How U.S. Corona-Virus Agenda Came About

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Do important people in governments, corporations and members of the upper one percent only speak with one another in formal venues? Most would say no to that but then live their lives and establish their beliefs as if none of these folks ever interact except in formal settings.

One forgotten characteristic of corporate insiders is that they are among the best salesmen in the world and they are constantly exploring and seeking out information as to how what is going on in the world will influence their bottom lines. Continue reading

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How to Take Over the World in the Modern Era

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I have made the case many times that there is a consortium using government and the media to consolidate ownership of the world’s factors of production. That initiative is focused on land labor and capital. Taking over and controlling the financial markets, mainly equities, is the least obvious but the easiest to explain.  Here is the explanation.

History is full of attempts to take over the world. At any given time, some person or group has been or is making the attempt. This is the nature of  the quest for power which obsesses a few but determined individuals. Continue reading

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Fusion of Government Crime and Religion

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Danger is in plain view but the mind is trained not to notice. Danger itself doesn’t exactly hide. Looking at the world through the prism of fantasy yields danger unrecognizable. Seen through the prism of fantasy, danger appears to be a friend. The notion that government is your friend or even benevolent is comforting but it is only a fantasy. Entertaining that fantasy is comforting but it may also cost you everything you own or even your life. Continue reading

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The Central Planning Depression

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The kind of Depression the United States is entering is permanent. There will be no free market recovery because the free market system has been replaced with central economic planning. Recessions in a free market system are short and temporary. There is no free market so there will be no recovery. So, once a recession begins an all out depression will occur ensue. Continue reading

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Wall Street and the Mob

Wall Street and the Mob PDF Version                                                    August 27, 2013

For years Wall Street and international banks have been steeling form the public. That public has not minded because they can’t actually see the money coming out of their pockets, so they don’t know who to blame. This may all be for the best because they would have killed to get your money if they had to. There is no high ground in the banking industry. Banking these days is mostly organized crime. Continue reading

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Anticipating The Yikes Moment

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When, as is the case today, the value of assets have been generated by a means other than price competition, the the markets of these assets are likely at some point to suddenly collapse.  A yikes moment occurs when multitudes of asset owners suddenly awaken to the fact that their investments are going down no matter what. This discovery is likely to occur all at once.

Recently the entire  oil market experienced a yikes moment. Continue reading

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Kill Or Be Killed

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Either ordinary citizens kill the largest big tech companies or the big tech firms will kill what is left of democratic principles and free markets. How is it possible to kill a corporation? Only consumers can do that.

It is not hard to notice that the business models of these companies call for censoring the truth. Truth is not is good for business. What their profits depend on are the symbiotic relationships they have with government, the pharmaceutical industry and others as well as their users who function herds they manage. The institutions with symbiotic relationships insure their profits by molding a homogenized, compliant, docile and cooperative population. Continue reading

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Bringing The Country Together

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Surely you frequently hear candidates profess that they are the one to bring the country together. This is if we are better off with one common goal and that everyone can help make it happen by giving support and cooperating. The idea sure sound good, but is it?

If that sounds like a good idea, it is because you don’t know how or  have forgotten how democracy works and  what what it takes to make it work. Continue reading

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The Deep State Exposed

December 1, 2018

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First understand that the Deep State is not a political or philosophical movement. The Deep State is history’s largest and most prolific crime syndicate. Is that clear enough?

The Deep State controls governments and elected officials for the purpose of generating profits for its members. The Deep State’s focus is on the United States because that is still where most of the world’s money is. Today each bill which congress passes is filled with skimming arrangement. bills like the Affordable Care Act are really nothing but a system of distributing skimming operations to those deemed worthy of participating. Continue reading

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The Folly Of Collective Action And National Corona Virus Efforts

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The Corona Virus made its appearance in the United States at a time when governments, corporations and the public are all so highly leveraged that there is no way to save the entire country from economic fall out. The burden of the depression can only be shifted from one socioeconomic class to another.

Does anyone hold the opposite view? Whoever does, please comment and I will respond and explain further and I will explain why you are wrong and promoting your own poverty. Continue reading

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