The Trade War

War is natural. At one time war was all there was. War came first. Peace came second. The practice of trade evolved as a substitute for belligerence. Between nations, trade is still war but without bloodshed in the immediate time frame. Force is introduced or increased when the country which perceives itself as strongest fails to get what it wants by peaceful means. The force used is that of tariffs. Normally a bloody war breaks out as the war is escalated.

President Trump is placing tariffs on foreign goods and services, largely Chinese. The Chinese are responding in kind. The Chinese have other options but war always makes the most sense to world leaders. Suppose the Chinese responded by unilaterally removing any trade restrictions already in place. As a completely free trade nation, China would rapidly surpass the United States as an economic power. That won’t happen!

Chances are outright bloody war will follow. Ordinary people around the globe need to prepare.

What do we know about World War III in the United States? Gladly the shooting has not started already so their is still time for ordinary citizens to rein in their governments. In all of history that has never happened but it is still a possibility worth mentioning.

We know there are contingency plans by other countries for a preemptive strike against the United States. Our own intelligence agencies are corrupt. There is a question as to how much good information we actually have as to what other countries are doing militarily. As a country, we have participated in two world wars. The first was unnecessary and discretionary.  In the second we were not totally innocent but we were more right than wrong. When and if World War III breaks out, we cannot this time claim our motives are on the high ground. When a nation is not guided by righteousness and is feared by friends as well as foes, there is not much way to decide who will be allies on which side. Make no mistake. Trade war is real war.

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School Shootings Where are the Parents?

In aggregations of people, the reptilian brain makes all decisions. The reptilian brain does not reason things out. Once something is deemed a fact within the reptilian brain, it is generally teated as a fact no matter what.

Early in our country’s history, it was decided that all children need a high school education. A minimum level of academic knowledge is considered essential for survival in the modern world. Years ago the reptilian brains of parents everywhere received the message that this minimum level of academic knowledge is available in the public school system. There was a time when this was true. Since nothing held in the reptilian brain ever changes that notion is still what decides how parents think of schools. They do believe their children are being education. Today it doesn’t happen. The majority of high school students make no academic gains during their entire exposure to high school.  A little learning seems to take place but it is incidental to the school experience and is related more to growing older.

Lets suppose parents are worried that their sons and daughters might die in a mass school shooting. They might reason that the education factor is strong enough to put their children at risk of being mowed down in gunfire. Would they reason any differently if they brought the larger part of their brain into commission? What is the point in putting a child at risk of being killed in school if they aren’t learning anything anyway? The larger brain can override the reptilian brain and does on rare occasion. Usually it is activated by stress.

If parents started removing their kids from school because of school violence, the whole problem would disappear. Why? Schools receive a huge dollar amount from the government for each child who attends on a given day. When parents pull their kids out, the money is not received. This is why schools are so strict with attendance. They lose big time when students don’t show up. No, there is not a direct connection between attendance and the chance of violence. But, self interest is an amazing thing. Solutions evolve almost magically from unexpected sources when the goals of self interest are at stake.

There are truancy laws. Parents might get thrown in jail for removing students from schools. The question has to be asked, which is better, going to jail or exposing a child to the danger of attending school? It does need to be noted that statistically there is still very little chance of anyone being mowed down with gunfire at a school.


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Stock Market Crash What to Expect

First, a crash is not a guarantee. The market will suffer a catastrophic loss regardless. The question is, how long will it take to get to the bottom?

As long as the political structure stays in place, a crash will not occur. Remember, this particular market is driven by a political agenda. What good is political power? Political power is the world’s best way to enrich oneself. As long as the political power structure says intact central banks are obligated to support stock prices. Buying enough stock to keep the market from crashing is an easy task. Central banks will not stop supporting asset prices on their own.

As I am writing this, the political structure of the world is unraveling. So, the chances of an actual crash are increasing.

Odds are it will be telegraphed before the U.S. open. If you are a retail customer, the trading platform you are using will not be available for at least most of the day. This won’t be because of too much online traffic. It will be by design to keep retail stock holdings from having a chance to hit the market. Financial sites will operate inefficiently or not at all so as to slow down the flow of information. The averages will be reported just like they are on any other day.

There are a few folks who hold bearish positions that will be profitable during a decline. Profits will accumulate rapidly. Chances are that the rules will change. Profitable bear ETF trades will probably be undone. Windfall profits on downside trades will be disallowed. Banks will fail. Brokerage firms will fail also. It will be difficult for traders to get their hands on money that is rightfully theirs. I have said that stimulus is theft many times. It stands to reason that a 40+ year old theft initiative will be polished off with one last astronomical theft.

Will anyone go to jail? Certainly somebody will but rounding up all of the stimulus thieves will be harder to do than it was to round up all of the guilty NAZIs after WWII. It is not hard to notice that laws are now enforced according to political criteria and do not automatically apply to everyone. Crime and government have completely merged. There really is no one in Washington who has an incentive to enforce laws. The public knows all of this but doesn’t care. All of the ingredients needed to cause a complete breakdown in the country are in place and ready to fall.

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Larry Kudlow, a Fantasy Free Look

Larry Kudlow will now be head of the National Economic Council. What do we know about Larry Kudlow? First what do we need to know? Kudlow is a mainstream economists. That means he favors massive government intervention in the economy. Being a mainstream economist, he skips the fact that economics is the study of the survival of the human species in the secular world. Natural law trumps any human inspired theory. Kudlow will use no natural law. Kudlow will also adhere to the erroneous assumptions about human nature that all pedigreed economists make.

Kudlow has been a member of the news media for many years. The news media is financed through advertising. The news media offers a platform where customers can tell lies in attempts to increase their profit. What is advertising other than glamorized lying?  By studying natural law, we know that there will never be a positive outcome generated by an activity that starts with an act of dishonesty. Does Kudlow tell lies? Of course he does.

Kudlow will be exactly what the Deep State is looking for. From reading we know he is a great believer in supply side theory. He sees stimulus as a role for government to play. Stimulus by government is never anything but theft. If you have money and political power, stimulus is a way to have government stimulate others in ways that make your business even more profitable. The costs to others is never calculated.

So, what do we know about Larry Kudlow? As a card carrying member of the human race, he will be acting out of self interest.  Because he has been so successful working in the media he is not bothered by dishonesty. Because he subscribes to mainstream economic theory, we know he is clueless as to the way the world really works.

But, for the right price he will help you the citizen get what you want from others provided you have adequate money and political power.

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Voices in Your Head

There are many voices in your head but only one of them is you. Adopt fantasy free thinking the and voice in your mind which is you, starts to take over. Without engaging in fantasy it is hard to be wrong about anything. At the very least, a person’s chances of being right are optimized. There is a trade off.  Happiness and fantasy free living are not compatible.

How is it that a person takes up fantasy free thinking. Say this to yourself. “I acknowledge and accept that uncertainty is the way of the world. Life on earth is a dominance and subservience contest. In order to survive, like every other living thing, human beings only live if they dominate and consume other living things.”  Fantasy is the only way to escape looking at a timeless dilemma. Every person wants to think of himself as a kind and peaceful entity who hurts not man nor beast. However, we all survive by killing and eating other animals. The land we stand on was taken by belligerence. Fantasy is the way to deny these basics of existence.

So, total uncertainty is accepted, what next? If you are seriously able to deal with it, you will discover that many things that are popularly believed are not true.  You may have trouble finding things that are true.

Economics is the study of survival in the secular world. The secular world is what is escaped with fantasy. The harsh system is still in place even if you pretend it is not.  Jesus offered an alternative way to escape. Jesus had a way to migrate between the secular and spiritual worlds. He taught others how to do the same. The voice that emerges as fantasy is discarded is like a direct phone line to the spiritual world.

Most people believe in God. Some believe there is no God. Others are unsure or confused. Personally I can feel the presence of a spiritual world. I do not believe Jesus was God but I do believe what he taught everyone. Jesus could go spiritual and was teaching others how to do it. Yes, I believe in God but I know almost nothing about God. Neither does anyone else.

In dealing with harshness, the spiritual world is a better option than engaging in fantasy. With fantasy, reality catches up with you from time to time as life goes on and just one more time in the end.

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The Propensity to Worship

Some ask if God exists? Some are convinced that God doesn’t exist. Others believe in God without question. With a minuscule number of exceptions humans worship government and the people in it. An atheist who doesn’t worship God, constantly worships, government politicians and role models.

Folks who profess belief do so as an academic posture. They get their essence from the world they live in. Believers worship government and the same kinds of people as do atheists.

Who gets credit, good or bad, for what goes on in the economy? Why, it is whoever is president at the time. Does the president cause the economy to grow? Of course not. Still, citizens act on the basis that what the president does is the primary cause of good or bad in their lives. All economic growth is organic. If a president does something considered good for the economy and it does in fact grow, it would have grown more if the president would have  done nothing at all. This kind of behavior is generated out of mankind’s enormous propensity to worship. I use the word behavior instead of reasoning. Why? Reasoning is done with the larger part of the brain. How hard is it to convince someone on the intellectual level that presidents can’t improve the economy? It is a piece of cake. It only takes a few minutes.

The propensity to worship lives in a deeper part of the brain where actions are predetermined. Sometimes it is called the reptilian brain. Why do people say one thing and do another? They act without thinking. The reptilian brain only guides you. There is no thinking.

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The United States Economy is Destroyed

During the 1980s the Ronald Reagan administration embraced the Full Employment Act of 1978. This law mandates central economic planning and gives specific duties to the president, congress and the federal reserve. So, when would stimulus be administered to the U.S. economy? Why wait for a recession? Stimulate the economy every hour of every day.

Ronald Reagan started by tripling the deficit. This was supply side economics. Detractors called it trickle down economics. Lowering taxes was supposed to actually increase tax receipts. Taxes were decreased and receipts did increase. With a lower tax burden, Americans were not concerned that the following increase in spending more than offset any increase in revenue that resulted from the tax increase.

Stimulus of some kind has been applied by every administration every year. Who would opt for stimulus in an economy that was growing by leaps and bounds? Anyone who had the money and power to tap into the feeding frenzy in federal money loved stimulus. Given this new system, the incomes of the working class started shrinking as part of the national pie. The upper one percent began receiving greater and greater portions of the nation’s income.

The rich eventually gained so much political power that all of the countries energy was funneled into elevating the value of their assets. Inflation is the friend of the wealthy. Inflations created for their benefit.Deflation benefits the poor and occurs when the productivity of labor increases. In the system that has developed deflation is against the law. Congress passes laws to prevent it. The Federal Reserve creates money to prevent prices from falling and actively pushes stock prices higher.

A free market system is based on a system of out with the old and in with the new. It is an ongoing process. Stimulus is theft but it is the law of the land. All markets not just the stock markets are rigged by government policy. Running for office to serve is old school. Politicians run for office to position themselves and others who serve them above the law.

There is no integrity in government at all. Resources are completely mis allocated. As soon as the stock market implodes the economy and the political system will be destroyed. Rising asset prices have fueled the entire recovery.

The exact impact of an economic collapse is impossible to calculate. Knowing the collapse is coming is a piece of cake. Where the suffering will be most or least is not that easy. The rich will suffer the most in terms of dollar losses. Just expect chaos. Destroying the United States economy has taken almost forty years. Do not expect a quick rebound.

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Daylight Savings Time

One aspect of herd living is that laws only get repealed under the most extreme circumstances. Once a law is on the books the odds of it ever being repealed are close to zero percent. Most laws do more damage than good.

There are laws on the books that have been forgotten. The newest trend is enforcing laws against some but not others. Immigration laws are enforced according to political criteria.. Above certain income levels, laws are generally not enforced.

Does this sound odd? Actually it is perfectly normal. Human beings do not engage in genuine thought where politics is concerned. They profess to be thoughtful. How do we know they don’t think?  Personally I have opted out of the herd mentality.  That is a choice anyone can make. Be fantasy free and observe.

In just a few days, the daylight savings law will kick in. Americans will cooperate completely with just a few exceptions. We stay on Central Standard Time. Jean and I don’t change our clocks. This is not an act of defiance. We just prefer Central Standard Time. We are entering a period of global economic crisis. At this particular time folks who opt out of herd living will have a better chance of surviving financially.

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Dying to Get an Education

There is not much risk of getting mowed down at school with gunfire. It does happen. It is a low probability. It is not at all insignificant that school shootings keep happening. Things like school shootings either increase or decrease in number. When the moral fiber of a society goes into regression consequences follow. At any given time a certain number of people are on the edge of insanity.  It doesn’t take a lot for those already struggling to go over the edge. While the overall level of violence is not increasing statistically the number of incidents where the perpetrators are crazy does seem to be becoming fairly common.

If school shootings were the only hazards prevalent in a school setting it might make sense to write off school violence as one of those sad events that never gets completely explained. School shootings are only one of the many hazards.

Parents of high school students generally believe their children are becoming educated. For most there actually is a better chance that they will get killed at school than there is that they will learn much of anything. It is one thing to put a child at risk for a good cause. With respect to learning, there really is no reason to send a child to high school.

Lots of students see schools for what they are. They rebel out of resentment for being placed in a phony atmosphere. I say that education does not occur in American schools. That does not mean nothing is learned.

This in not a complete list but here is what is learned in schools. It isn’t math, Most students enter high school with less than a 6th grade proficiency in math, After four years of high school they will still be at the 6th grade level. What about history? Children learn a little history but it is changed and embellished so as to support modern values and notions. Nowhere are students required to read chapters. High school history is mush.

Students learn but the learning is not academic. Beginning in the kindergarten and continuing through college, no effort is spared in elevating the self esteem of students. The one lesson students get from all levels of schooling is that they are Gods gift to the universe. Self esteem building is the number one activity. Every finished activity gets a certificate, ribbon or participation trophy.

Students at all levels are pushed and shoved into establishing arbitrary loyalties. This is where school spirit comes in. Go team go and so on.

Students are constantly taught that the best way to handle every activity is through cooperation. Individual thought gives way to working in groups for the common good. Who are life’s biggest winners? They are the ones who get things done through cooperation. Never mind that the world operates on a system of dominance and subservience.

All through the learning years government is assumed to be benevolent. Never mind that it is just the opposite. If actual history was taught, students would have the same mistrust of government as did the founding fathers.

So, what students leave school with are attitudes and notions none of which have any utility in life. In a system of dominance and subservience, schools do produce an over supply of servile people.

Should children go to high school? The answer to that question is always yes. The answer is predetermined. The next question to be asked needs to be why?

Suppose there was a thoughtful parent somewhere. That person might reason that since education is not actually occurring it is not worth exposing a son or daughter to the risk of being at a school, in that schools are the place of choice for random shootings.

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Losing Gun Rights

Americans will lose their gun rights. How and why will gun rights be lost? Conservatives in the United States will lose their gun rights because those are the only rights they show much interest in keeping. There is an active gun lobby. They get results. That is for now. It is unrealistic for Americans to give up other rights with both hands and expect to keep the right to bear arms. Guns have some utility in protecting citizens from harm but not much. Guns are almost never used in self defense. The fact that they are occasionally used in self defense is not enough for non gun people to take their side with any enthusiasm.

The right to bear arms is dependent on maintaining all other rights like free speech and freedom of assembly, the right to sue in civil court, protection from  search and seizure and so on. Where is the rebellion against civil asset forfeiture? Where is the rebellion against civil asset forfeiture? Police are shooting citizens like flies on a close line. Do the second amendment buffs care? They don’t seem to. Government is being used exclusively as a tool for theft. Who cares? What abusive laws are being targeted for repeal? Wars are being fought for profit. Does murdering people in foreign countries bother the Second Amendment folks? Apparently not a bit. In every area except gun rights conservative activity is limited to virtue signaling.

Suppose you are a gun owner. Isn’t it a little silly to surrender every other right you have with a smile on your face and expect to retain the right to shoot back? We need to be a little realistic. Keeping run rights is only possible if more basic rights are kept in tact but that is not happening.



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