself. Government is your garden and pulling up weeds is your responsibility.

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Understanding Your Inner Lizard

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogOne of the interesting things about the brain is how different tasks and operations are performed in different parts of the brain. Some tasks can be preformed by more than one part of the brain.

When it comes to politics and economics, the inner lizard is the observer and decision maker.  Since instinct governs how individuals behave in groups, the inner lizard manages those activities also.  This is why with the social sciences like political science and economics a high I.Q. really places a person at no meaningful advantage.  Thinking with the larger part of the brain takes a huge amount of energy. Any activity that can be left in the inner lizard conserves energy. As soon as the larger brain is activated, a person may feel tired. Intense concentration without prior conditioning is not sustainable for long periods of time. People like Albert Einstein concentrate for many hours but their brains are highly conditioned for that kind of work.

I make the point that work is a second choice. Frederic Bastait   of the 18th century is the only other economist who has ever made that observation. This is true of all animals and every organ in the body. The larger brain will assign as many tasks as possible to the inner lizard. Once a lie is determined to be true, the inner lizard registers it as a fact. In politics lies can be blurted out just like machine gun fire and the inner lizard will treat each one as an absolute fact. There are presidents who create jobs, according to the inner lizard. Government functions like a parent, according to the inner lizard. A bill that has “for the children” in its title,  is good according to the inner lizard. Of course none of these statements are true but they are true according to the inner lizard and that is what determines behavior.

Political dialog consists of countless efforts to get people to change their minds without thinking with the larger brain. Never is the inner lizard more in charge than in an organism  that is free from stress.  When government does things that cause people to suffer, stress increases and the larger brain begins become active.

When celebrities like Meryl Streep talk about presidents, it is their inner lizard speaking. Many folks with large incomes will never use the larger part of their brain because they will still be stress free as the rest of the country suffers.  Work is always a second choice and thinking is hard.

Notice the political dialog is totally focused of getting people to act and change their minds without thinking. Usually this works real well. But, now that people are under more stress their thinking is migrating to the larger problem solving parts of their brains. This is why the dialog coming out of the news media is no longer being accepted as fact. Enough people are thinking and can clearly distinguish between what is true and what is not. Also, with a growing level of suffering, large brain thinking is becoming more common.

When human beings seldom think outside of their inner lizard, the decisions they make are not a lot more sophisticated than those of an actual reptile.

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Immigration Hypocrisy on the Left

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogWhen was the last time you talked to an antiwar Democrat? I am not sure there are any.  The left has no sympathy at all for the multitude of dead and dying at the hand of United States military belligerence in the Mid East. Would it not make sense more sense to stop creating refugees than to offer sanctuary in the same country that is killing them in their own lands.

But, they are pleased to take a saintly posture towards drawing in refugees from that part of the world. Never is it mentioned that these people would rather stay in their part of the world but leave because they have no defense against United States war for profit operations that have killed so many civilians that the figures out number the total United States casualties during World War II.

Of course terrorists enter the United States as refugees. To the people in the Mid East, ongoing United States military belligerence is the biggest and most costly event that has occurred in that part of the world since the crusades. It has been completely devastating to their lives.  They are at war with us. They have no bombs or airplanes. They use the only tool they have which is terrorism.

August, 30 2013, the British Parliament yielded to their constituents and scrapped plans to join the United States in a Syrian war campaign.  Had British citizens failed to control their government, the war probably would have started.  That one event probably tipped the scales just enough to keep us out of Syria.  70 percent of Americans opposed war with Syria but congress here was not impressed.

One choice we have as an alternative to drawing in refugees is to stop killing them in their home countries.

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The Cryptocracy is no Conspiracy

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogConspiracy theories are rare. The label conspiracy is normally used to dismiss good ideas and unique observations. What is deemed a conspiracy is usually a consortium of unaffiliated actors who share similar incentives. There is no formal organization.

In the fantasy world voters live in, all that is accomplished through government goes through congress via representation or through some other legitimate government agency. In the real world where government actually operates, everything that is gained through government occurs by working outside the formal system. Activities within the halls of congress are only a formality.

Real world phenomena is what I explain. The United States government, in terms of how it operates is just like a crime family. Voters imagine that their needs are important to representatives but voters are only useful idiots. Getting you on board as a supporter is important but what you want, need or get is of no consequence at all. Getting something from government is usually accomplished by paying a large sum of money or by force or political power.

The trouble Donald Trump is experiencing is similar to what anyone would experience as a result of tampering with the operation of a crime family in the private sector.

Government is for taking, not for giving. If you are a private citizen of ordinary means, you are a giver and others with more power take what you have. You may believe you have a chance of getting something, but I guarantee that you don’t.

The destroy Trump efforts are not to help you. They are to remove him as a threat to the folks who actually do get what they want from government. Notice that no one is trying to educate you. The task is to get you to take action without thinking. That is the purpose of predatory news.

There is no conspiracy. There is no need for one. There is a cryptocracy however. This is not an organization where dues are paid and identification cards issued. It is ordinary billionaires who use government as a tool for profit. Basically the news media works for and is paid by the informal cryptocracy. The cryptic part of all of this comes because you can’t fathom that your government works this way. It does and that is why life for ordinary people becomes worse with each passing day. All through school, children are given the impression that democracy is a gentle process where everyone ends up holding hands celebrating a group decision. In the real world where we all live and suffer, it works in an exactly opposite way.

The democratic process is completely brutal.

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Will Trump Rig the Stock Market?

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogIn 1987 the Reagan administration began managing the securities markets. Since that time, to varying degrees politicians on both sides of the isle have supported programs to enhance asset prices. Both monetary and fiscal policy have been used since that time for that very purpose. There have been no exceptions. Easy money has had only one purpose and that is to further enrich politically powerful constituents and investors.

Beginning in 2006 efforts changed from simply enhancing stock prices to completely preventing any loss of value. In 2008 asset prices declined in the face of unprecedented preventative efforts.

From 2008 through the present, all government efforts have centered around saving the stock market and elevating asset prices and goosing profit margins. Although they have no idea how or why it has happened, the poor and middle class have been devastated financially by the process.

All increases in corporate profits and GDP have come from spending by the super wealthy who are the only group to benefit from the rigging process.

When the stock market declines, the economy will drop into a very serious depression which will make the Great Depression of the 30s look pale. Will Trump rig the stock market?

The stock market is already being rigged. A better question is, will Trump interrupt the process? I would guess not. Trump will do everything possible to continue goosing asset process at least until the second year of his presidency. The Trump tax cut and spending plans are very much a way of passing the rigging baton to congress and taking pressure off the very tired Federal Reserve.

It may not be possible. Reality can impose itself on the world at any time, without warning and without anyone’s permission. Trump personal case will be better served by accommodating Wall Street. That is what he will do.

The public is still clueless as to how these things work. In this case, Trump has nothing to do loose by continuing to funnel wealth and income to the upper 1%. People know they have been burned, but are still clueless as to the source of their suffering. Suffering does activate the thinking process but it can take a long time.

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Getting to Know the Neighbors

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogLets suppose you have an immigrant Muslim family living on each side of you in your neighborhood. They may or may not like you. Chances are they would be polite but would limit their interactions with you. Chances are better they would pay you little mind but would hate the other Muslim family. Americans are ignorant about Islam.

The boundaries of the Islamic countries did not evolve naturally. Their borders were decided by the winners of western wars. All across the mid east groups of people are forced to live together and they hate one another. Sunnis,  Shi’ites have never gotten along. Kurds are hated by everyone in the vicinity. Any peace between the various peoples has occurred under the power of a brutal leader who has forced stability by the use of terror.

Living in peace with Muslims over here will be no easier than the lack of peace they have experienced in their own lands. When elites force people who dislike one another to live together, the results are never pleasant.

The American mind is fixated on the romanticized version of the immigrants who came here on their own initiatives prior to closing Ellis Island in 1943. The current round of immigration has been contrived for the benefits of the wealthiest Americans. The immigrants who arrive will soon figure out that the freedoms they have assumed are only myths. The ordinary Americans who champion the pro immigrant reasoning that has been handed down to them from the top will regret doing that. Communication with words takes little time. Experience take much more time but gives a much clearer picture.

When advice from the top says “Ignore statutes that are on the books because laws are meant to be applied selectively.” ; a problem is coming and that problem will be bigger than what will occur because of the new immigrants or the lack of them.

Various philosophies and lifestyles are not automatically compatible. They become compatible over time only. That is why it is bad to force mass immigration on ordinary people who neither have the wherewithal to deal with it or protect themselves if violence is what results.


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Predatory News

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogFake news is not an accurate term. Predatory news is better. Mercenary news may be an even better term. Both apply. This is another case of folks fixating on how an institution is defined and being oblivious as to how it actually functions.

Informing the public is the ostensible purpose of the news media. When an interview is done, there is a result that is desired. Often the result is to hurt or even destroy someone. When a lie is told, yes the news is fake. The lie was told because the news media it is predatory and the lie is instrumental in accomplishing a goal.

On whose behalf does the news function as a predator? That is where the word mercenary comes in. The news media acts as an aggressor on behalf of who pays them. If the tech industry wants to import consumers and low priced labor, the news media acts as a mercenary and a predictor on its  behalf.


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Watch the Animals

Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogWhat is it with all the confusion? You might ask. Americans in great numbers are saying, we don’t want democracy! Give us a totalitarian state! Laws are only guide lines and not meant to be universally enforced. There is an anti Trump movement, but the movement is not offering anything.

To understand this perfectly, just acknowledge that human beings are animals. Like all animals, they behave differently in groups than as individuals.  With all animals, the strong take control of the herd, pack, or flock. They offer benefits to all animals who submit and carry out their agendas.

When functioning as individuals the brain and intellect operate as if each person is unique. As soon as a group forms, the animals start taking on group values and behave in ways the leadership appreciates. The Stockholm Syndrome is part of this process. Individuals submit and begin serving those who have dominated them.  In group behavior the major part of the brain is decommissioned and the reptilian brain takes over.  Notice that in a political campaign, all intellect ceases during the last three months prior to voting. All efforts turn toward getting others to act without thinking.  Human beings worship their leaders. They profess otherwise, but just watch them.

Never Trumpers are not thinking. Notice, they have no agenda other than running trump off. They are offering no alternative. The candidate they supported was not a progressive and barely different than Trump in all respects other than immigration. Trump is a corporatist as is Hillary Clinton. To a politician, corporatism is where the benefits are, so corporatism is where they are.  What the never Trumpers are going through has nothing to do with right or wrong. Their  side has validated them as special people deserving of special treatment and they cannot cope with being like everyone else. The left, progressives, democrats, republicans are whatever have done nothing for them and never will. Never Trumpers have submitted to a side that elevates and manages their self esteem.  To regain their lost self esteem, they will opt for a totalitarian state before they will accept what has happened.

How will this end? It depends on the nature of the suffering that follows. Suffering does bring on thinking by the brain itself.  Chances are we have seen the last of our days as a free people. To begin with freedom is never anything the masses seek. If the majority are free it is because freedom has been imposed on them. During the American Revolution, a small number of elites imposed freedom on all of the people in the colonies.

What is important now is to understand, if people appear as if they are not thinking, it is because they are indeed not thinking. They are functioning as animals in a group, like a heard. Their thinking is being done for them. They are used to it being that way and are offended that their circumstances have been disturbed.

What is the best way to train a human? Train humans the same way you train dogs. Offer them a treat and say the human version of “nice dog.”  Why are Billionaires Pro Immigration? - image  on http://quillian.net/blogGive them a pat on the head. That is all there is to getting human beings to serve their government.

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