What Sin Actually Is

What Sin Actually Is PDF Version

Translated into plain language, sin is maladaptive behavior, beliefs or  thoughts.

Adaptive behavior is that which contributes to the survival and well being of a species. Maladaptive behavior is just the opposite, Maladaptive behavior is what causes a species to go extinct.

According to Jesus anger and other negative emotions constitute sin. A person experiencing anger, is harming himself. Is that not true? Continue reading

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Stock Market Whats Up Now And What To Expect Next 2021

Stock Market Whats Up Now And What To Expect Next 2021 PDF Version

Here are some facts.

It is common knowledge that the Federal Reserve helps elevate stock prices. What is not acknowledged is that the overall market is managed and manicured higher split second by split second. How do I know? It is simple. I am paying attention and I am willing to look at the evidence. Do that and the massive manipulation boils down to being self Evident.

The wealthiest 100 or so inhabitants of our universe have more power collectively than all of the countries in the world combined.  Is there any reason why they wouldn’t rig the financial markets? Do they have an incentive to do such a thing? If you don’t think they do, then you need to do some more thinking. Continue reading

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How Freedom Really Works

How Freedom Really Works PDF Version

Human beings define themselves in the loftiest possible terms. They are prone to do the same with respect to whatever authority they lie under. This is all completely instinctive. In political science and economics each individual is deemed to be a freedom seeker. Is that true? I am about to show you that is not.

How Freedom Really Works.

Years ago, I lived in such a small town, I walked to the post office which was just a few blocks away. I looked behind me and a puppy was following me. The puppy followed me into the house. We still have the dog, which is 15 yrs now. Continue reading

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Situation United States Completely Explained

The-Sensation-Of-Understanding PDF Version

First let me say again that Steve and I are continuing to make videos devoted to teaching principles of natural law and Fantasy Free Economics. The one below is devoted to explaining what is self evident. YouTube has not yet banned us, so I did post this one on YouTube.


Scroll down for today’s article.

Our political system, economic system system, and way of life has morphed out if its roots. Continue reading

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Breaking The Code

Fantasy Free

By using natural law, I have completely broken the code with respect to Economics, Politics and many other disciplines. So, I am starting an initiative to show others how to do the same.  There is really nothing to it. Continue reading

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Sound The Trumpet

By Steve Quillian

A need has arisen and there’s a lot to say, a lot to pass on and we’re running out of time.

“Tell your sons about it, and let your sons tell their sons, and their sons the next generation.”    Joel 1:3

You Are drunk on social media, high with their stories and the fog is thick in your mind.  You waste away in your easy chair, staring into electric screens, taken with artificiality, stories, make believe.  As the electricity charges the batteries in your devices, you plug in, literally. Continue reading

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Running Against The Clock

Running Out The Clock PDF Version

Last year I published  How to Take Over the World in the Modern Era. which explains the root cause of what we face as a nation today. Given the situation today, the elite of the world are running against the clock. Serious critical thinking begins when people start suffering. As it is today, only those with little income and political power are suffering and they have started thinking.

The 100 or so richest people in the world  collectively have more power within themselves than all of the governments in the world.  Is there any reason why they wouldn’t coordinate their efforts at this point in history so as to further consolidate money and  power at the top of the economy? Adam Smith wrote that those types of plans were pervasive and normal. Economists elude to Adam Smith constantly but other than that, they pay him no mind.

Adam Smith

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Adam Smith

If more than the poor and middle class begin to suffer economically, for the elite, their greatest opportunity will be lost. To prevent that from happening, the stock market must not fall or worse crash. The economic hardships must climb the income/wealth latter at a slow enough pace to allow them to accomplish their goals before the entire system falls apart.

These folks control the essence of all elected leaders so they receive the representation their constituents would otherwise.

Notice the almost hysterical efforts to censor the truth. Can they unite the country behind them before the system collapses? When the majority start suffering, the majority will also begin thinking.

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Patriots On Facebook

There are no patriots on Facebook. Calling oneself a patriot a does not make a person a patriot. Neither does publicly showcasing the highest level of patriotic philosophy and opinions. How much sense does it make to adopt the posture of being a patriot while continuing to support an entity that is denying you the right of free speech? Continue reading

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Kill Or Be Killed

Download PDF Version

Either ordinary citizens kill the largest big tech companies or the big tech firms will kill what is left of democratic principles and free markets. How is it possible to kill a corporation? Only consumers can do that.

It is not hard to notice that the business models of these companies call for censoring the truth. Truth is not is good for business. What their profits depend on are the symbiotic relationships they have with government, the pharmaceutical industry and others as well as their users who function herds they manage. The institutions with symbiotic relationships insure their profits by molding a homogenized, compliant, docile and cooperative population. Continue reading

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Time To Speak Up For Yourself

The facts are the facts.  I learned as a pulpit minister that how a person spins those facts naturally causes division.  The Bible says what it says, yet we have Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals.  I was involved in a group known as the church of Christ and we put our spin on the text like everyone else and formed ourselves into a group.  There was often heated debate about what to do with the exact same facts that the other groups had access to, not to mention debates among our own people.  There are divisions within churches of Christ that would probably surprise outsiders.  There are conservative churches of Christ, liberal churches of Christ, institutional, one cuppers and more (what the heck is a one cupper?).  Even with the divisions within our ranks, we were a united front against the likes of those Baptists, Methodists, Catholics and Pentecostals.


Along the way I’d heard about the idea of presuppositions – what a person supposes to be true beforehand. Continue reading

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