Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on that Trump is president are you expecting that he and all of your representatives are busily giving freely of their time and energy to make your life better? If you are not a Trump person, are you assuming your representatives on the other side are working tirelessly on your behalf? If you really believe these things you are exactly what a thief is looking for.

I have explained many times how crime and government merge in a democratic system. The most common form of theft that government facilitates is through what I call stealth taxation. When an industry uses government to rig markets in its favor or uses Federal Reserve policy to create higher profit margins than what would occur in a free market, the effect on the average citizen is the same as paying a tax to a government. Through controlling government, industries with political power levy stealth taxes on the general population.  The problem with Obamacare and Trump light is that these bills are a way of passing stealth taxes. There is no overall utility to society but there is a huge cost. The cost works out mathematically to be taxation. Guess what? It is a tax. I am not talking a just about the insurance premium. The cost of anything medically related goes up. Lobbyists write these bills in order to create feeding frenzies for the industries they represent.  Don’t think for a minute a president or anyone in congress or the senate has a part in writing bills. The bills are written by lobbyists. Representatives in government are paid to get the bills passed. The lawmakers job is also to convince you the voter that it is a good deal. I guarantee you it is a rotten deal.

The Republican answer to Obamacare is a stealth tax. Certain conservatives will try to tell you that the bill must be passed as a method of doing the wrong thing first, as a way to set up a way to do the right thing later.  As a principle of natural law, it is always best to do the right thing in the moment a decision is called for. As tempting as it is to do otherwise for a host of rational sounding reasons, doing the wrong thing always generates a negative outcome.

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on

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The Imaginary Incentive to Serve

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on

Mother Teresa lived a life of service. Perhaps once in 100 years a genuine selfless person emerges. Don’t expect to find one in politics or as a political appointee.

Self interest is the natural incentive that makes survival possible. Politics works on the belief that there is also an incentive to serve. The natural incentive to serve exists only in the imagination. Voters go to the poles believing that those running for office have every intention of  serving them selflessly. This one misunderstanding is the root of all that goes wrong where government is concerned.

If you ever want to debunk an economic theory, notice whether or not the outcome depends upon a human being acting selflessly. In Keynes theory, he assumes a straw man. The straw man is his version of a selfless entity. Selfless humans do not exist and any theory that assumes the existence of one or more of them is not going to work.

Even mother Teresa acted out of self interest. Chances are her aspect of acting selflessly was acquired. Helping others truly gave her satisfaction. Mother Teresa would have never run for office. It is doubtful she would have any interest in governing other people.

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on


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The Market For Representation

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on it possible to exchange value for value without the use of currency? When most trades take place currency is not used at all. These kinds of transactions are the most common but they are deemed not to exist in economics dogma.

When a candidate runs for office voters offer support in return for the expectation of representation. Cash does not change hands. This is part of the market for representation. In the absence of any other influence, value is exchanged and voters have the representation they expect in return for support.

But, the market for representation is ongoing. Voters are outbid immediately and their expectation of representation disappears as soon as the candidate is offered more value. Representation does not stay with voters who offer only support. Candidates are offered greater value with both non currency transactions and outright cash in terms of financial support.

In the game of government all interaction is based on self interest. If the self interest on two are more entities is in question there are only two options. The different parties can come to an agreement. That is a free market outcome, The other option is the use of coercion, which can be expressed as outright force through violence.

After voters are outbid with respect to representation, they do have the choice of using coercion as in removing the representative or using fear of removal to regain their lost representation.

Voters are seldom aware that they have been outbid.

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The Stock Market is Rigged

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on just want to go on record as saying the stock market is rigged. Since I don’t have a job, I am free to tell the truth. When the crash comes, the art of not knowing will be called into service by all who could possibly be held accountable. At any other time in history, rigging such a huge market would be impossible. It is possible to day and it is ongoing.

Dismiss this if you wish but I encourage you to wake up and think about what is going on. You might say “I have no money in the stock market, so why should I care?” My answer to you is that a stock market crash, which is coming will cost you everything you own because it will literally destroying the whole economy. The stock market’s rigging changes the way corporations function and it changes the way corporate insiders get paid. You have heard complaints that corporate officers are overpaid. Their salaries are not even a fraction of the money they make. The big money comes from running the price of their stocks into the stratosphere independently of earnings and and economic issues.The easy money is made by running up stock prices, so who needs to innovate.

This one thing is the biggest cash cow in the history of the world. In twenty years or so, this kind of thing might be explained in text books of economic history. Whether you realize it or not, the money is all coming out of the public’s pockets.

The rigging of the stock market has its roots when the Reagan administration first tampered with the financial markets. There is no conspiracy. It is a wink and nod system. Others wonder at the bizarre trading dynamics they see day after. Hedge fund managers who use trading tools that evolved out of observing free markets go broke and commit suicide. Hardly a soul will admit to being played for a sucker.

In the current era, goosing the stock market is the highest priority of government policy. It will and has destroyed the economy. The only thing keeping the entire economy afloat is the stock market itself. The tail can wag the dog for only so long, Virtually all of any growth in consumer spending since 2008 has come from driving up asset prices. Right now, the American economy is like a boxer who has taken a hard shot to the liver. For a short while, he continues to box but faints and falls to the canvass due to too little oxygen to the brain.

So, when will the stock market crash? It can happen anytime because the damage to the economy is so great that all of the tricks in the world are not enough to keep it afloat.

Chances are, somebody well respected will come out and say something like “Who are we kidding, the stock market is rigged, get out now while you have a chance.”

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Theft by Stimulus

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on and I used to joke about visiting prisons to teach thieves legal ways to steal money. That way they wouldn’t get locked up again and taxpayers would not have to support them behind bars.

Economic stimulus is a euphemistic term for theft. To know this, it is not necessary to go through volumes and volumes of  economic dogma. Any theory or approach that is used by government to stimulate the economy can be debunked in a few sentences without even knowing the specifics of the dogma being used. The current round of theft began after Reagan took office in 1980. The United States has experienced at least thirtyseven consecutive years one kind of stimulus or another.

John Maynard Keynes assumed a completely objective person would make decisions with respect to using a plan. Keynes called this person a straw man. There is no such thing. Governments do not and cannot make economic decisions. Governments make political decisions. Whatever person or persons make decisions on stimulus are acting politically. What is called stimulus, always will, for that reason transfer wealth and income to politically powerful people who lobby for the program. Theft is the true incentive behind stimulus. Stimulus is never successful in improving the economy. It is successful in stealing money from the poor and middle class and channeling it upward.

Also, notice that the plan for economic intervention also undoes one or more of the pillars free market economics is based on. One of the requirements for any currency is that it be scarce. Scarce simply means not enough for everyone to have all they want. Any thing that is scarce commands a price. When the Federal Reserve increases the money supply and pushes interest rates down below the rate of inflation, they are removing the necessary scarcity quality of the currency.

If an economist is paid enough, he will produce a plan to stimulate the economy. Stimulus will be given as the as the ostensible goal. The true goal is always theft. Stimulus is always successful in stealing money. Government provides legal ways to steal money. The techniques are not available to thieves in the private sectors. Aspiring thieves should learn to work through government. The payoffs are bigger and there is no risk of going to prison.

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Cases of Mistaken Identity

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on the Fusco brothers comic, there is a dog named Axel. The dog claims to actually be a wolverine. Of course he is a dog but dogs get no respect. So, Axel congers up the notion that he is a wolverine.

Human beings imagine that they are something other than what they are and function based on a false identity. Human beings identify themselves as an anointed species with divine connections. They see themselves as creatures of peace each with intrinsic value deserving of respect and praise. This is fine for maintaining peace of mind in a violent, unpredictable universe.

When it comes to doing research, making predictions and formulating policy, going with the anointed identity generates perpetual string of wrong answers.

In the world outside of family and close friendships, human behavior parallels that of any other species. In Fantasy Free Economics, human beings are not anointed, engage in constant herd behavior and instinctive behavior. There are no special people. World leaders are not worshiped and no special people wear halos. A medical doctor or president gets no more respect than a ditch digger. I am studying behavior plain and simple. Self interest is the basic incentive that drives animals through life. All other incentives, are sub incentives of self interest.

Fantasy free means cleansing the mind of fantasy and euphemisms before making any observations. Good research is not possible when the mind is filled with must be ideas and definitions. Mainstream economists adopt the anointed species approach and treat various people as special. There is no way to come up with anything with any utility to society using this approach. This is why economists as a whole have such a miserable record when dealing with problems. They are studying an animal that only exists in the imagination.

In all honesty, I cannot say that human beings have no spiritual aspect. I will say that it does not seem to be present in day to day interactions among strangers in the secular world. For good research it is best to treat mankind as an animal and get the right answers.


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How Folks Become Liberals

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on

People are born with certain personality characteristics. Anyone who has class pictures from elementary schools and remembers the kids names can pick out the classmates who grew up to be liberals. Anyone who teaches school can spot the students who will turn out to be liberals. Remember the tattle tale from school? The child who uses authority to manage the behavior of others to his liking, grows up to be a liberal.

As I have said many times self interest is what propels a person through life. Early in life some children learn they can get through life by belligerence. These are bullies. Others are naturally adept socially and begin networking at an early age. The children who grow up to be liberals are the ones who are skilled at sucking up to and pandering to authority. These are the liberals. They are the teachers pets, They are the ones who will give an apple to the teacher.

When these children grow up, the best shot they have is getting what they want from authority, basically the same way they got attention and benefits from their first grade teacher. These kids are very cute and appealing. They are like the pick of the litter.

Government is for getting, not for giving. The same human beings who could work the system in the first grade grow up to be the liberals who know how to work the system in the political arena.

The not so cute kids who go to class but never pander to authority grow up to be conservatives. As adults, they expect to be paid for their labor but neither expect or demand favoritism.

 The Grazin’ Is Good by Curbside Jimmy

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The Amazing Hot Air Cannons

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on to the echo chambers and witness countless virtue signalers. Some call themselves liberals. Others call themselves conservatives. All of them are promoting big government, some unwittingly and some on purpose. It is just a matter of style. Both sides are under a huge delusion. They believe they have representation and that someone is listening to them. It is as if they believe that the country will change in their direction if finally a majority adopts their point if view.

These hot air cannons are a complete gift to the parties which actually do have representation and determines what happens in government. Call them the elite, status quo, shadow government, billionaires club, one percent or whatever term you like. Just know that they are more than happy to have the multitudes arguing philosophy while they use government to pick everyones pockets.

There are no greater fools than those who are filled with a notion of self importance and imagine that  those in authority see them in that same light.

Normally liberals do have an agenda. Today they don’t. Their only tool is name calling. Conservatives have never had an agenda other than endless rhetoric. There is not one conservative initiative in the world today. Conservatives and liberals alike are volunteering for slavery at an alarming rate. The issue is, whose master will be in charge?

What is freedom for? Americans use freedom like an asset and bargain it away for comfort.

The hot air cannons are loud with virtue signaling. In the mean time folks who really run government are shuffling around and reorganizing. There is no need to worry about the citizens of the country interrupting that process. They are endlessly arguing and debating among themselves not understanding how things really get done in Washington.

Collectively citizens have the potential to control government but they are no where close to figuring out how to use it.

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Enemies of the People

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on Trump correctly profiled fake news operations as enemies of the people. The biggest enemies of the people are presidents themselves, followed by elected representatives, governors all the way down to state and local officials.  If the founding fathers were alive today, they would agree.  Government is for taking not for giving. The incentive to serve is completely imaginary. Self interest is the only active incentive in government.

In November 2016, Americans chose a highly ambitious billionaire over an unindicted criminal and chronic liar. Citizens made a bad choice but it was the better of the two.

The elite have only one concern and that is keeping the stock market elevated and moving higher. In the history of the world there has never been a bigger cash cow for the elite than using the Federal Reserve to endlessly goose stock prices. Federal Reserve monetary expansion is at a bottle neck. Profits have not kept pace with stock prices and quick and easy profits off of stock prices have reduced the innovative incentives that free markets guarantee. The Fed has done all for asset prices that it has the capacity to do.

Hope is that Trump’s infrastructure tax and spend initiative will take up the slack by using fiscal policy to goose asset prices now that the Federal Reserve is becoming impotent. Dropping the corporate tax rate sounds like a reasonable thing to providing no one thinks about it in any depth. The final result of that will be to tighten  the shackles that are already around the ankles of the poor and middle class.

School choice will create a corporate feeding frenzy to get a hold of newly available government education money. In the end, it will shut down the private school industry.

There are only two good ways to deal with health care. There is the free market and there is having government pay doctors directly without involving insurance companies. Neither of these systems are under consideration.

With respect to trade, the best approach for any given country is to unilaterally do away with all tariffs and trade restrictions. That idea is not under consideration.

Donald Trump now has the confidence of the American people. He will use it to his advantage.

Now that Donald Trump is president, he is an enemy of the people as is every president. A president’s role is to serve himself at the expense of citizens while making them believe he is working on their behalf.

Trump’s stimulus plan will hurt every human being on the planet if American citizens allow him to push it through. Infra structure is a nice term but that is not why the stimulus plan is on the table. Trump’s stimulus plan is wealth and income transfer just as has been every other stimulus plan in the history of the world.  That is what stimulus is for.

Stimulus is the live blood of cronyism.



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Understanding the Liberal Political Mind

Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills - image  on liberal political mindset is not based on learning, education or intelligence. It is an instinctive response to leadership. Social evolution and physical evolution work side by side but they don’t evolve at the same pace. When the concept of freedom for the common person emerged prior to the American Revolution, life and opportunities started to change. People were able to entertain the concept of freedom but most everyone continues to respond instinctively to authority. Worshiping leaders and government is biologically normal. The instinctive mind treats government as a parent and expects to share in what the group produces, just like a child expects benefits from mother and father.

In today’s world, there are few conservatives in politics either as voters or elected representatives.  The conservative movement is rhetorical and virtue seeking is the primary activity.

Under extreme circumstances, human beings will choose to override their instinctive behavior.  This is what happened in the late 18th century with the American and French revolutions. Something like that may be occurring currently but it is too early to tell.

For certain,  the goals and aspirations of the liberal mindset are not achievable through government. Instinctively, citizens are highly prone to assume a subservient role to government and leaders.  The instinctive posturing towards government, while being the best option when mankind was enslaved, destroys democracy.

People can only control some of what they think and do. Just know that the things liberals want from government, given natural law are not doable. There is no better chance of making progress with the liberal agenda than there is of getting a dog to adapt to a steady diet of grapes and watermelon.

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